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as i work on the current pages i thought i’d share my process, since i get asked so often how i go about visually creating kukuburi.

i had hoped to have these pages up and finished already for you all to peruse and enjoy but life has not been so kind of late. so as i finally find the time now to dedicate i want to share the process so you all know kukuburi is still alive and well and not flounder on the sidelines…

if you wish to take a peek at the pages please visit the forum HERE

this set of pages is unique in their layout and and will only be fully appreciated in print, a lot of the upcoming pages will fall into this category as i play with pacing and layout within the parameters that i have set. please know some may consider seeing this as a spoiler, but be aware that this sequence falls more into a visual beat. you will not be spoiling any story element for yourselves.

that said, all contractual obligations have now been fulfilled and i plan to have these pages up this week and return to regularly scheduled updates with next week.

oh, and before i go, i’d like to bring your attention to our newest addition to the fan art gallery, a great rendition of rendo by ryan jack!


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  1. Bigmike says:

    How do you scan in your 11*14 inch bristol art to the computer? Do you have a scanner that large, or do you use a digital camera to get it into the computer?

  2. chillychili says:

    Tease, tease, tease!!!

  3. BenNy says:

    it is amazing art!
    my sister and i love it
    what is the process that you go through every time you make a page?

  4. BenNy says:

    how long does it take to finish one page if you worked nonstop?

    • Ramón says:

      to be honest it depends on the page.

      currently i’d have to say it takes me a day to pencil and ink one page, then another full day to colour. this can be slightly longer or shorter depending on the page’s complexity.

  5. Cin says:

    love, llooooVEEEE, LOOOOOVE your work~~~~ Keep up the good stuff~

  6. BenNy says:

    do you use a moodle or a bamboo to draw on your computer?
    u know, a drawing pad?
    cuz im considering getting one but were checking the features

    • Ramón says:

      i actually draw and ink the comic by hand. you can see the specifics in my kukuburi process post (linked above) in the tx forums.

  7. Roland says:

    You probably have already seen this, but if not you might find some inspiration from these:

    (Several other examples here:

  8. Squiggle says:

    Ramon… as always, everything up till now is totally, completely and utterly awesome and I love it so so much.

    Also… you have a very late post from me thats probably totally unexciting to anyone but me a few news posts back. Heh :P

  9. Fluffy says:

    Is there any hope Gandalf? For a new comic I mean?

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