The Abominable Charlie & Kinokofry!


greetings all,

as i mentioned last week, this weeks kuku’s are going to go up later in the week/weekend as i play catch up.

but i just wanted to give you a heads up regarding that and mention a couple things…

  • it’s guest week at the abominable charles christopher and karl easily coaxed my to lend my own interpretation which is up today!
  • it’s also guest time at the brilliantly quirky kinokofry by rebecca clement, i mean how could i pass up the opportunity to play in her wonderful world!
  • there’s a kukuburi contest going on in the transmission-x forums. guess what’s in the box and win an original piece of art!

thank you all for sticking around during these wonky updates, i know some people have meandered off but it’s nice to see many of you stickin’ around. i promise i won’t disappoint! in fact i actually said “no” to more corporate work! trust me, this is a good thing :)

see you all soon…

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  1. Xenon says:

    Don’t say no, at least, don’t if you need it to keep putting out the Kukuburi.

    The Charlse Christopher guest spot was awesome. I was laughing for a while…all the humor of Karl, with the beauty of your artwork. The face when the bird is yelling is great.

  2. Joanna says:

    I seriously cannot get into Charles Christopher. His brain pan is far too small for his far-too-human face, and it gives me the willies. Which is a shame, because the it’s great otherwise.

    • Pheebalino says:

      Dude, I love Charles Christopher!
      Finally, a comic where the main character isn’t all in your face and crap. No “omigawd mai luv leif sux waaah!” just beautiful art and cheeky birds. :)

  3. Roocifer says:

    Awesome guest spot on TACC! You captured the vibe of the comic so well. I loved the cameo of the bluebird of happiness in there too.

  4. Deanna says:

    Yay! I’m so glad that you’re learning how to say “no”. It will make your life so much better!!! Can’t wait to see the update!

  5. CyCo says:

    Ramon, dude, been a fan of your art since I first saw it in one of the Rifts books an age ago. Take your time, and we’ll be here. The fact that we mightn’t have to wait much longer is just the icing on the cake. 8]

    • Xenon says:

      Holy carp! (yeah that was intentional) Ramon did RIFTS art! Man, I am a nerd, and not nerdy enough to catch that he drew that. Way to go Ramon!

  6. CyCo says:

    Oh and the TACC guest piece was awesome. I’m behind in TACC, I have a lot of catching up to do over there. 8]

  7. Gorgeous, I love both Kukuburi and TACC, its awesome to see guys with as much talent as you helping each other out, cheers.

  8. Damn, I have both of these comics one right after each other on my bookmark page, so I was all “… what just happened …”. :)

  9. Leak says:

    Is it just me, or did Ramon not mention his great guest strip over at ?

    np: The Cool Kids – Bassment Party (The Bake Sale)

  10. Ekio says:

    Don’t quite know how I’ve missed out on this gem as I have BNS bookmarked….but now I’m hooked! ^-^

    Love your work and cannot wait to see more on this story.

  11. usivius says:

    Ramon! Loved your stint with Charles! Hilarious! and so true to the comic! I would love a team up!

  12. usivius says:

    Maybe Karl can bring a few ‘pesky’ animals to BNS

  13. Mattchu says:

    Oh man. I found this strip because of our guest work for Charles Christopher. And now I’ve read through the archive, and I am crushed that there is not more to read.

  14. Allyne says:

    I found your web comic through your guest art for TACC, and I just read all through it in one afternoon. The art and the story are so well done, I love the imagination and detail you put into the pictures! I’ll definitely be following you from now on. I can’t wait for the next pages!

  15. AshFin says:

    I just found this comic. Absolutely beautiful. I must tell you how I came upon it because it was a long journey. haha
    I have been an avid reader of Questionable Content for years. Last week he has a link to a comic named ‘Curvy’. I read through that one in a day or so then I looked through their links and they have a link to ‘KinokoFry’ which I read through and loved. In one of her updates she mentioned KukuBuri. I checked it out and I love it! I now have it bookmarked and check for your updates each week.
    As for being busy and not being able to update all the time, it happens. I have some comics saved that haven’t updated in months but I still keep checking them because I know eventually the creator will be able to come back. Life happens.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Ramón says:

      thank you for the love ashfin! that is a surreptitious route :P

      the funny thing is used to be part of the dayfree web-comics collective with jeph back when i started out with my first comic!

      and thanks for the patience with an overburdened creator. the updates may be slow from time to time but kukuburi has about 600 pages of story and all will be told!

      • AshFin says:

        butternutsquash… that sounds so familiar. I’ll bet I’ve come across your work before. I’ve been a Jeph follower for a while. haha I enjoy his witty little comic.

        But I must say that I am very picky when it comes to comics I enjoy and read continuously. Sometimes it’s a great storyline, sometimes it’s the art, and in your case sometimes it’s both. The storyline is captivating from the beginning and the art is so beautiful you sometimes get lost in it.

        I’m positive the story will be as stimulating at the end, as it is now. Still a long way to go to reach 600, but I know you’ll get it done, and now you have yet another reader to be there till the end.

  16. Mikeharvey says:

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    Just a quick hello from as I’m new to the board. I’ve seen some interesting comments so far.

    To be honest I’m new to forums and computers in general :)


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