tomorrows update is going to be bumped to next tuesday.

in other somewhat related news rob and i finally had a sit down and began working on the butternutsquash again. we will be posting a return date on the site shortly.

in more somewhat related news, i am looking at attending some conventions in europe this fall. things are being looked into and are not concrete yet, but as things develop i will keep you all posted. as much as i would love to have a book ready for this, i doubt i will. what sort of things would you prefer to be available if you were to attend a euro show? A small booklet with an original story and perhaps sketches? a poster or print? t-shirts?

any input would be lovely.

see you all next week!

PS/ for those of you who ordered prints in the past couple weeks, orders will be mailed on this coming monday :)

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  1. Swampmaster says:

    I’m just saying, cuz there’s no chance I might attend a Euro show, but I think your type of drawing should make for kick-ass posters…

    • Jutchy says:

      I’d go with a portfolio booklet! I just love seeing random art from my favorite artists. Besides, for other artists, these books makes great references when you’re trying to experiment in new styles! Go there: it’s free, it’s easy, not so expensive, you can sell on their website for free also, and I had a great service!

  2. Joanna says:

    I love the slime trail on Nadia’s shoulder. The detail in this comic is astounding.

    Also: “Snabble snabble snabble”? Cutest. Creature sound. EVAR.

  3. Zielak69 says:

    I’m guessing the powers of kukuburi are going to be revealed in the next page.

  4. thornae says:

    Dude! Europe!! Brilliant – where?
    I’m in France now, but it’s not like it’s hard to get to other places.

    Hey, I’d just be happy to say g’day and maybe buy you a beer! (Sadly, very difficult to find good Aussie beer here, but the cheap Belgian beer makes up for it.)

    Okay, I’m sure I’d go for some merch as well…. I’d probably be happy with any of the above – any chance of a Reggie tshirt/print/sticker or similar?

    Oh, and frame 3 today is extra superb. Dialogue and art completely catch you up in her moment of emotion. Awesome stuff, as always.

  5. RedAndre says:

    Europe? BELGIUM PLEASE ??? *happy face*
    Posters and t-shirts would indeed be very much appreciated ! =)

  6. TJ says:

    Ramón.. my hat is off to thee, good sir!
    another brilliant page.

    if you ever plan on making Kukuburi plushies, zulu would be my nr 1 pick:)

  7. Moritz says:

    Any chance of you showing up in Germany? We have the best beer anyway.
    I think i agree, i’d love to have a biiiig Kukuburi-poster!
    And in an aside, I love Nadias close-up-screamin-speechbubble.
    Still so curious what her hat will be! I’d go with some cool flat-cap.
    Or maybe a Stetson? Just kiddin…

    • GraphicAvenger says:

      If you wanna go to Germany, may I recommend the Comic Festival in Munich (the 2009 one was last weekend), since that’s where I live, or maybe the Comic Salon Erlangen?
      And we do indeed have the best beer in the world!

  8. as363 says:

    Fly ? Why not – after all “She” is the one that all have been waiting for . We could hear a “Zum Zum next panel as Reggie delivers her Chapeaux – or the snail might possess powers that have not been made apparent yet .

    Ramon – lovely work on this part – the yellow fog drifting from the eyes of the Walkers has caught my attention . We need them and the snail in the cast section .

    • MarcoDC7 says:

      Well, what aboot mr. flyiing rock golem with a flower hat guy? What is he, chopped brimstone?

      Ooh, Europe. You have to visit Florence. Work? Oh, well then, I guess Germany would be good ;)

  9. WooHoo!!! Can’t wait for more and more BNS!!!

  10. Omigosh! Ramon, your drawing stile is kick-ass cool. :-) I like every page you’re a-churning out.

  11. CS says:

    Well, a visit to Germany would be nice, espacially with some Reggie Stickers for my motorcycle. One of the few things I’d ‘mutilate’ my bike with. Also posters are always a fine thing, especially when they’re high quality material to frame them.

  12. glenn says:

    Beautiful and gorgeous are inadequate words to describe your drawings !
    So glad when you picked up the story again after that long pause !
    >Just a small thing, but her mouth is in the wrong shape to be saying “Zulu”.
    Her mouth is in an “E” shape.
    You probably weren’t thinking about that.
    It’s probably not as important to me as it might be to you.
    Just one more way to make it real.
    Thanks for your awesome and amazing art.

  13. Grace says:

    Aww, poor scared Zulu :( I truly love how all the sound effects are so unique, and so absolutely perfect! And the idea of a flying snail is totally redonkulous, except if you have a flying boulder with a flower coming out of his head. Then it makes total sense.

    A small pamphlet/ booklet with an original sotry would be pretty cool! Especially if I were in Europe to buy it… that would be even cooler.

  14. raider_geek12 says:

    Sweet! Lets see some flying action!

  15. Winged ferrets. They totally need to be carried over by a flock of cute little winged ferrets. In a giant sock. With Townsen directing.

    Wait, wrong webcomic…

  16. kristina says:

    I SOOO think Zulu isn’t scared….I think he’s more so on the evil side of things…maybe scared that she’s catching up to him and possibly about to catch him up to no good…..I could be wrong.

  17. kristina says:

    Ramon, I would like to buy a print….but your link doesn’t pull up correctly on my computer [I am currently having to use a work computer, laptop on the fritz] I was wondering what prints you have to choose from and how I could go about getting one.

    • Ramón says:

      hey kristina,

      sorry the button ain’t workin’ for you!

      the prints are “on demand” so any page you’d like to get a print of you can! if you’d like it sans text or gutters (ie. some full page images that might be cut in half with a border like page 58 for example) just let me know.

      the sizes available are:

      9.5″ x 13″ (FC $20, BW $15)
      13″ x 19″ (FC $30, BW $25)
      Shipping is included in North America & $5 for international orders.

      cheers :)

  18. Reidic says:

    I think Kukuburi would make some amazing posters or Tshirts. If you make any swag purdy purdy please make your Ts and hoodies in fat guy sizes. It always hurts a little bit when swag can’t accomodate my… umm… APPRECIATION! Yeah, that’s it!

  19. Marrock says:

    Ok, just got an odd look from the room mate…

    She called me by name and I looked at her and said “Snabble?”

  20. distantvoices75 says:

    Ramon, if you’re strollin’ throu’ good ol’ europe, a visit to Vienna might be a nice occasion. What d’ya say? Vienna? ^^

  21. Illogic says:

    Tis be a glorious frontier into the world of comics on the web!
    Just read everything or so in the latest hour. Reminds me of candy rainbows where different colors have different flavors. And I like them all!

  22. Sabreur says:

    I think I’m going to like Zulu as a character.

    “Snabble snabble snabble?”

  23. Jazzy says:

    I can has Tuesday Update?
    *sad face*

  24. Reidic says:

    ^ ^ ^ What he said. ^ ^ ^

    If it’s late dat’s cool, I dunno what time you toss up your updates Ramon.

  25. Eagerly awaiting the flock of winged ferrets and their sock-copter!

  26. chillychili says:

    It’s Tuesday! Are you there?

  27. dani says:

    hi from dreamland

  28. Squiggle says:

    Zomg zomg zomg zomg… *Dies* Ramon in Europe?! Please please please come visit us!! That would be so amazingly unbelievably indescribably awesome!! I could come see you and bug you in person about plushies :D Ahaha… but no… seriously? What would I want if you had no books? I would just like to meet you and I would totally pay just to get a signed on the spot sketch from you… that would just be… awesome….. beyond awesome… FULLY AWESOME!!

    Also… this post is really late but I was on holiday and stuff so I have only just seen it.

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  30. Feralglance says:

    Who/what in the heck is zulu? Maybe I read too fast, but where in the heck did he come from, and why do we care about it?

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