apologies for the tardy update today. i returned from my holiday/birthday escape and was eager to get back to the drawing board but found myself exhausted. so i took a couple days to recupe. as i began work on this week’s updates i was sidetracked a little more as ideas began flooding me for this chapters resolution along with ideas for the next. y’see as much as i know where things are going i still had a few holes, story wise, that needed to be filled to get things were i wanted them to go. so i went with it.

the way things are  shaping up this chapter will wrap up in another 60 pages or so… and they’re all action! once complete i will go back in and smooth out story and pacing by adding new pages, which will probably round things up towards 200 pages! i can’t wait!

but that’s then, and this is now… enjoy, and i’ll see you all thursday for page 117.


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  1. MarcoDC7 says:

    *Plays S&H theme*

    I know what you mean getting sidetracked…. Right now I’m technically supposed to be working on an English final project. *FACEPALM* But I had to see your update.

  2. Ramón says:

    haha, thanks for the belated birthday wishes marco!

  3. Lijabo says:

    Eheheh, I love that third frame. You’ve captured the act of pulling a snail off the ground perfectly.

  4. LaTonia says:

    oh man did i need that laugh. the snail…that was just too much. thanks lmao!!!

  5. Roel says:

    Hey Ramón!
    Hope you had a nice birthday ;-)
    Say I noticed lenny is no longer talking in pink? Just a thought ;-)

    Great to see kukuburi updating again.
    Thanks a lot for that ;-)

    • Ramón says:

      gah. that is my bad…. had meant to add in the other colour layer, and forgot. first thing i do once i get into the studio today!

  6. raider_geek12 says:

    Hi Nadia!

  7. Reidic says:

    Egad! I do so love your art style Ramon. The attention to details is always so… so – comme une brise d’été mise pour empaqueter mon ami, to pay homage to Rendo!

  8. John K. says:

    I just love her face in the second panel, and happy belated B-Day!!

  9. JT/ Sihaya says:

    “Let’s get Zulu.”

    Should be about 2200 hours.

    Ba-DUM-dum… Thanks, I’ll be here all night.

    Loving the way that Lenny oozes all over everything and Nadia cares not one bit. That’s friendship. If it were me, I’d be all, “Dude, you just phlegmed all over my arm!” Of course, I also wouldn’t have managed to catch myself from falling the way that she did.

  10. Chip says:

    I know I’m a broken record, but another stunning page.

  11. tinathelatina! says:

    woah, is it just me or does it feel like they were jumping for a while? lol

  12. A Reader says:

    HAHAH! Leonard the snail is now firmly established as my favorite character.

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