worlds are colliding…. well in mere moments anyway.

soooo, i hate to do this, and i tried to avoid it, but no can do. there will be no updates next week. the reasons are a few, but most notably are that’s it’s my birthday next week and i’m kinda treating myself right, especially with last years festivities being obliterated due to the issues with my landlord rearing their ugly ugly head . i will try and make things up to you the week following by updating with what normally would have been next week’s update and the followings all in said week.

once again my apologies, i tried to avoid such a thing happening by working ahead, but a client called me early this week with an emergency which really cut into my time that i would normally have spent working on next weeks updates.

as well for a little added bit of extra this week i thought i’d share the pencils for page 114. many people often ask what program i use to do kukuburi, well it all starts here with pencil on paper…

kukuburi 114, pencils

see you shortly :)

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  1. Marcus says:

    Do what you got to do man.

    Interesting way to use your art style to illustrate the collision…

  2. Lijabo says:

    Hey, everyone deserves time off on their birthday. Have a good one!

  3. CaptJF says:

    AH!! It’s his glasses! Took me a minute, but I love it now!

  4. aaron says:

    awesome as usual. love seeing the process stuff.
    what size do you do your paes at? i never noticed but i went back and looked but they are all that square shape. really unique and awesome all at once

  5. MarcoDC7 says:

    Aww, too bad.

    Tick tock goes the clock
    Yet He has time to mock.

  6. Dave says:

    La Brigade was the previous Nadia’s Imaginings!? Sweeet.
    Happy (early) birthday!

  7. Elance says:

    Thanks for publishing the blue-line drawings. I love getting a look under the artistic hood!

  8. Marcus says:

    Looks like I hit the link before you had the final version up, not sure how many people saw what I saw, but it wasn’t this, I love them both!

  9. Emmie says:


  10. Stevie B says:

    Oh Ya! Bring on the nightmares! Happy B-Day Ramon and some of us really appreciate the time you give for us so take all the time you need for you!

    Ya Buddy!


  11. moria says:

    Okay, so, long-established Kuku lover here.

    I am, however, also a professional English teacher. APOSTROPHE, sir. “Yesterday’s ideas.” Please.

    Humbly, and with great admiration,

  12. tinathelatina! says:


    So I may have that it was my birthday when my favorite evil bad-ass showed up!
    See you in a week, enjoy your day!


  13. Grace says:

    Oooo….. this just got way more interesting. I love learning more about the world they are in. But when will Nadia get her chapeau?

  14. Chameleon says:

    happy early birthday… I don’t mind a short wait… I’m just happy that Kukuburi is back *YAYYYYY*

  15. Chip says:

    Well, happy birthday early. No need to apologize. Enjoy next week. I’ll be hear in two weeks once again asking where my damned hardcover of Kuku is.

  16. Esn says:

    I really like this one.

    So it’s a battle of the new cynicism versus the old idealism, eh? Kukuburi finally has a theme, then, and I’m glad for it! It’s a good theme, very relevant to the world today. Don’t let me down now. :)

    Happy advance birthday.

  17. Ramón says:

    thank you all for the fine birthday wishes.

    i will see you all the week after next, and i believe there’ll be a lil’ lady by the name of nadia accompanying me…

    • Reidic says:

      Ramon, we waited happily while you had your hiatus, I’m pretty sure we can handle a week, especially so you can celebrate not dying for another year!!! GO RAMON!

  18. Stevie B says:

    Right on!

  19. Jerkwallace says:

    Hey, better we know now you’ll be missing, that we your beloved fans don’t whip themselves into a lather. Ramon, I am always impressed by how effortless you make your lines look.

    PS, is NY seeing you at MoCCA this year?

  20. Marcus says:

    Glad to be of assistance!

  21. Val says:

    Happy birthday. So this is all her imagination, is it going to end with one of those.. .she had fevered dreams and woke up realizing it was a dream, but her weasel is wearing alittle hat.
    We’ll see you in a week.

  22. kristina says:

    OOOooh, talk about edge of my seat! You are as always really good at cliff hangars! I can’t wait to see more! Until then happy birthday! Hope this birthday leaves a smile on your face!

  23. Mike says:

    Your work is fantastic! Glad to see it back and running again. Have a great birthday, mine’s on Monday. :)

  24. Akinobu says:

    Happy Birthday Ramon!!Keep up the great work!! :)

  25. craze0matic says:

    Hey man, if it’s you’re birthday, go ahead and take it off and don’t worry. I’ve got about four or five family members who’s birthday’s are in May, and just got back from a party that wrapped all of them up together. Go for it amigo.

  26. Shui Lung says:

    Many Happy Returns of the Day Ramon! Hope your B-day is filled with excellence!

  27. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday!!! : )

  28. Steven says:

    Happy Birthday Ramon, from one gemini to another.

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