where i’m at…

first off, i hope you all had a wonderful holiday and spectacular new year’s eve and that 2009 is blessing you with good health and fortune!

that said, i can’t believe its been almost two months since my last big post!

time flies, ridiculously so.

let it be known though that i have not been resting on my laurels. i would say i have been busy but that is an understatement. i could rhyme off what i’ve been working on and it would tally in at about 8-10 projects simultaneously. rather i’ll mention the ones that have been the most fun: currently i am illustrating a 8 page star wars tale for dark horse comics for their free comic book day offering, i am also wrapping up my tenure on inking marvel’s nyx with the series’ last issue and last but not least i am in the middle of the six issue resistance miniseries for wildstorm comics based on the ps3 video game! the remainder of my schedule was filled with a bit more dry corporate fare, though some were quite fun. of which i will post to my art blog, cranial percolations when i can.

everything is coming to a head within the next three weeks. the last thing of which is, i hope, a four page kukuburi story simply titled ‘prelude‘ for the tcaf free comic book day collection… keep your fingers crossed on that one… as it all comes down to timing and the kindness of people!

literally the day after everything wraps up i will be flying down to new york to partake in the ny comic con. unfortunately i will not have a table – as i have no swag – so i’ll just be wandering around meeting with people. so if you see this canuck wandering the aisles feel free to say hello!

upon returning from ny i will have a couple projects waiting for me. debt will, for the most part, be paid off and i can start focussing on kukuburi again. my plan is to take the time in february to begin pencilling and focussing on the finale of chapter one, which works out to be probably about 30-50 more pages… depending on how things go. after said month comes to a close i will use the donations that people have poured forth and dedicate them to taking time off in early march to work kukuburi magic. 

so if things go well, i hope to relaunch kukuburi sometime around the end of february, begining of march. an exact date will come… i just wanted to keep you posted with all that has been preoccupying my time. 

as well, later this spring at tcaf (toronto comic arts festival) i hope to unveil some swag, prints and possibly a rough cut of kukuburi volume one. 

more words to come…

thank you all for your support and patience!



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  1. amuletts says:

    Squee! Her expressions are so cute!!!

  2. Liz says:

    Hey ramon,
    I’m actually an animation student in college, studying to do stuff just like your doing!

    Your art is great! I look forward to more posts of course!

  3. Runikus says:

    I adore Kukuburi and know that it is one of the most beautifully done comics I’ve seen so far.

    <3. Keep up the beautiful, bright work!

  4. Discordia says:

    I just sat here & read all 107 strips at once while waiting for BNS to come back. Great stuff Ramon!

  5. Meister Jazz says:

    huh, that was a surprising jump. i’m in the middle of catching up and boom!

    awesome sketches and i hope that NYCC went all right for you. =D

    as i assume i said before, i look forward to seeing where the comic goes. and i really like the bright style. i loved it from the first page. hell, i almost stopped reading the back pages to Charles Christopher to catch up on this, but I finished ACC then finished off this today. I’ll definitaly be keeping n eye on this to see where the comic goes, and i totally want to draw Nadia for you. hell, i want to draw something for damn near every comic i read/

  6. Frederica says:

    Great news. I’m glad that things are working out for you. Waiting eagerly for the next installment of Kukuburi; you have created un monde “fantastique de l’imagination”.

    BTW, did you know that the World Science Fiction Convention is taking place in Montreal in August 2009? Previous conventions have had Artists’ Alley and the Hucksters’ Room where sequential artists are well represented. You would have a very receptive audience there. There will also be an Art Show and Auction (you can also sell prints via the Art Show). I have seen some amazingly imaginative things at previous WorldCons.


    Please check out the info geared to dealers and exhibitors. Zut, you could even end up on a panel or two! But don’t delay; it’s getting down to the wire.

  7. Julie says:

    Keep working hard, it’s def. worth the wait.

    I’m gonna be at NYCC all weekend, it’s cool you’ll be heading down there as well. I hope you have a ton of fun.

  8. Neal says:

    Woot! More comics!

    Good to hear you’re alive, dude. Looking forward to good stuff from you.

  9. Fable says:

    Thanks for the update, good luck with getting everything squared away and I’ll certainly be waiting patiently for more Kuku when it comes back!

  10. AlpineBob says:

    Loving your comic! Just read it through in one fell swoop – totally awesome. Glad to hear you’re keeping body and soult together so you can bring us the rest of the story. You’re on my favorites!

  11. Miejuib says:

    Glad to hear that things are going well. I’m greatly looking forward to the return of kukuburi :)

  12. robert says:

    The return of Kukuburi can’t vome soon enough.
    Glad to hear things are working out for you.

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  14. kristina says:

    Kay so I checked out your link to “conventions and shows”………….. As a beginer to one of these, which one would you suggest I attend?

  15. kristina says:

    Glad to hear everything is working out for you! I can’t wait for more Kukuburi. You’ve created a monster in me….”ME NEED KUKUBURI!!” or rather maybe not a monster but more like a cartoon bird like on the cerial comercials “I’m Koo Koo for Kukuburi”

    But I am patient, all good things come to those who wait right!?

    When is the NY convention? I’ve never been to one, but would love to go one of these days.

  16. Leak says:

    I’d say a chameleon on his shoulder should do the trick nicely… :D

    np: Future Sound Of London – Hidden Sign (From The Archives Vol. 4)

  17. Bebarce says:

    Hey I’ll be heading to NY Comicon on Saturday! Maybe if you wear some swag or something we’ll be able to easily recognize you!

  18. Squiggle says:

    *Runs around in circles happily* You are alive!! Hooray!!

    Great to hear you are doing well Ramon, if you’d waited much longer to contact us I would have had to start sending you stalker-like emails to ensure that you are indeed healthy and ok…. ok well maybe not stalker-like but they would definitely be emails as I know no other way to contact you except via links dotted around this website :P

    Also those free thingies sound awesome… I second what Leak said about us unfortunates unable to get our hands on American stuff. As for swag, I dont suppose there are any plushies hidden amongst it all are there? *Grins impishly* You know Im never gonna let up on that one till I get my hands on one right?

  19. Leak says:

    Are you going to post your Free Comic Book Day story (i.e. ‘Prelude’) here afterwards for us non-USAians to see? Or will we have to try and find a proxy that can nab one of those issues for us? ;)

  20. erik jagger says:

    There are 4 things that I have on my list of high water marks for early 2009. In no particular order:
    1. GWBush out; BHObama in (OK, that one is definitely #1).
    2. The movie Coraline (a little over 2 weeks to go! my daughters are psyched about this also)
    3. The movie Watchmen (2 weeks + 2 months + a little. my daughters don’t get to see this one…yet!)
    4. MORE KUKUBURI!!!!

    Thanks for all of the brilliant, beautiful, and inspiring work so far, and looking forward to lots more in 2009!

  21. Mart says:

    dude, take your time, you’ve got to work to live right?

    good to hear you’re still around matey as soon as kukuburi’s back I’ll high-five everyone I see.

  22. PomPom says:

    Good to hear from you. As long as it’s been, i still check this site regularly!

    My fingers are crossed that all goes to your plan :)

    Now there is something to look forward to in March :p

  23. Kristen says:

    If the TCAF thing happens- set aside a copy for me? (Unless I can buy it here?) I’ll thank you with alcohol and hugs. I was going to donate, but then I figured I’d just buy you shots and take advantage of you…uh, did I just say that outloud?

  24. Ramón says:

    @kelseigh i’m not sure what to tell you. i am subscribed to it (to make sure it works) without a problem. there is the links to the rss in the url bar as well as on the sidebar…

  25. Kelseigh Nieforth says:

    Just a quick note, I can’t seem to subscribe to the Cranial Percolations RSS for some reason. I can do Kukuburi no problem, and Butternut Squash works, but CP is no go.

  26. cynnamon says:

    you know… Nadia simply has the cutest facial expressions of any character i’ve seen in a while.


  27. Steve B says:

    Holy Crap! Vol 1?????????????