kukuburi, now available in italian!

the title says it all.

thanks to gabriele visconti and jacopo rabolini from ‘frank was here’ Kukuburi is now being translated into Italian!

the translated comic will be showcased at Comicus.it in their e-comics section under the alien press banner sharing the stage with octopus pie and anders loves maria! two spectacular comics, which if you are not reading is a grave injustice that you should rectify immediately!

kukuburi will be updated on a weekly basis till it catches up with current updates of Kukuburi, whereupon it will update in tandem.

a pretty fantastic christmas present!

Indulge at your whimsy.

and to all a happy holiday, thank you for reading, thanks for your patience and i will see you in the new year!


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  1. Annie says:

    I wish I knew italitan to have a reason to read from the beginning all over again! Congrats, it’s pretty spectacular!

  2. Fiorentina Gabriella Lanzillotta says:

    congratulazioni e i Migliori auguri– è un magnifico regalo di Natale a tutti noi! kukuburi’s groove è ritornato!

  3. De Am'n o de Ells says:

    We are keeping the english one right?

) Confabulate...