never underestimate your plush companions…

as promised this weeks cast update brings us a little more knowledge about nadia’s plush confidant zulu.

that said i’d like to share with you an awesome halloween treat carved by roel binnendijk from the netherlands:

this beat out any chocolate or candy i received! thanks for carving up this beauty and sending over the photo roel. i have archived it in the fan art gallery for posterity :)

a few months back i mentioned working on a star wars: clone wars cover for dark hors comics, well the book has been officially solicited so i feel it okay to now showcase the cover. if any of you are curious feel free to swing by my gallery blog ‘cranial percolations‘ and take a peek.

next week see us return to our fable…

till then my good friends,


^ 7 Comments of Confabulation...

  1. Christina says:

    Right on, that pumpkin rocks!! Looking forward to next week’s strip, hope life is treating you well!

  2. Joanna says:

    He’s a Fugly Friend indeed, but I like him. Keep up the good work, Ramon! Can’t wait for next Tuesday!

  3. James D. Gray says:

    You mean “posterity”, surely, not “prosperity”.

    James D. Gray

  4. Ramón says:

    you are correct james, thanks!

  5. Steve B says:

    Sweet! Waiting till next strip!

  6. Roel Binnendijk says:

    Hey, I know that pumpkin ;-P

    and Thanks Christina ;-)

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