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greetings all,

i would like to thank you all for supporting the idea of a ‘donation drive’ and to thank those who already have generously donated to the, dare i say, cause.

i am going to launch the ‘drive’ most likely in late november or december with a focus to use the funds to create a window of opportunity to work fully on kukuburi in january. start the new year off on a positive foot i say! i will most likely use a paypal method of donation or might look into alternative means. a simple dollar will suffice or more as people generosity or pocketbooks merit. i plan to create a special original pinup, most likely watercolour, for the occasion and will make it available in limited edition and perhaps put the original up for auction as part of the drive. time will tell.

now for the flipside of the news.

some of you emailed me with a concern with yesterday’s lack of an update. tuesday started of on the right foot and everything was going quite nicely but part way through the day things landed on the wrong foot and soured me for the rest of the day and left me a bit unfocussed to work on kuku. things have been taken care of but this weeks update is going to be one of the cast section with a look at cecil and corky. i figure i spoiled you with three pages last week ;)

however to people’s dismay it is going to be cast updates for the next two weeks. i’m missing one for personal reasons and one for professional reasons. but all will be back to full speed on 18th. though the cast updates aren’t understandably the comic they do lend tiny insights into the world of kukuburi. my apologies i hope you all understand.

till next week… 





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  1. Steve B says:

    No Problem….Worth The Wait!

  2. PomPom says:

    No problemo about the update, bummer you’re day turned sour :(

    Something finally hit me after reading all the cast profiles- I know what’s in the parcel!!! I know- Wait… i *think* i know what’s in the parcel. knowing you and Kuku something strange could be pulled out of the chapeau :p

    All the best dude :)
    looking forward to the next update!!

  3. Zombiejohn says:

    Sweet profile. I liked the two of them with the “I am most positively hearing a whistling” line. Btw, I fully understand being hauled away from something you love doing, so don’t apologise. We all love you anyway. :p

    I couldn’t help notice, though, your last paragraph in the profile fell apart a little. It should be punctuated more like this, if you want to keep the flow intact.

    “As for what powers or abilities their hat might lend itself to, this is pretty much a guess; as both Corky and Cecil are constantly at a tug-o-war with it, they’ve never actually had a chance to find out!”

  4. Ramón says:

    thanks all and thanks zombiejohn – fixed :)

  5. Tim says:

    Sorry about the tough day… but take it from me you will feel a ton better if you take control and lay some tracks.

    One simple way to do that is stop planning to creat windows of thingummy and then possibly perhaps… Take an hour, get the damn paypall button up. Set a clear money target that will drive you to the drawing board and leave the rest to us.

    I am sure you have plenty of readers who would be happy to part with a little cash in order to speed their Kukufix.

    Give yourself a nice incentive and us a pleasant way of snapping the whip ;-)

  6. yachris says:

    You might consider doing what the “Namir Deiter” folks do — $1 gets the purchaser a desktop image, $10 gets the purchaser something more, $50… well, whatever price-points and rewards you see fit to set up. I’d pay pretty good for a print of one of your watercolors.

    ALSO, when it comes time to do the book (if you haven’t worked out something better already) you might look at http://www.createspace.com — they’re at least part-owned by Amazon, so the books would be stocked by Amazon. Their cool thing? No startup fees!

  7. PomPom says:

    Just a note-
    if you click on the donations image, the option of paypal or credit card automatically comes up… i didn’t work that out until i clicked on it :p
    But just so anyone who reads this knows- no need to wait for Ramon to set up paypal, it’s already done :)

  8. Matt says:

    Off topic to the post, but… Interesting thing I just found out. The butternut squash is part of the genus Cucurbita. Cucurbita… Kukuburi… I smell an unintentional cross-reference. ;)

  9. Baron von Wulf says:

    A donation drive in Nov/Dec. When most are spending more than they make to buy presents, in a recession? I think your timing is a little off. Then again, even a few dollars from a lot of people will go a long way. Being a Canuk too might help, since we are less hit. Best of look, you are one of the best comic artist on the web, and I’ll try and help you out as much as I can.

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