i swear these pages are taking me longer to create than when i first began kuku!

before i banter on i’d like to present the newest addition to the FAN ART GALLERY a lovely piece of pixel art by ALMA DARTEZ. please peruse on by and enjoy!

in the comments section of the news post the other day it was mentioned that the sporadic updates are losing the flow of the story for the readers. i whole heartedly agree and i apologize for the sporadic schedule. too many things to juggle right now. 

the remainder of “chapter one” of kukuburi is plotted and will run till page 150 or thereabouts. i would like to put the remainder up sans disruption. but this is going to take a little more time than i have. i have monthly overhead that has to be met, so unfortunately of late paying work has taken precedence. though, let me tell you how i wish i could just devote my days, weeks and years to kukuburi as well as the many other personal projects that percolate in my subconscious…

so i have an idea that i would like to run by you my fellow readers. i would like to plan ahead and devote either december or january, the whole month to sitting down and doing kuku, wrapping it up and handing it to you to enjoy. to do this i was thinking of doing a donation drive of some sort. a dollar drive, with incentives of original art or prints for higher donations, created ahead of time of course. if i can raise enough to cover a month of expenses i will be set and things can get done…

what do you all think?

EDIT: the aforementioned page 103 is up…


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  1. dlaiyre says:

    I would certainly be down to donate to the cause.

    Paypal is fine with me, but any trustworthy (maybe not paypal? heh.) fund transfer system is fine with me.


  2. kristina says:

    IIIII”MMMMM BACK! I feel like I missed a lot and had to catch up! Felt good to read a few pages at a time. :)

    Well, Ramon, we’ve been saying all along we would pay to read this so I am sure this would work out for you! I know I would def give a donation. Just tell me how [like pay pal or sending a check]!!!

  3. CoyoteLovely says:

    I’m in Ramon!

  4. Anathema says:

    Hell yeah I’ll donate. I’m more than happy to pay for my addiction.

  5. Arterial Blockage says:

    I would definetely donate to see more of this, I found the site today and read it all in one sitting. It is probably the best webcomic I’ve found in years. Can’t wait for todays episode.


  6. Manale says:

    I’ll donate, Ramon!

    Or I can buy you The Pasta Chicken Rasta Fasta special at Louie’s one week.

    That’s, like $15.

  7. yachris says:

    I’m *SOOOOOOOOOOO* willing to donate! Constant(ish) Kuku would be a dream come true! Keep us posted.

  8. koli` says:

    people would pay a couple bucks for a .rar of wallpapers.

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