boom shakka boom, the beat arrives.

can you tell i’m tired. off to bed i go…


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  1. Odo says:

    Eww tentacles.

    Dang, there are a lot of them.

    I see the battlewhale has moved off — I presume ahead of the horde of black mantas.

    Fantastic art, and it is clear why it took a little extra time.

  2. leslie says:

    awww, i really wish they didn’t have mouth tentacles…they were soo cute.

  3. Nick says:

    That is a terrifying vagina with teeth and tentacles attached to a flying, nightmarish demon ray.

  4. snowgods000 says:

    Hey Nick, If this were hentai that might be the case, but keeping it clean & G rated , probably not

    Yes that many evil manta rays obeying your every whim WOULD be fun

  5. Thornae says:

    @Nick: Freud, is that you?

  6. Nikita says:

    Nick is definitely not alone in his thoughts of Freudian imagery!

    So happy to see more of this wonderful art!

  7. Andy says:

    That’s one really cool skeleton.

  8. dlaiyre says:

    Can we please please please have this in a ultra hq version? like 1920×1200+

  9. Steve B says:


  10. Steve B says:

    Oh,and I second What Dlaiyre said! This panel is sweet!

  11. Ramón says:

    wallpaper in the wallpaper gallery. cheers!

  12. Sarah says:

    Yup, Nick is certainly not alone. My first thought was “Wasn’t there a movie about vagina’s with teeth?” My second thought was “Are they all giving birth to aliens mid-flight? AWKWARD.”

  13. Amelia Davis says:

    Wow, that is a very nice page, I like it!

  14. Graceofbass says:

    Wow, Nick’s comment would never had entered my mind on its own…. ick.

    The art is always gorgeous, and I love this comic. You rock, Ramon.

  15. Elemental Draconis says:

    I have been a quiet reader of this comic, and I lobe it so much.

    I just wanted to say this though; For some odd reason, he is one of my favorite characters. x’D I guess I like his moods? I don’t know, but he is.

    Wonderful art and color. <3 I shall continue to read. ^_^

  16. Efogoto says:

    Now that you mention it, Nick, I see that plainly. Funny that the ones in the background look more like large-headed sperm.

  17. Naomi says:

    you’ve got to admit he’s got style!

  18. emily says:

    love love love his pose- so Michael Jackson ala “Black or White”

  19. Except Michael Jackson is whiter than the skeleton man.

    You’re getting a really great dramamtic image every couple of updates now. Bam!

  20. j.bone says:

    Hello, new desktop wallpaper. This looks like a scene from an animated movie that I very badly want to see.

    Also, two words…”vagina dentata”.


  21. Sunshine says:

    Fantastic. I love this comic.

    “boom shakka boom, the beat arrives.”… HERE! COME! THE DRUMS!

  22. anuLuna says:

    Oh. My. God.

    And “helllooooooooooooo new background.”
    you draw some really amazing panels, but this one was just too good to pass by. FANTASTIC job!

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