new artwork in the FAN ART GALLERY! two pieces to be specific. a spore reinterpretation of the ghrung by brianna nontell and a collaborative rendition of nadia by jessa and arianna titled ’spread the love.’

i want to thank these girls, and everyone who has contributed to the kukuburi fan art gallery, it really makes my day when i receive great artwork such as this in my mailbox.

(and the grinches heart grew three sizes that day…)

regarding wallpapers, i’ll do what i can when i have a spare moment or two. either whipping up something new or reformatting an existing page or two into one.

i briefly mentioned this in a news post whilst on hiatus. not sure if everyone spotted it so i’ll reiterate. time permitting, i’m going to slowly begin designing t-shirts and perhaps prints/posters. i have a few ideas in mind but i’d like to hear what folks might be interested in seeing. character shirts? a brigade du chapeau shirt? something a bit more abstract? let me know…

finally a few have as regarding my tenancy court case. the hearing i was at this past wednesday was in superior court and it was adjourned. which is good. the case in superior court was put forth by the opposition in an attempt to have the case which i put forth in landlord and tenants court superseded. which would be bad and cost me oodles of money, money i don’t have. so in turn because they are a corporation with captial at their disposal they would have the upper hand.

luckily the case was adjourned because the judge in the landlord and tenants court took jurisdiction over my case and combined it with two other tenants cases. this ubercase will now be heard next friday.

and that’s when the fit will be hitting the shan…


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  1. Saaaaraaaaah says:

    I swear, every time I pull up this site, I fall in love with your artwork allover again.
    You’re amazing. :D

  2. Kristen says:

    I wasn;t going to leave a comment because I am really drunk, but damn you stayed up LATE to get this in- like you said you were going to. So diligent! And I totally didn’t seer that tshirt post form before, sorry. I’d be happy with any of the characters. If you really want hits, just makes sure it’s tight and low cut. That should getr San Diego boys attention :P But seriously, I have a soft spot for little ball of attitude, Reggie.

  3. Ryan B says:

    T-shirt idea:

    The color: Orange.
    The front: El Mep, centered
    The back: Mip, carrying something ridiculous and “meeping”. Put him off center, like over the left shoulder blade? (Mip optional but would contribute to the awesomeness.)

    I’d buy one if I have the money if/when they’re made. Which, sadly, is rarely the case these days. :(

    Comment: I always thought “El Mep” should be named “El Mip”, since “mip” pronounced with Spanish phonetics is “meep”, while “mep” is closer to “mape”.

  4. Matt says:

    That Sneaki Skellington!

  5. Peter says:

    Still love your artwork Ramon.. about ideas, how about a hat or a cap or sth with ‘Brigade du Chapeau’ on it? Either stitched or ‘printed’.. I know it’ll probably cost a shitload of money to do that though..
    I personally was thinking about a black baseball cap, all cloth, with Brigade du Chapeau and perhaps one of the characters (suggestion: Rendo) stitched on it in a nice ’swirly’, french looking font, and perhaps on the back, following the ’semi-round’ above the erm.. thingy where you adjust the size of the cap.. if you understand what I mean..
    Not a native English speaker, so my vocabulary is not big enough to fully describe the cap the way I want it ^_^
    And I want a book! :]

  6. Steve B says:


  7. PomPom says:

    All the best for the hearing :)
    I reckon with so many of you against this landlord you’re with (as you said) an uberchance!!
    I had landlord issues once, no power for a week sucks :( so many people complained we got a few weeks of free rent at the end of the lease! Luckily we found a new place to move to.
    Anyway, best of luck to you tenants, throw that fit as hard as you can :p
    *collects Nadia’s umbrella and places it next to the door*

  8. Joanna says:

    I’d be happy with any of the characters on a t-shirt!

    Also, Peter: Never would have guessed that you weren’t a native speaker. Kudos!

  9. Saren2100 says:

    Man, I love your art style! It just beats the word ‘dynamic’ into to your face with a burlap sack full of doorknobs!

  10. Josh says:

    Wow that is beautiful. The look on the skeleton’s face (or lack thereof, depending on perspective) is absolutely classic. He certainly loves this game.

  11. eric from abeno says:

    Ramon, I second Peter’s idea about some kind of hat/cap. one with a brigade logo, or a kukuburi logo, even. as for shirts, one of my favorite shirts (in my wardrobe) is a full-shirt-front “bust” of Monoke Hime, with her name written vertically beside her, and I think that idea would translate well for a number of your characters, especially Nadia, Rendo, and the Skeleton (with or without his name, whatever it is… still not sure what to call him).

    so many ideas come to mind it’s hard for me to seperate them all out… how about an image of the skeleton or one of his minions or one of the evil beasties with the motto “I’m your worst nightmare” or “your worst nightmare”

    I think a shirt with the Lady’s eyes and her Bluebird of Happiness (remeniscent of, but not exactly taken from, that one strip when she was telling Nadia to wake up) would be a cool t-shirt or cap design

    if you do any of the Brigade at all, you HAVE to do a group shirt of them, preferably which includes Nadia in it. I imagine a “superheroes group pose” like you sometimes see in the comics or during the opening credits of that kind of show, with taller characters in the center, kinda thing. heck, maybe even wrap the group all the way around the shirt into a “loop”

    I can even see some of the pages of the comic translated directly into shirt form, for example ,that one image of the Skeleton laughing hysterically, with all the Hahahahahas behind him as a background.

    another idea would be shirts with designs consisting entirely of the “nature” of the dream realm, for example, a simple pattern of flying otters with the Kukuburi logo would look cool, or the mantas, or that funky landscape!

    battle whale shirt? heck, even more abstract, a “you sunk my battlewhale!” shirt with an image of a closeup of the actual game-in-play, maybe even with the Skeleton’s finger still visible placing the “killing blow”

    hope these don’t all sound completely lame to you. I love the idea that I might be helping… in some way. Good luck with it, and I’m looking forward to seeing whatever you decide to do, merchandise-wise!

  12. Genevieve says:

    I’ve never posted before but I LOVE kukuburi! I think those ideas sound awesome, especially something involving the battlewhale. And pompom made me think, how about designing an umbrella with the whales and blue sea otter all over it? Keep up the good work and good luck with the hearing!

  13. Graceofbass says:

    I love how Mr. Skull Guy looks like a game show host in the first panel. Ramon, it seems that everyone loves your work. I bet a print version would do very well. I would buy one :)

  14. As far as merch goes, a book is obvious, once the story is complete.
    Otherwise, man do I ever want something–anything!–with the Bluebird of Happiness on it.
    I would shell out some major cash for that.

  15. Annalia says:

    You know, what first brought me to this comic was glancing at what my sister was doing and spotting our favourite bad guy. I instantly went “OMG sheer awesomeness!” and made sure she’d bookmarked the comic.

    Let me tell you that I’m currently stuck with studying an exam for which I’m nowhere near ready enough, that I had very little energy due to work. When I read this, however… Man, this is like improved Redbull! Ultra-ultra-ultra concentrated coffee! It’s made of pure win! :D

    I love him. I love kuku. You rock.

    (and now I must indeed study! XD)

  16. James D. Gray says:

    The bottom half of page forty-one would make a good basis for a poster.

    James D. Gray

  17. as363 says:

    Glad to hear that your case has not been derailed – yhe combination might be enough to give you a win-win situation .

    Shirts and hats – sound great . As far as hats go – simple baseball style – character head in circle on front and website both sides – K.I.S.S.

    As far as shirts – cost is the thing here . From the basic front panel illustration/kukuburi name on back to the more ornate where both front and back have a panel with logos of some type on the sleeve between elbow and shoulder . And do people want a front pocket – another consideration .

    Doing a quick review I came up with about 15 posting dates that might possibly work – as follows : 2007-08-21 :07-09-04 ; 07-09-10 left panel : 07-10-16 : 07-11-21 : 07-12-09 bottom panel : 07-12-17 : 08-01-06 : 08-01-29 : 08-02-11 combine as one : 08-02-12 :08-04-07 : 08-06-17 all three : 08-09-18 . And all the cast of characters .

    I’m sure that just about all your readers have their own favorite panels – if a place was available where votes could be placed on specific panels/cast members and results tallied for a month or so – would give you a better indication of the size of the market . Basic T’s” with graphics seem to sell in the $10-$20 range depending on the amount of artwork on them . Anything over an XL size is usually more also . By just keeping it to one basic style – and no more than two to three colours available – along with pre-order payment – it could be feasible .

  18. Seolyk says:

    You should have a Ghrung T-shirt

    brown or olive drab shirt with the Ghrung in the center of the front

    then either ‘kukuburi’ on the back, a blurb from the cast page, or “Whoah, poochie, whoah…” from just before Nadia gets knocked out by the Frooms.

    or something with the floating rock guy :D

  19. Seolyk says:

    by the way, i love the charismatic poses you gave Him on this page!

  20. Shane says:

    I love the comic! I think a Brigade shirt would be great and of course anything involving my favorite character; Rendo.
    Prints would also be great. Kuku is top notch in my book.

  21. Spot says:

    Perhaps a hat or shirt appointing ME a meber of la brigade du chapeau?

  22. V. Blame says:

    Nadia and Bojangles on the purple giraffe with an orange skywhale passing behind. On white or heather grey.

    Or really and single character/action design, unencumbered by words. Your designs are all amazing, and can speak for themselves.

  23. Odo says:

    To get back to the plot — I really have a suspicion that Mr. Skull is counting his nightmares before they fully hatch.

  24. kristina says:

    look what you’ve done Ramon….I’m on Holiday in Ireland and I paid 1 euro to check my email and your comic!!

    Got to admit it keeps getting better!

  25. Squiggle says:

    Plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie plushie……


    Ok… now that I’ve gotten that out of my system… yet again :P (You do realise Im gonna just keep appearing in these comments desperately wishing for fluffy toy versions of all your characters until I get them dont you ;) )

    I would also love tshirts, but please please please have women’s shape ones as well as mens because I would love to get some but I just dont wear mens ones. They look like tents/sacks/pillow cases on me and thats so not a good look :P

    Im fairly sure I have also said before that I cannot wait until this all comes out in a hard copy because I will (as long as there is money in my account) pre-order it the moment the option is available!!

  26. C. Taylor says:

    What’d be cool as hell as far as a t-shirt goes is a shirt that looks like it’s made up of the mantas swarming together so it’s almost entirely black and red, but with a little sky peeking out or something.

  27. Martin says:

    I really do not have any strong opinions on merch, but I prefer posters/artwork over shirts. What I was going to say is: I usually love kukuburi (like any sane person would), but there is something wrong with the head of mr skeleton on the first panel today. He looks to flat, the lines are somehow to sharp-edged, and the whole head looks somehow like paper mario. Then again, this is the first of your drawings I haven’t found absolutely wonderful, and the story is promising. Very.

  28. Robyn says:

    I think those evil rays could be used extremely decoratively to wind up the back of a shirt and on to the front…

    Shirts with flying orange whales would also rock.

    Speaking of, Kukuburi is mind-blowingly incredible. Thanks!

  29. Pom Pom says:

    Just thinking about C. Taylor’s idea with the mantras swarming…
    Rather than massive expense in printing over a whole T, i’d suggest getting a black t-shirt and printing the other colours. Like the reds, etc… it’d be one of those images that you have to almost watch until they suddenly jump out at you!! (maybe… or i could be making things up)

    On another note, i’d love a ladies t-shirt with Mr Bojangles on it, maybe wrapped around Nadia’s arm or watching her mobile or sitting on the edge of something… he’s my favourite :)
    Or with the Whales and Otters because they’re beautiful :) But i don’t wear pink so i’m not sure how to get around the pink sky thing…
    Or a T-shirt with Mr Skeleton (i forgot his name :s ) on it because he is the cool evil guy and everyone has a soft spot for the cool evil guy =D

    In short, i’m really keen to get some Kukuburi art on me ^.^ (preferably in dark colours)

    Hope all is going well in your landlord hassles.
    Best of luck to you guys
    From Pom

  30. Jessa says:

    i would totally wear a shirt with mr b on it, with him on his hands kinda and his tail wrapped around the person’s neck/shoulders, like he’s almost hanging from them… i hope you understand what image i’m trying to convey here XD;

  31. Ceramic says:

    That is some flashy taunting there.

  32. The game loads FAST.

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