wednesday is where it’s at.

still reeling from that domino effect from last week. but there will be new kuku up tomorrow!

just wanted to let you good folks know…

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  1. Alexander says:

    I got until now … and I need to say .. woha! AWESEOME comic!
    hope to see more soon!
    best wishes,

  2. Reginald Cornishstone says:

    Hump Day’s got two turn tables and a microphone.

  3. mittens says:

    I just read this entire thing last night, thank you again Ramon for getting me addicted to another webcomic.

    It’s beautiful.

  4. tbit says:

    another lurking fan having enjoyed your work in the gaming media and being really happy to find this strip and butternut squash.

    sorry to hear about your lofty woes. i always had the dream of moving from halifax to toronto and grabbing a factory loft. alas by the time i got here they were almost all gentrified. i hope it works out well for you !!

  5. Bethy says:

    AHHH I’m dying for some of them tasty updates mann.

    This is one of the best drawn comics I have EVAR seen.

    Love bethhh (L)

  6. Ramón says:

    tasty update here ;)

  7. CoyoteLovely says:

    ::her coyote tail wags, waiting for the tasty update::

  8. Ramón says:

    update went up last night, just in case if you missed it. well half did. one more page coming today…

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