greetings all,

so i begun my screenwriting class, which was loads of fun and i think i’ll quite enjoy it. i’m also, on the flipside, playing the role of teacher on fridays as i teach inking at a local animation school which has a comic book course. as well, for those who’ve asked, my tenancy battle is in a bit of a holding pattern right now as my next hearing is in mid-october. it’s going to be an interesting fall!

to give kudos where kudos are due, i totally stole the look of nadia’s grandma from my good buddy SCOTT who does THE PORT. i was having trouble finding her look and then i remember a kindly old lady he killed in his story and she fit the bill perfectly. so i yelled across the studio we share and told scott “i’m stealing your grandma and you can’t stop me!”

as well for those keen of eye, you’ll notice a poster of ANDY B’s RAISING HELL in the background of nadia’s room. it’s a bizarre comic from i warped mind that i kinda felt nadia might’ve been reading at this time in her life.

i’ll stop inundating you with links now ;)

till tomorrow my good friends!

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  1. Steve B says:

    I So Love This Comic!

  2. Jai says:

    This is the kind of thing that happens when you’re not careful about what you wish for! Oh, Nadia, you scamp.

  3. as363 says:

    here we go again – is this brought on by those nasty things that had hold of her mind ?

    Glad that your tenant fight is somewhat postponed – less on your mind for the moment so you can make some money .

    Saw your comments on TACC – right on .

  4. Kristen says:

    Whoa, cute ass shot! Boyshorts rock.

    I think you are the guy version of me. I was that close to going to film school and I am a teacher…

  5. Reidic says:

    Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, that was my first thought… we have now gotten 2 very pleasant shots of Nadia’s tush. Ramon, you deviant you. ;-)

  6. Chris says:

    In spite of all the trouble that caused it, I’ll be happy to visit Kukuburi two days in a row! Also, I love the way you toned this… Kinda sepia, without being too heavy on it. Nice work! Alot of folks make the mistake of overdoing it on flashback type scenes.

    Is there going to be a Kuku book?

  7. Rodrigo says:

    Gosh! your lines are so slick! I just love them, I wish I could attend to your inking class, but being in the other side of the ocean doesn’t help. Can you please tell me how you ink your comics?

    Once again, thanks for creating my favorite webcomic!

  8. zoli says:

    whoa, nice raising hell poster :)

  9. Chip says:

    SO freakin’ thrilled KK’s back!

  10. blackboe says:

    My first thought was ‘oh no, what’s she drawing that deserves a flashback right now?’

  11. Tom says:

    Great piece, love the subdued tones for the flashback feel. Hey, check out the little figures by the lamp…eh? eh!

  12. Rawls says:

    Really great stuff dude!!!

  13. kristina says:

    aaah, hmmm, now we get a better glance at what’s to come, he looks freaky….as always Ramon I love your attention to the details. I wish I lived in Toronto so I could take your class. I am envious of all who get to attend, you are so talented.

  14. Archer says:

    What a cutie! Your pace is so interesting here…I’m kind of glad we’ve got a break from the fighting and the action. I’m loving all this.

  15. Watanabex says:

    oh man she is so cute!! i love her boyshorts, awesome work

  16. Odo says:

    Flashbacks??? I was looking forward to a direct reveal (which I’m sure we’ll get later). And Reggie had better show up soon, I think…

    Nadia definitely had a warped and twisted mind when she was younger — and some significant artistic talent. Eyes, definitely eyes.

    Reidic, what’s deviant about Ramon drawing a rear view of his primary character when the PoV calls for it? My take on it is that Nadia is pretty damned hot from every direction.

  17. Becca Dawson says:

    Wait! I’ve seen this movie…it was COOL WORLD (only this time it’s actually cool)

  18. Becca Dawson says:

    Nice Raising Hell poster, too.

  19. Becca Dawson says:

    And is that Gloop & Gleep from the Herculoids on the the dresser?
    (okay, I’ll shut up now)

  20. Vear says:

    Man, I love this comic. All of this existential exploration of memories and dreams that you’re doing is great! I bet Michel Gondry would love to have the movie rights! Anyways, I’m really just glad you’re back to makin’ Kukuburi, Ramon!

  21. Tahuni says:


  22. James D. Gray says:

    I have re-read this several times, and I see new things each time…this time I realized that Zulu is on Page 85! Either he wasn’t there the first time I read this, or my eyes just skimmed over him.

    Great art, I’m addicted.

  23. Kayei says:

    I really like this comic…but after this page specifically I got a little worried. I’ve personally been making a webcomic with a similar idea in mind (since 6th grade…which has been atleast 8 years ago), but it was never a big deal until this page.

    Maybe I’m making something out of nothing. I would just hate to have spent the last 8ish years molding my universe seriously, that was very, very personal to me…to be surpased by this.

    I’m talking out of my ass. I still dont know for sure if our stories are at all similar. Breathe, Kayei…breathe.

    Or maybe it’s true when people say you have to be the first to publish the idea, not make it.

  24. Ramón says:

    hey ashley,

    ideas are an interesting thing. they mold and change and grow with you. i have particular stories that have been floating around in my head for over 15yrs! one day they will all get made, some might remain unchanged since their original inception while others will transform and grow with me.

    if our ideas share similarities i wouldn’t worry. kukuburi has been compared to a dozen things already and will probably be compared to a dozen more. while our ideas might share some similarities, based on what you’ve said, i will guarantee you they are as unique as our personalities.

    so take your idea and run with it ;)

  25. Michael says:


    Seeing what you wrote to Ashely made me feel a lot better about some similar comic problems I’ve run into recently. Your response has decreased my anxiety significantly, so thank you. It was exactly what I needed to read.

    I’m so happy Kukuburi is back up and running and I can’t wait until the next page. Keep up the great work!

  26. Ramón says:

    michael, glad my words could be of help :)

  27. Wow, she’s mad cute when she was younger. I like this flashback page here. More because of the use of Faded colors for past time while you have such vivid colors acting at present.

    Man…I need a FAQ or something for your coloring style, cause I really dig it!

  28. Tamar bat Avraham says:

    So I keep rediscovering this comic and it’s lovely every time. Hopefully I’ll remember to book mark it and not have my computer explode and lose all my stuff this time.

    I finally had to comment because you mentioned inking NYX. I’d thought your name was familiar just from having read Kuku before, but now Ithink it may actually have been from that. I have a big girl crush on X-23 so I recently picked up the NYX collection that has her in it. Both your stuff in that and this are beautiful! ^_^

    I can’t wait to keep reading!

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