where on the cusp of something here people… can you feel it? heh, i hope you can :)

@tuss4 sorry you feel a bit at a loss, i try to divulge as much as i think necessary for people to enjoy the story whilst at the same time keeping enough back to not only keep things a little mysterious but allow people to speculate and formulate ideas.

as i’ve mentioned in the past i love to hear readers speculating amongst themselves in the posts, it’s very rewarding. and most of you are pretty much on the ball!

but things are coming to a head, a lot of questions will be answered!

@ericfromabeno damn you’re good ;)

@ryanb i agree. stories tend to write themselves. and nadia’s package is one that took on a life of it’s own. i have a well thumbed printout copy of kukuburi that i’ve been going through and editing to correct story points, better flesh out elements and improve pacing. it’s essentially the rough draft of the print edition.

till next time!

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  1. Annie poet says:

    I am thinking for Nadia’s hat: a street-urchin style soft hat with a short bill, with a leather strip decorations with studs. Possibly a red hat with black; or a chartreuse hat (her hair and goggles would still contrast great). Hrm, shiny studs (like her belt hardware) or maybe coppery…kinda like the snail shell in this last panel where it catches the firelight.

    Great hues on that snail shell, btw!

  2. TK says:

    Just got here from Danielle’s site and absolutely had to read through it all in one sitting. LOVE IT! <3 I got this great idea for a pic too that I think I may doodle even if it ends up not being so called canon, just because of the way you phrased a few things. PLEASE don’t let this die like far too many other great webcomics.

  3. jarrod says:

    your comic is seriously amazing, i just wish u had more time to be able to do it, hope all is going well with your housing situation..i havent really read your latest updates on that but i hope it goes good for u so u can have more time for kuku!

  4. Emilie says:

    Ramon I’ve been reading this one for a while. Have to say that this update is one of my favorites. The use of colors and the reflections are amazing

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