thanks to all who came out for the toronto comicon a couple weekends ago. it was great meeting you all! angelique, a fine lil’ lady who had never attended a comicon before but braved nerdom, walked away with a nice little doodle:

for those of you interested in attending the next show in toronto, at the end of august, my general rule of thumb is free drawings of kukuburi or the squash. it’s my way of saying thanks for reading :)

page two of this weeks update will be posted later tonight!

ADDENDUM 2:18am:

just wrapped page 94, though i want to go over it with fresh eyes tomorrow morning as i’m a bit tired right now…

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  1. as363 says:

    Welcome back Ramon – you were sorely missed but never forgotten .

    How is your battle with the landlords going – in some ways that is more important to me than feasting my eyes on a new panel . That’s what will determine your output in the future

    Anysways – merci bien pour notre nouveau comic . Been 50 years since I was exposed in Ontario to French – hope my spelling is not to bad .

  2. Ramón says:

    the battle continues. my case was adjourned till august 7th. things seem like they should be positive considering the proof myself, other tenants and my lawyers have gathered, but until i see the writing on the wall, i’ll be be mentally preparing for the worst :)

    vous êtes bienvenu.

    uhm, my french is pretty much in the same boat, kukuburi has been a learning experience in that regard. and i thank all the readers who have corrected me along the way!

  3. Steve B says:


  4. Emily says:

    Awesomosity as always.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Charles Christopher has alien lice in his fur?
    I knew it.

    Again, your work is magnificent. I am so envious your skill.

  6. Graceofbass says:

    I love how confused our speedy little friend looks. Ramon, you are doing great, as always. Good luck with everything.

  7. Brown Suga' says:

    Welcome back! Good luck with the ongoing battle. Damn landlords…

  8. Tuss4 says:

    ok, I know I am going to sound like a total douche, but dude, it’s been 93 pages, and i still don’t really know what exactly is going on.

  9. Tuss4 says:

    I love the artwork, that’s my only issue though.

  10. eric from abeno says:

    well, what’s got you confused, Tuss4? At the heart of the story is the existance of another world, either touching, interwoven with, or mirrored with our own, in some way. A world of dreams or imagination at its base, it seems. And in this world there are two powers in constant struggle with eachother, a “creator” force and a “nightmare” force, each in some way dependant on the “real” world (and at least certain of the people in it, if not all of them) but also in many ways affecting it and changing it for the better or the worse, through the encouragement of our imaginative side, or by inflicting nightmares upon us. Nadia is an “avatar”, a person from our world (I think) chosen by the leader of the forces for good, to champion the creative side in its battle against the nightmares. But she was brought into the frey too suddenly, and seperated from her support almost immediately, throwing her allies into turmoil. She’s slowly learning about the world she’s found herself in, and about her role in it, And we’re just pages away from a major turning point in her involvement, when she will be given a “key” to access the full extent of who and what she is, and when she will learn exactly what her role is, in this place. We have yet to see all the power of the nightmare side, I think, and in fact, we’re not sure yet what they actually get out of this struggle, but I think I’ve summed up the key points pretty well. I’m not 100% sure about whether events in one world are actually important to the other world, but I THINK that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Ramon will tell us all if I’ve messed up any important aspect of the story thus far. (-_^)

  11. Tuss4 says:

    no I mean I understand that, it’s just it is never really clear to me.

  12. Ryan B says:

    I think what Tuss4 is driving at is that, despite the fact that Ramón has drawn nearly 100 pages, the story still feels like it’s just getting started. I think that, considering the size of a page, the pacing is just fine. However, since updates happen once a week, the pacing can feel excruciating if you’re not used to reading a weekly serial comic.

    It’s not Ramón’s fault, it’s just the nature of the beast.

    My only gripe so far concerns this sequence, “Reggie’s fetch quest.” Entertaining as it is, I can’t shake the feeling that it should have been unnecessary had Mr. B simply told Nadia to pick the thing up when she dropped it. He knew how important it was, he’s a smart lizard, but he failed to act in-character to further the author’s ends.

    In the context of this magnificent strip, it’s a minor and forgivable flaw. Carry on. :)

  13. danielle says:

    Love the reflection job, Ramón! Well-freaking-done.

  14. Ramón says:

    heh, thanks danielle :)

  15. Tuss4 says:

    Ryan B, pretty much said, what I was trying to, thanks Ryan!

  16. Angelique says:

    Whoa, I got a mention on Kukuburi! I might faint.

  17. Joanna says:

    I dunno, Ryan B – he was kind of occupied with other things, and he may not have noticed that she’d dropped it. I didn’t event notice until they had to go back for it, and I’m usually really good at picking up on these things.

  18. Mondo Kane says:

    The Dinomutts were cute but this guy is just as cuddly :)

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