bi-weekly it has to be…

at least for the time being.

looks like my tenancy case hearing is being held in early august. so this buys little old me some time.

however, it’s time to apply some elbow grease (is that the saying? or nose to the grindstone?) and get some work done – which is going to eat up a lot of my time in the coming month and a bit. i’ve landed a really nice gig working on the star wars: clone wars comic spin-off to the new movie coming out later this year. the book is being produced by star wars licensor dark horse comics. the script is fun but the work is daunting with all the referencing necessary. becuase of this i’m going to be taking kukuburi and butternutsquash to bi-weekly schedules. they will be posted on opposite weeks, this week being butternut’s trun and kukuburi’s next week. though i will try and put up something fun on the kukuburi off week, such as a wallpaper or cast page. my cohort in crime on bns, monsieur rob coughler, will take care of the opposing week on the squash.

as soon as i can i will try and bring both comics back onto their regular weekly schedules. hopefully if things go well, this’ll happen within a month or so.

if you’re curious about the star wars work, i’ll post what i can on my art blog, cranial percolations, when i can. right now i’m working on the cover to issue 2 which i’ll hopefully be able to share soon.

beyond that, the other fun twist of life that happened this week is that i will be teaching an inking class as part of the comic illustration course at toronto’s max the mutt animation school.

interesting indeed. who’da thought i’d be educating the masses?

this weeks mini-update is our good man zomgz as well as a small addition to the fan art gallery.


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  1. Lisa H says:

    No Prob Ramon! We’ll all still be here. Take care of what you need to take care of and best of luck!

  2. as363 says:

    Senor Ramon – take your time – get everything (legal) done right – so this problem doesn’t show it’s ugly head again .

    I’m sure that your brain will be storing little snippets and quirks – so when you return – you may find that you have discovered some new ways to dazzle and befuddle us .

  3. Steve W says:

    Congrats on the Star Wars gig. Kinda envious of you right now. Other than the mountain of ref you will need. Not so envious of that. In that I am envy free.

    As for Kuku and the ’squash, do what ya gotta do.

  4. Ocean says:

    I came across ur comix by accident and… wat a plesant accident!
    Enjoying è story & art.!

    OCEaN :D

  5. luke racin says:

    well… what can you do? It;s summer time ;)

  6. Clare says:

    Well done on the cool job and getting the hearing! Good luck with it all and our thoughts and sympathies are with you.

  7. Ali says:

    All I can say is WOW…

    My brother is an artist and put me onto this comic and swore I would love it.
    So i have spent all night pouring over it from beginning… to now… and guess what.. HE WAS RIGHT.

    I just LOVE how you use different coloured captions and fonts for each character…
    I haven’t seen that before. It is extremely clever.
    I also am blown away by the artwork and colours you use… it is pure eye candy.

    Some of the characters, and the randomness totally give take me back to when I was a youngster and used to play PARODEUS for hours on my super Nes.

    I love all your symbolism that is woven throughout the story… and can’t wait for it all to unfold.

    When will you be putting this to print? Because I think you’ve found your bread and butter.

    xx you have a new fan

    Ali (Australia)

  8. Jason says:

    So…are we supposed to be able to interpret the symbols that the white, be-hatted guy uses?

  9. Ramón says:

    thanks all!

    as well, welcome to the family ali & ocean. always nice to see the circle grow ;)

    @jason: think of zomgz’ speech akin to that of r2d2 (or chewbacca for that matter) and the way that they communicate. especially how han solo and chewie talk back and forth. however, i do tend to try and make the symbols visually translate his point…. how successful i am in that is a matter of opinion.

  10. Luke says:

    He’s saying “Yummy!”

  11. Odo says:

    Well, the symbols in the picture above appear to be a relay or inductor (iron core) of some sort, with another one set perpendicular to it. That would be a “reactance” in a circuit. The thing below is a multiple Xor gate, which means that the output (to the right) is true only if there is only one true input. Given the fact that he is sucking a fruity rum drink, I would translate it as.

    “Mmmm. Reacting. True input.”

    Or — “This is a really good pina colada.”


    The symbols in the cast page entry are just circuit symbols arranged to spell out letters and don’t mean anything. (IMNSHO)

  12. Odo says:

    (Or maybe not. I got the diagram from one site and then found another that disagreed with my interpretation. I suspect that I fail at communication with zomgz.)

  13. sam says:


    It would be a multiple XOR gate except for the small circle at the tip of it making it a NOR gate making it output is high as long as there is no high’s on its input.

    I think he saying something about Ramón landlord being a complete TOOL!!
    or he got laid lat night not sure which.

  14. dg says:

    Mmm, Clone Wars… congratulations. (If anyone hasn’t seen the Clone Wars cartoon series, it’s worth checking out; it’s got all the awesome in it that the movies were so sadly lacking. Explains some pretty major plot points in the last film, too.)

    And I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: I think _Kukuburi_ is fantastic and I would much rather it were done well, slowly, than done fast, badly. We’ll wait.

  15. Ramón says:

    heheh, i’m getting quite amused by these translations. my guess would be that odo isn’t to far off ;)

  16. AmyR says:

    Hey Ramon,
    I just found Kukuburi from following the link from BNS. I love it! The art is awesome, and the story is really interesting. I am, I admit, a sucker for a strong female lead. Nadia is precious. I am really curious what kind of hat she gets.
    Keep up the great work!

  17. Jennifer says:

    STAR WARS? You have just gained soooo many awesome-ness points. Too cool. We’ll survive on bi-weekly, so good luck with your hearing and your other projects! ^_^

  18. Natasha says:

    now it is time to tell you I LOVE ZOMGZ language! I totally recognize it and it makes me tired >..< I do believe that he is just enjoying the Pina Colada. <3 I adored him the moment I first saw him in the troupe <3 who knew he had an amazing genius brain too, totally hot.

  19. kristina says:

    This picture would make a cute wallpaper….

  20. Brown Suga' says:

    Excellent, excellent work – only recently discovered Kukuburi and BNS. Hope the landlord issue is sorted out in August, and good luck in your endeavours till then.

  21. Will says:


    Great comic this. I found BNS, and loved it, really enjoyed going through the archive. When I ran out of that I looked to your links and found this. Like Ali I’ve just spent late into the night reading these, and I don’t regret it at all.

    I was expecting a standard sort of comic about the girl’s life, then she steps through the gate and BAM! this rich amazingly drawn world opens up in front of me, and I can’t stop reading. This stuff is GOLD Ramon. I really like “Him” though. Evil skeletons have never dressed so sharp. Love the shades too.

    The only question I have is what am I supposed to do now? I REALLY need to know what happens next, and I don’t know how I’m going to wait for the update.

    Keep up the good work Ramon, you’re making a lot of people very happy!!

  22. Steve says:

    Regarding the XNOR circuit… Both Odo and Sam have parts of it right. An eXclusive OR has a true output if only one input is true. The circle on the output inverts the output, making it an eXclusive Not OR. The output would be as follows:
    10000 = 0
    01000 = 0
    00100 = 0
    00010 = 0
    00001 = 0
    All other input combinations result in a 1 output.

    Love the comic, BTW.

  23. Dale says:

    Steve. I actually believe a XNOR function is only defined for 2 bits. Often if you draw a X(N)OR with more than 2 inputs you are defining it as a chain of X(N)ORS. Thus it is treated like an adder cell. A 5 input XNOR output would be 1 if 0, 2 or 4 of the inputs are 1, and the output is 0 if 1, 3, or 5 of the inputs are 1. (I didn’t want to type out the 32 possible input tree).

    Great comic. Thought that this was an update week. Guess I will have to get my fix next week.

  24. Imperial Dugong says:

    Don’t worry, we’ll live. Finish off the landlord issue and keep up the awesome work.

  25. Andrew says:

    From a purely visual/ non technical interpretation.

    I see a blocked path followed by the second symbol showing many lines converging into one….
    The lines converging into a single path show a need to simplify.
    I look at it as saying “I need to take a break. Things are too complicated right now and I need to simplify”

    Interpreting random things is fun!

    As everyone else has pointed out: Amazing art and now that I’ve read more of the story I can say that I am impressed with your ability to lead us down a path, a very strange path, and not leave us behind, bewildered, wondering what just happened. Your character’s interactions are spot on.

  26. Matt says:

    Man, I’d love to see a video podcast of that inking class!

  27. AJ says:

    Ramon you do great work and i was curious because me and my brother are starting a comic of our own umm… when you do a comic and you do each individual box are you going straight to the size paper of the the comic or are you drawing on a large piece of paper and the reducing the size because it’s hard as hell to do the little details of sometimes even drawing the character in the right position when I have to fit them in the small boxes and its annoying not being able to draw what i want and just doing close ups of faces or hands.

  28. Ramón says:

    greetings new readers!

    i’m glad to hear you’re enjoying kukuburi, and am apologetic at the same time that your arrival coincides with sporadic updates due to current events.

    rest assured there will be an update this week, arriving most likely late tomorrow night.

    matt/ i’ll see what i can do. i’ve talked with brenden, the fine fellow who creates tx:tv ,about doing a spotlight with transmission x’s various creators on their methods. inking would naturally be one of them.

    aj/ i do all my kukuburi artwork on art board at 10″x10″ and then reduce for the web. this is a general practice in all my art. heck, lately, i’ve been drawing even bigger! i just went from doing bns at 4.5″x13″ to doing it 6″x16″!

  29. Ramón says:

    ps/ still loving all the translations of zomgz speak! you’re all awesome.

  30. AJ says:

    thanks ramon. and thanks again for answering so soon

  31. CoyoteLovely says:

    Congradulations Ramon!

    Please let us know when the Clone Wars Books that you’re working on hits the shelves – I support my fellow artist – and I happen to really like your art :D

    I’m glad to hear things are going so well! I was worried!

    Thanks for writing us to let us know!


  32. Marrock says:

    Is it my imagination or did the comic images stop displaying?

  33. Ramón says:

    marrok, just hit current update up top to take you to the newest comics. might be a good idea to empty your cache on your browser as well….


  34. CoyoteLovely says:

    How goes the legal proceedings, Ramon?

  35. Ramón says:

    the proceedings are in a holding pattern. the last hearing was an entertaining show of lies and subterfuge on the part of the bad guys, but the chair (judge) saw through it and adjourned the hearing till october.

    so nothing new report.

    life is trekking along though. the chaos of work has been put to bed. so we’ll see how things meander from here on in…

  36. Kimberley23 says:

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