…and here we have page two.

madru, you are correct the furry hill did indeed change colours. when i planned this sequence originally i had imagined the parcel landing atop the white giant to the right of the last panel, but then odo made a quip, no more than an aside mentioning everyone’s best friend ‘the abominable charles christopher‘ and, well, i couldn’t help myself! i thought it’s be a great tip of the proverbial hat to my comrade in arms, karl kerschl, who pens and illustrates charlie’s wonderful adventures.

if you haven’t experienced THE ABOMINABLE CHARLES CHRISTOPHER i suggest you do so at your earliest convenience, or, right now.

as for the chaos surrounding my home environment; i was to have a hearing with the landlord & tenants board on the friday just passed. the hearing was adjourned till the end of july sometime. they have agreed not to change my locks or evict me till my case is heard. it’s been a terribly draining affair but i am surrounded by dozens of tenants/neighbours that are standing strong with me. hopefully the board will see the wrong perpetrated by this landlord as well as the laws he’s trying to circumvent.

but, due to the hectic schedule i’ve been keeping with this case, i have been unable to work effectively for the past month. so my pocketbook is a tad drained, so the next few weeks are going to see me focus on raising my capital by diving into contract work. i will try and update kuku to the best of my abilities and will keep you posted on the regular update day of tuesdays on how things are faring.

thanks again for the emotional support everyone, you’ve been fantastic!


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  1. Odo says:

    Go Reggie, Go! Time to pick up the package and dive to the underside.

    Yay, the little running motor critter has its own parachute! This must not be the first time the boat has “sunk”. It looks as if the Tillywump is going to go down the collar of the giant on the left of panel 2. I hope he’s going to be OK.

    “Zim, zam, zub zub zbram” has such a nice beat to it; sort of a chorus. I can hear it clearly. Especially as Reggie is obviously winding up to move *really* fast. The zim, zam sort of “pop” as Reggie changes direction, the zub, zub, in this case, are sort of inquiring, making sure the little motor critter is OK, then a wind-up getting higher pitched changing to a coughing, lower tone, as Reggie gets up to full speed – ZBRAMMM! (Sorry, got carried away.)

    Glad to hear that your housing situation has temporarily stabilized. If you have to stabilize the cash flow, that’s a good next endeavour. If I get my dose of Kuku when you’re inspired, that’s got to be better than you pushing something out the door when you’re not inspired.

    – Odo
    (Feeling honored that my aside was noticed and turned into something real. As an aside to everyone else, go visit/read Abominable. It is entirely different from Kuku and every bit as satisfying.)

  2. Karl says:

    Wheeeee!!!! My eyes lit up when I saw Charles Christopher’s head in kukuburi! I love seeing him drawn in the Pérez style. See you at the Paradise show, bro.
    Zub zub.

  3. ursie says:

    uhm. is that the package nadia was spsd to deliver on one of the sleeping giant’s head? o.o

    you never fail to amaze me ramon. :D

  4. ollie says:

    Happy Canada Day

  5. Kya says:

    Awesome! Before I read your commentary on the strip I thought of CC when I saw it =) Can’t wait for more! Hope for all the best with your housing troubles as well.

  6. A.C. says:

    I’m glad things are moving forward with your place Ramon, hopefuly it’ll have a positive turnout. And I SO wish flying creatures made that zub zub zubraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam sound in real life, it freaking rocks! Like a moped that actual has a proper engine (I have heard one, albeit ONE and one only). Way better than that horrible buzzing sound that bees make. Grrrr, how I hate that noise, evil I telll you, EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL! ._.

  7. Purple Dave says:

    I’m sure what _actually_ happened is that the package landed on the (taller) white giant, bounced a bit, and then fell to land on the brown one as pictured at the bottom of this comic. Yeah, that would explain how the package came to be sitting atop a differently colored head than what we first saw, without having to explain any running changes to the plot. But it’s nice that Ramon pretended that he did so, just so he could slip in an innocuous plug.

  8. Carrie says:

    Oh, please don’t let the giant komodo monster eat the hamster!

    I’m so glad you found time to work on the strip, Mr Perez. It’s wonderful.

  9. eric from abeno says:

    notice the giant on the left wearing the vest? who tailored it?? that’s a LOT of cotton or dead cow or whatever. heh. if it’s self-made, that implies that when awoken, one thing the giants do is needlework. ^_^

  10. eric from abeno says:

    p.s., the Abominable Charles Christopher is awesome, and your cameo of him is wonderful. the color change did throw me for a loop though.

  11. Steve B says:


  12. Tom says:

    I’m so confused – I have to go back and read the whole thing from the beginning (which will be really fun)…

  13. Rminus3 says:

    Man… Looks like the tillywump is falling down Yoda’s Collar.

    When you become part of the force, you become giant, I guess.

  14. Joanna says:

    Discovered Kukuburi a week or so ago through Dave Kellet (Sheldon) and I love it. I wish I could get my car to make the same sounds as Reggie.

    Best of luck with your apartment!

  15. kristina says:

    ha, ha, I knew you wouldn’t let harm befall upon the little hamster dude! I love this! I hope Reggie gets that package before the giants are awoken!

    “The earth is shaking,
    There are giants in the land. “

  16. Nentuaby says:

    Hee. It took me a moment to recognize Charles Christopher out of context, but then I was like :D .

  17. Chip says:

    I thought I recognized Charles!

    Stunning, as always.

    When can I buy this in book form?!

  18. Imperial Dugong says:

    I have been reading for a time, but not commenting. I got to this comic through Charles. It’s an absolutely awesome comic, but what’s with the hamster?
    Good luck with the hearing.

  19. Lor says:

    CHARLES CHRISTOPHER!!!! That made me so happy, thank you!

    BTW, good luck with the housing problems.

  20. Sam says:

    well at least we know he close to making the delivery of the package….do I smell a cliff hanger coming ?

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  22. Kristen says:

    Man, I’d love to own Kukuburi in book form! CC is so adorable.

  23. Thornae says:

    Reggie rocks. He has the coolest sound effects ever.

    And Ramon, I don’t mind irregular updates, as long as I can read the whole thing in a book someday… Take your time, and best of luck with the stressful stuff. Hope it works out soon.

    Oh, and TACC is my other favourite webcomic. Any chance of you and Karl collaborating someday, in all your copious free time…?

  24. MrMoskau says:

    I may be wrong on this, but I always sort of envisioned the noises Reggie is making something akin to Sebulba’s podracer, but perhaps a more A cappella version of it.

  25. Bill says:

    Once again you amaze us Ramon!

    Glad to hear some slightly good news come about on the housing situation.

    Hope everything comes out on top for you!

  26. Pangolin says:

    Reggie became my favorite character from the moment he appeared and continues to enthrall me! GO, REGGIE!

  27. John Christ says:

    just checked out Abominable, it was awesomeness

  28. watchingfromtheshadows says:

    awesome as always, anyway, i can’t find the fanart section, what’s up? or am i just that thick?

  29. Ramón says:

    i moved it to the sidebar under the esoterica heading :)

  30. Nick says:


  31. Kerry says:

    I’ve been following this strip since the beginning and have sent several people to come experience the amazing art and storytelling that is Kukuburi. Thank you for continuing to share your art, even during the tough housing situation!

    And the motor has a safety parachute! This made me giggle aloud. Wonderful touch and detail. :D

  32. Rodrigo says:

    I’ve just found this webcomic today and I’ve become an instant fan! I just love it! The story is great, the drawings awesome, the coloring flawless and the lettering very funny, what else do we need?

    I really would like to know what do you use to ink your pages, your lines are very slick ;)

  33. Stig says:

    Lovely! I deeply admire your talent. Both in creating this strange world, and transforming it into images.

    Loved the parachute too.

  34. Jamie says:

    Glad to hear that others are standing by your side and that you are staying strong through all this. I wish you the best of luck, you continue to rock with Kukuburi and I hope you get some paying work to help you along your way!

    Keep staying strong!

  35. Ashley says:

    woooooooo! charlie!!!!

    Love kukuburi, love your work!

    Love seeing charles christopher in your work!

    love it love it love it

  36. I was directed here by Sheldon ‘toonist Dave Kellett, and I’ve gotta say I’m actually hooked on your art and storyline! Kudos and Milky Way even!

  37. Gablaxian says:

    Thank you for introducing me to The Abominable Charles Christopher. Which in turn introduced me to Butternut squash. I don’t know how i’ve lived without these.


  38. Dave in NC says:

    Ramon, I was referred by Kellet too, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen something this fantastic and imaginative ANYWHERE. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

    Good luck in “The Quest for Continued Tenancy”

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  40. blue fox says:

    woah its charles!!

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