…amidst the chaos of the past week i managed to sneak in some kukuburi time.

as i worked on this sequence it lightened my mood despite all, so i went with it. I’ll post page two of the sequence later today.

till then… 

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  1. eric from abeno says:

    is that an expression of triumph, or of chagrin, or what? I can never really tell which Also, very nice sketch. .How long did it take?

  2. Thomas says:

    happy canada day

  3. Webb Sussman says:


    Thank you for the heads up about the new strip. Does this mean the housing crisis is over or just in remission? We appreciate the strip, but not at the expense of your health (mental or otherwise).

  4. Ramón says:

    more on housing with the official update later today.

    the sketch was a doodle from a couple years ago before kukuburi started coalescing into what it is today. thought it’d would make a nice bit of filler till the comic goes up later today….

  5. blaky says:

    Happy Canada Day from a fellow canuck!

  6. urutapu says:

    Just a question, is there ever a chance of you publishing this? I’d love to have an actual book of this.

  7. Roo says:

    Happy Canada day from swelteringly humid Montreal!

  8. Ramón says:


    i do hope tp publish kukuburi once chapter one is complete. i picture the first story arc as three chapters of about 120pages or so each. being at page ninety already, chapter one is going to wrap up in about 40 pages or so. at which point i hope to take a break, re-edit the entire first chapter, cleaning up artwork, dialogue and story points.

    once that is done, depending on various factors i will either approach publishers or attempt to self-publish the book.

    i hope to have something ideally ready for the spring of 2009, but we’ll see.

    once the book is done i will hopefully have chapter two underway…

    • Cory Kerr says:

      If you go the self-publishing route [which I recommend, at least to start] consider kickstarter. I would back this in a second. TenNapel, Brubaker, etc have been very successful with their creator-owned books on KS lately.

      • Ramón says:

        something i’m definitely considering – just waiting for my schedule to clear up – to look into things more, set things up, do it up all proper and stuff…

        but yes kickstarter, and a few other fund raising sites, are on the brain.

  9. Odo says:

    Ha, I was right about the strafing attack! Now it looks as if Reggie might be rescuing the Tillywump from crash-landing. Not good that he’s in the net, though.

    But what about the creature in the spinning cage? Will it go down with the ship, or will it bail out at the last minute?

  10. Nikita says:

    Happy Canada Day from Ottawa!! Looking forward to the second update! Do they have fireworks in the world of kukuburi? :)

  11. Reidic says:

    Ramon, I know I’m just falling into the other cascade of people oohing and ahhing over your work, but you seriously are on to something amazing. I predict years from now people will look back on these pieces and remember this as the beginning to something truly special. Your talent as an artist is undeniable, but moreover your creative mind is the very fabric of legend, and I think we all count ourselves lucky to be here watching this story unfold so we can all say “Hell yea, Ramon Perez, I remember reading those first few pages of Kukuburi, and I knew it was something else, even then…”

  12. Steve B says:


  13. Emily says:


    hahaha…. and uh oh

  14. mandru says:

    Oh noes!

    The furry hill on the previous page has changed colors and totally spoiled my hunch and out on the limb sitting.

    Ah well, I’m still excited to see where this is headed and hope that things will settle down for Ramón and stop causing him grief.

  15. as363 says:

    Ramon – with you on the committee – the offer to send “Guido” from “Joisey” still stands . (:>))

    Great maneuver by Reggie – wonder if ‘Snoopy’ taught him that trick .

    mandru Says: The furry hill on the previous page has changed colors and totally spoiled my hunch and out on the limb sitting. .

    Good eye on that – somehow that colour seems more friendly than the white area did . Just a feeling

  16. kg333 says:

    Nice touch how the eye on the inflatible boat changes to an X. :) I don’t think it liked that very much….

  17. Odo says:

    Hmmm… I don’t remember seeing POP the first time I looked at this (I thought it said PAF), and I don’t remember the little speech balloon for the motorcritter. Are you amending your work again??

  18. Ramón says:

    caught red handed.

    it all started cause the rainbow was a bit overpowering and interfering with reggie. so i went back in to tweak that, and that’s when the perfectionist in me took over.

    i did a bunch of minor little tweaks, which included changing the “paf!” to a “pop!”, as well as adding the little dude’s concern and reducing the number of “!” by the tillywump’s head.

    the day this goes to print i’ll be scrutinizing the whole thing from beginning to end :)

  19. eric from abeno says:

    Ramon, it’d be nice if you could save the “original” art and maybe make an “outtakes” (re-edits) section of the comic when it comes out…

  20. Ramón says:

    something to consider.

    i will probably have include some sort of annotations when i go to print.

    doing a webcomic is an amorphous process, as much as i have had things planned out, characters and situations will write themselves into new directions. it’s actually quite a fascinating process. i’m sure it happens in the traditional writing process as well, but since this is so immediate to the viewer, and comments can be made within a moment of posting it can also affect the the story in unique ways.

    this has already happened a few times in kuku. i’ll probably touch upon this in the book as well.

    i think i’ll be applying for some grants to help publish the book hopefully sooner than later…

  21. Sam says:

    grants as in pre-orders if so count me in !!

  22. kristina says:

    hmmm, I thought it looked different! Good changes!

  23. Pangolin says:

    So far I would absolutely buy this book. I might even give it to people as a present!

  24. Marco says:


  25. pan says:

    Yay! no. 2

  26. pinkerton says:

    Long time reader…love Kukuburi. Brilliant.

  27. Natasha says:


  28. Bonny says:

    just discovered yr strip today, i knew butternutsquash already for some time.
    I LOVE your strip! I want desktop images, posters, haha, the characters are just too cool.
    Think about desktop images tho ;) will make us happy!

  29. Puck says:

    The ‘:(‘ from the hamster makes it for me.

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