please stand by

my week has been so wrought with meetings of various sorts that as i figured i was unable to even put pencil to paper for kukuburi (or butternutsquash for that matter) for which i apoligise. the meetings with fellow tenants, the city and the legal council has been positive. but till the writings on the wall…

i’ve posted some new pieces by fans in the gallery and i hope to have a cast update before the nights out showcasing good old well, some of you may notice, if you’re looking for the fan art gallery link in the top navigation that it is no longer there. things were getting a bit overcrowded up top and i kinda wanted to clear things up a little. so i’ve added (and cleaned up as well) the esoterica section to the sidebar. an area for things related to kuku, but not pertinent to the story.

i hope to be back to weaving our heroines tale within a couple weeks. but i’m not sure which way things are going to fly, especially with the threat of a lock out hanging over me for the end of the month. rest assured though that even though pages might not be appearing my brain is constantly percolating about the story…


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  1. JT says:

    I’m completely squee-mish about your Bojangles picture and want to resize it as a chat icon, maybe put something clever in the speech bubble. I call dibs!

    Once again, good luck.

  2. Carl Cravens says:

    Hey, Ramon… keep plugging away at the housing issue, and we’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready. Kukuburi is just magic… we’re not going anywhere.

  3. Amy says:

    Tillywump wallpaper! Ramon you have made my day!

    Take all the time you need, man. Like Carl said – we’re not going anywhere and I’m more than willing to wait for quality. Best of luck with the tenancy issue!

  4. Laurel says:

    good luck with the housing issue,
    I think your readers can understand, and if they don’t, they’re obviously not paying attention.
    I can’t wait for the next plot twist… =)

  5. Steve B says:

    Ramon, You really need to worry about having a roof over yer head to do Kuke, So even Die-hard readers like me(this is now my number One On-line Comic outta Eleven) Can continue to read in the near future, not waaaaaaay down the road as new diggs always take time!!!!!



  6. Phyren says:

    Take care of your housing issues before you even begin to worry about the comic. We can wait; each page is well worth the time between.
    Besides, without a house, I don’t think you’d be much inclined to draw.

  7. pan says:

    thats good to read, take Your time, fingers crossed :)

  8. Graceofbass says:

    I think it’s all been said, except for ditto. And if anyone gets impatient, tell them to go sleep in a park for a few days. Then they’ll understand why.

  9. Sean Willard says:

    Hi Ramon,

    I’ve been really enjoying Kukuburi all along and never realized you were the Butternut Squash artist. I are a idjit.

    Best of luck with the housing thing.

  10. jes says:

    No worries Ramon!

    You going to SDCC next month?

  11. brass says:

    While you’re on the topic of wallpapers, I’m kind of in love with the 9/4 update, with Nadia atop the giraffe and all the crazy perspective. Wink wink, nudge nudge ;D.

    Bonne chance avec l’housing situation!

  12. john says:

    don’t worry bout a thing. look at orneryboy comic, that hasnt posted over two months now, and still fans will be fans. good luck.

  13. Shawn Merrow says:

    Good luck with the housing issues and love the comic. :)

  14. ursie says:

    oh no worries, you’re definitely worth waiting for. [:

  15. Jennifer says:

    We’ll still be here, so take all the time you need. : ) Good luck with your living situation!

  16. Nemu says:

    Good luck! I’ll be here, lurking, waiting to jump you the moment you’re ready!

    Er, wait, no. Just lurking and waiting to jump the new… um… update, yes. :D

  17. Impala Kid says:

    I hope everything goes well with the housing issues. I was sent over here from the Shelton comic strip, and I’ve reall enjoyed KukuBuri so far.

  18. the danimator says:

    Best wishes with the whole tenancy issue. I got sent here from the Sheldon strip as well, and I’m totally looking forward to the day when I can hold the complete book in my hands(or watch the movie-fingers crossed!!!) Kukuburi is just awesome!!!

    In the meantime, I’m gonna go start a real life “brigade du chapeau…” and I got dibs on Mr. Bojangles fez!!!

  19. Mister Moon says:

    Go Brigade du Chapeau!! I call dibs on the Derby.

  20. Reidic says:

    Go go gadget Ramon! G/L w/ all the tenancy chenanigans. We all look forward to the comic’s return, until then we will cry very tiny clown tears of sadness and wish for the best for you.

  21. Jimbo says:

    Once again, Ramon(I’d do the accents but I don’t know how!) rock on and give ‘em what for! You’ll do fine, I mean just look at all the people you’ve got rooting for you. POB LWC, BUD!

  22. Kevin Li says:

    wow, i just love your coloring…

  23. Mady says:

    I hope your situation comes out to a positive end… I’m sorry that you have to be destracted from more fun things! *hugs*

    I’ll keep checking back. Again, I wish you the best.

  24. CoyoteLovely says:

    WE LOVE YOU RAMON! ::hollering like a fan girl at a band concert::

  25. Kat says:

    September 9th is my birthday!!!
    I cannot wait!

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