speaking of ramping up, things are heating up with my tenancy issue, one of the reasons todays post was late actually. today there was a meeting held with the tenants and city officials. basically an info session on what our rights are and what we can do.

if you are unfamiliar in regards to what i’m talking about, you can get the general gist of it by hitting the news link above.

as a result of the  meeting today i am part of a “committee” to help organize the tenants to better help us band together. there are a good 30 of us. so the following weeks aren’t going to be pretty. i have to see lawyers, keep in contact with the tenants and attend a hearing with the tenancy board next week as well as do my actual job! so i’m really not sure how updates are going to go over the next couple to few weeks. especially if things go completely south!

i will keep you all abreast of the situation and kukuburi’s status.

i hope you all enjoy this weeks “lighter moment”… :)


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  1. Corteks says:

    Good break from the serious stuff I must say. As I said on the previous page it instantly put a smile on my face to see the Twillylump chasing Reggie.

    Good luck with your tenancy issue sir, it’s amazing with that on your mind you have released any comics at all. I’m sure anyone who likes Kukuburi and/or BNS will be wishing you good luck in regard to your tenancy situation.

    I sure as hell wish you good luck to keep your premises (which frankly should be your right anyway).

  2. Steve B says:

    Once again Ramon…AWESOME STRIPS!

  3. Lee Cherolis says:

    Reggie’s fire as always been one of my favorite effects in the comic. It conveys his speed perfectly.

  4. Amy says:

    Awesomeness. If you ever get a chance, Ramon, wallpapers would be fantastic. The first panel from page 89 would be an great one.

  5. John says:

    So got sent over by and just burned my way through all 90 thus far and wow. The artwork is amazing this would mak an awesome animated show/movie.

  6. Maarten says:

    Good luck with the tenancy issues. Love the story and drawings.

  7. Odo says:


    1) We know (both from the cast page and his inherent dashing good looks and flyboy outfit) that Reggie is not the sort of being to drop an important package. This is reinforced by the sudden course change and what I interpret as torching off his afterburner (the extra burst of yellow at the top of the flight line in panel 1.)

    2) The Tillywump’s expression is *not* one of glee, but of astonishment, and he(?) does not appear to be especially pleased.

    3) The box didn’t fall far (it has bounced without crushing) and has landed on a surface that does not look like any of the scenery we have encountered thus far. ((It looks remarkably like the top of Charles Christopher’s head, but that would be on the wrong scale.))

    4) They are still on the top side of the Inbetween.

    Speculation: Reggie is up to something, and will be back for the Hat shortly.

    What is he up to? Possibly a strafing attack on the Tillywump’s vessel.

    Or that surface might be the top of something alive that will wake up, knock the Tillywump out of the sky then wander off, allowing Reggie to retrieve the hat in a dashing swoop.

    Possibly the white surface has a forest of Hat trees on it and Reggie is hoping that the Tillywump will become distracted. I hold this to be unlikely because the Tillywump is clearly tracking by smell and we know that it is a gourmet when it comes to Hats.

    Least likely – The white surface does belong to something that should be avoided, Reggie did a sharp turn and actually did lose hold of the package.

    Most likely – Whatever Ramon already has figured out. (A lady Tillywump?)

  8. Sam says:

    I don’t think Reggie took lightly to being fired upon like that and dropping the box was just a diversionary tactic, I can only hope that he has some way of returning fire or poking holes.

  9. Odo says:

    Sam?? What “fire”? The yellow line is Reggie’s wake. The Tillywump was planning to capture him with the net shown clearly in eighty|nine.

  10. Tim says:

    Very nice interlude, love the Tillywumps transportation. I cannot believe Reg dropped a brick or a package. Twist incoming and I refuse to speculate.

    I wish you good fortune with your housing situation. Keep a cool head and don’t give money to lawyers if you can possibly avoid it… Mediation can produce better results for a fraction of the cost.

    If I read you right you have the typical creative tendency to commit passionately at a moments notice: it is a glorious impulse that has built more than one civilisation, just please take a moment to work out what is your responsibility and how other capable adults can contribute.

  11. kristina says:

    …bik, bok…

    He totally did it on purpose…I think! Seems like a diversion! Hmmm, but this surface it landed on….curious.

  12. pan says:

    Tenacy issue
    Judging from the summary that You gave about the tenacy issue, I’m 150 percent positive that You reacted perfectly and You did ExactlyThe Right Thing ™. I”ve been through that kind of issue about two years ago, and I won my case. (I had to convince my lawyer to go my way and it worked pretty well, but anyway ).

    If You’re interested, I’d happily share some of the knowledge that I gained from the experience back then, about landlords, lawyers the law and that kond of stuff. I’m living in Germany, so law won’t be the same, but probably similar.
    Oh, by the way, Ive been a regular reader from the first issue, and i’d happily pass some knowledge for all the fun I had. Just drop me an email.


  13. Penned Paper says:

    Love the expression on… its face.
    Whatever it is.

    Another great strip.


  14. jes says:

    your talent is hot!

  15. David says:

    Hmm… That surface… recalls panel 26….

    I love this comic and I hate comic books!

  16. Mooseman says:

    Love the story! And the art. the kids love the story and the art, too. My little one loves to draw comic style, she wants your job when she grows up.

    Don’t sweat the updates. I have plenty to read. ;-) just take care of yourself, get lotsa rest and eat healthy.

  17. JT says:

    Hmm. I wonder, upon whom did that package land?

    “[...] so i’m really not sure how updates are going to go over the next couple to few weeks. especially if things go completely south! ”

    Update us with links to the news articles and tell us where to send our bail/lawyer donations via Paypal. Go take care of your business; we’re all good here.

  18. eric from abeno says:

    ok, i’ll speculate ^_^… remember that Reggie is heading where Nadia and the others already are. This means he has to pass through the same places they’ve already passed. Reggiie also has to get rid of that darn Tillywump, but he’s too tiny to fight, and not fast enough, quite, to leave him behind. Check page 36, and you’ll see that on the way to where the others went, there is something that would definitely give that Tillywump a reason to go no further. I’m not sure whether Reggies has travelled far enough to be dealing with those guys just yet, but the sky is the right color, and one of the guys on page 36 is roughly the right color… of course, there are so many fantastical beasties in this land that Ramon could pull any trick he wants. Who knows, maybe Reggie found a creature that happens to regard Tillywumps as a favorite snack.

  19. Anit says:

    could we have a big wallpaper made out of reggie? he’s too cool

  20. I just got all caught up from the beginning. I was devouring every page and can’t wait for the next. The colors and characters and their surrealism are a lot of fun.

    This is great work. I’m really enjoying it.

  21. kristina says:

    HHmmm, I see where you’re going Eric! I think you might be right!

  22. Charly says:

    Dave Kellett recommended this strip on his blog, wow! Just read it from the beginning, keep it coming! Awesome!

  23. Kel says:

    Well, WOW!!!

    Got referred by Dave Kellet @ Sheldon and have devoured all of the pages… and now I have to wait! Absolutely excellent stuff – I’m so glad the internet is in Australia =)

  24. Carrie says:

    tonight I just read the entire archives. Oh my freaking goodness. Your work is completely outstanding.

    Does anyone know if there is a new livejournal RSS feed for kukuburi? The original no longer updates, due to the switch to feedburner.

  25. Ramón says:

    a welcome to new readers thanks to dave kellet of sheldon comics!

    i’m glad to hear people are enjoying their visit to kukuburi! thank you kindly for all the compliments :)

    regarding a livejournal rss, i’m not sure how this works (still fairly new to the rss world) but feedburner seems to provide a slew of options to subscribe. there is a link on the side under community that may help….

  26. Dlaiyre says:

    Did anyone else notice the Heartbeat in the background of the top right panel?

    Perhaps something ‘larger’ is nearby. :)

  27. Cocodaye says:

    Dlaiyre – nice spot. I think that might simply be to show that the tillywump is shocked but it highlights Ramons attention to detail. I will be looking to buy this if it goes to print, which is a rare thing for a web comic.

  28. eric from abeno says:

    Ramon, if you’re reading this, I have some further wallpaper hopes/ideas for you. Firstly, any time you’ve gone full-page for an image, those would be great wallpapers. I think you did a full-page image of Nadia’s “nightmare room”, and I know you did one for the moment the Tillywump homes in on the package and we’re treated to a view of the entire area. Also, defining character moments would make good wallpapers. Hmm, I’m going to have to scroll through the archives to find examples of what I mean… hold on… -_-

  29. eric from abeno says:

    ok, the full pages:

    10, 14, 26, 36, 43, 46, 58 (if possible. it’s one image, but it’s split into two panels on the page) 59, 60, 63, 73, 84

    some of the individual panels that might make good wallpaper images:

    page 22 panels 2 or 3, p29 panel 1, p34 panel 1, p40 panel 3, p41 panel 3, p47 panel 4, p85 panel 1, p86 panel 3, p87 panel 1, p88 panel 1

    I’m not trying to make demands, just offering my opinion. If I’m being a bother, I apologize m(_ _)m

  30. Dlaiyre says:

    I too would love wallpapers, but as I recall Ramón is rather busy — On a more ’serious’ side, Wallpapers of such fabulous art would be a fantastic way to get fans talking about your comic when they are at LAN events and such.

    Passerby: “Woah thats awesome.. whats Kukuburi?” etc.

  31. mandru says:

    Going to go out on a limb and say that I think the parcel is now in good hands.

    I’ve only seen one mountain of white fur so far. Zomgz

  32. eric from abeno says:

    hmmm, mandru, I think I see who you mean, the white-furred member of the Hat Brigade? but that package looks awfully tiny as it’s bik-bok bouncing on that large white hill…. whatever creature that is, if it is a creature, must be huge. that’s why I thought it might be the whitish sleeping giant, or a similarly sized creature… incidentally, you know we’ve yet to see the face/faces of the largest member of the Brigade, (that I know of) that orange dragon… Ramon always shows him as being too large to fit in-frame. anyway, talking too much again -_-

  33. eric from abeno says:

    and I”m wrong about the dragon, we did indeed meet him/them, on the battle whale -_- I hate making a fool of myself. Happens far too often. -_-

  34. Namian says:

    I also was sent over by Just read all 90 entries…I got to this one and thought “why is there no ‘next’ link?” Realized, “Damn, I’m all caught up, now I’ll have to wait with the rest of them for each Tuesday…” I LOVE the artwork, I’ve already saved one panel as my wallpaper. Thank you, Ramon, for such a visual treat! The storyline is awesome, always surprises me. I can’t wait for the next installment.

    Good luch with your home, I hope it will be quickly resolved.

  35. luke racin says:

    haha… it’s racing time… just like the Canadian GP…. mind you I’m polish ;]
    Great work man! I love the rainbow trail!!

  36. eric from abeno says:

    ah, I see ramon changed the color of the ground? maybe he felt people were seeing too much in Reggie’s actions….

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