the return of ojingogo!


while in attendance at the 2005 TORONTO COMIC ARTS FESTIVAL i had the pleasure of sitting beside and getting to know matt forsythe. his art inspired me and set me down a path that would eventually lead me to doing kukuburi. his comic OJINGOGO was part and parcel of that inspiration and now after a far too long hiatus it is back!

at your earliest convenience go bask in the glory that is this mans genius… 

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  1. watching from the shadows says:

    so does this mean you’e back?

    yay, first post again…i need a life

  2. Rev_G says:

    Don’t know if it’s on my end or theirs but the Ojingogo site doesn’t load up… = (

  3. Graham says:

    Hi :)

    I’m currently researching which chameleon to care for.

    Is Mr. B. a Senegal chameleon?

    Hope your living arrangements work out.


  4. CoyoteLovely says:


    Just wondering how you are, and how the living situation is working out. Shoot us a quick note to let us know you’re okay!

    The Coyote.

  5. Ramón says:

    hey hey,

    this whole tenancy/landlord thing is sucking up my life right now. i’m not sure where things are going. i’ve heard positive things from my legal council as well as the city, but though i am an optimist for the most part, in these situations i tend to sink into the frame of mind “until i see the writing on the wall…”

    we’ve received radio news coverage on the cbc yesterday, hopefully this will lead somewhere.

    things are coming to a head this weekend, as my landlord, who never cashed my june rent cheque, has threatened to change my locks on the end of the month, something the city says they can’t do, but they’ve done it to other tenants already. so i’m not sure how things are going to fly.

    keep your fingers crossed, most i can ask right now…

    thanks for the love.

  6. CoyoteLovely says:

    ::hugs!:: Good Luck Ramon! You have to let us know how it goes.

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