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  1. no says:

    Ramon, I suspect a bug here. This page is only visible if you browse date archives – I got it by going to /2008/06/ – and I suspect you didn’t intend it to be yet? It’s certainly not accessible by being in the main stream and clicking ‘next’. Also, you may wish to note that the “current comic” is out of date.

    This is not intended as a public comment, but rather a convenient way of telling you this.

  2. Sam says:

    So shes not perfect! that would make her human … mostly!!

  3. Kagu says:

    Good comic, would just like to point out a small typo – pushing ‘boundaries,’ not ‘boundries.’

  4. Archer says:

    Very sorry to read about your apartment situation, but happy to see your dedication to the strip :) Loving the comic, digging the art, and excited to see what comes next!

  5. kristina says:

    is He really as evil as we originally thought he was!?

  6. Annelidia says:

    “The place of shadows and crunchy things where nightmares are born”
    I love that line and I love this page. The darkness, power, and charisma…it melds together into a wonderful bite. Like dark chocolate ice cream…

  7. leslie says:

    snap, they sure are

  8. ChaosNebula says:

    Yay! More beautiful Kuku! I definitely hope this means that the house situation is better! I love the whole setup of this page… “shadows and crunchy things”… So whimsical!!

    Also, I’m noticing the same problem as ‘no’… if I try to go to http://www.kukuburi.com or http://www.kukuburi.com/current, nothing comes up. I have to find a previous page & go from there, or google the archive, or something of the like. I hope it’s something that can be resolved easily, tho I’m not above continuing to work for my Kukuburi fix! *^_^*

  9. RaconteurX says:

    I only began having the blank page problem when I installed Firefox 3.0, and the current page did load eventually. It just took about ninety seconds instead of the usual two or three. Perhaps Firefox and WordPress/ComicPress aren’t getting along?

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