in a few moments, after i’m done posting this weeks final page i will upload the FANART section. so if you have a kukuburi drawing you’d like to share, feel free to send it over and i’ll post it on up!

till next week my good friends…

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  1. paxromana says:

    Yay! Hope!

  2. Marcelo says:

    i love that bird, also everything else is great too, but that bird is cool.

  3. I would’ve pissed my pants twice over…

  4. Steve B says:

    This comic is soooooooo SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kristina says:

    WHA….crazy!….oh, poor Nadia!

  6. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    I love that bird too! I think I now want to get a blue bird of happiness tattoo! Ramon if I get it I’ll send you a picture.

  7. Jai says:

    Your skeletons are beyond cool. Poor Nadia! This froom trip has been fairly unpleasant for her, and the last strip was horrifying. That bluebird better come through for her!

  8. Steve says:

    I love the comic. Great artwork fascinating story set in a delightfully twisted wonderland. My one complaint is that I am forced to piece my mind back together after it is blow week after week by the various twists and turns in the story

  9. maglio says:

    Lookin good! I’m still waiting for a Kookaburra to make an appearance, almost thought that was one!

  10. CoyoteLovely says:

    I love the ride! Every new page is so unexpected! I love stories I can’t automatically predict.

  11. Doug says:

    Wow. Zers. That’s frigthfully awesome. THe concept of death is there and it’s scary, but it’s not in your face dad’s head has a steering wheel embedded in it dying.
    That said, I love the way you transition scenes throughout the whole strip, Ramon!
    I’ve been sharing this thing as much as possible.

  12. Steve says:

    A ton of insight into Nadia these past few posts! Excellent sequence and I love the bluebird at the end.

  13. wvandenberg says:

    Damn! Excellent work!

  14. JT says:

    Y’all remember what happened to the bluebird the last time we saw it? The bluebird is fragile. Don’t put too much pressure on it, metaphorically speaking.

  15. Odo says:

    Impressive as always.
    I would say that it is clear now that this sequence is not memory, but nightmare. The frooms get ideas and then metamorphose them into something else, possibly with the goal of using Nadia’s physical self to manifest something in the Inbetween. Or possibly just to get the scent going so that the Ghrung will eat the victim near the frooms so that they get the leftovers. (The skull impression in these panels looks more Ghrung-like than human.)

    Doug, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “…dad’s head has a steering wheel imbedded…” I looked at all these panels and see no steering wheel near a head. If you mean the salmon-colored crescent-shaped arc in panel one of this page, that’s Mom’s hairband (clearly shown in panel two of the previous page). Mom and dad stay in the same relative positions throughout the last two pages.

  16. Freya says:

    Love the concept of death as a being holding Nadia safely(?) in its hand while the dead parents sink into its eyes. Great imagery!

  17. Freya says:

    Ok, on closer examination, it’s not safely: the blue bird sits between Nadia and the monster just as it’s about to shove her in its mouth. Bluebird as guardian and a creature that young Nadia associates with Death (perhaps why she sent a bluebird of her own creation to Mr Bad Guy).

  18. The car is part of the rock. Which is in turn a hand. I think someone’s trying to freak Nadia out. WHO COULD IT BE? And then there’s the agent of HER protecting Nadia. I’m thinking in the next few pages, she’s going to wake up in a refuge Boulder took her to while she was tripping out. Unless Ramon sends Nadia on a crazy soul-searching trip that makes the previous world look like Kansas from now ’til the end of the story. That would be awesome. Who agrees that would be awesome?

    I like lil’ Nadia’s ponytails. Her clothes are ripped, but they’re still buoyant.

    Why does the birdy look more realistic and not round and puffy and (more) adorable like the one that got poofed?

    If anyone’s wondering, I’m thinking that her parents DID die in a car crash, but, err, not like this. Oh, man, if they had, that would be terrifying! *Imagines*

  19. Seolyk says:

    i love the way you went from dream to nightmare mode Ramon! I could see, if this were an animated series, that there would be roaring brass at this point after a nice quiet string and woodwind beginning.

    that was random, i know…

  20. Sam says:

    I don’t want to come back down from this cloud!!!

    The blue bird of happiness thats gotta mean a happy ending…unless Mr. Skeleton is around to snuff it out!!!

  21. kristina says:

    am I the only one that thinks that the “HER” that everyone mentions could be Nadia!? That’s what I’ve thought from the begining, but I am completely prepared to be wrong. :)

  22. kristina says:

    Odo, what is your thoughts? I always love to hear what you have to say!! :)

  23. Odo says:

    I had totally missed the hand imagery, but now that it has been mentioned, it’s obvious.

    Kristina, back a ways I believe I did a little speculation on that, but I can’t find it, so I will have to re-create my thoughts (an apt metaphor, I think, in the current situation).

    First off, I can think of one reason why Nadia cannot be Her that has nothing to do with the internal logic of the story as presented to us thus far. That reason is that for Nadia to be Her would be a cheap way out, and we know already that Raomon does not do that. That, however is a meta-argument. (Ah, I found my previous speculation in commentary on page 56 — I will expand upon it.)

    I don’t think Nadia is “Her”. For one thing, Mr Skull either brought Nadia through the door, or was instantly aware of her coming and abducted her even as Le Brigade were attempting to get her to safety. I don’t think he would have been unaware of the nature of his major opponent, even concealed in Nadia’s body. Nadia seems to be desirable as a opponent to Mr. Skull at first, apparently just because she is from our world. When she “cheats” at battleship, however, she goes against the paradigm that Mr Skull is attempting to impose and he throws her away to await another foil.

    I think “She” is an inherent contra-posing force to Mr. Skull (Him), who has been absent from His (Hers? Who created it?) small universe that we know as the Inbetween for some time. The fact that Nadia created (with her hit/bang) one of “Her envoys” introduces the possibility that Nadia is either an avatar of Her, or more likely that Nadia is an unwitting herald of Her return. (I.e. Nadia cheated and got in the hit/bang, but it was She (Her) who determined the form of it.) I now like this explanation even better because a herald is also a harbinger, and birds are widely regarded as “harbingers of spring”. This would be secondary to the bird’s purpose as Bluebird of Happiness.

    We know that Nadia can create with the forces of the Inbetween. Her “room” is the prime example, but it also appears likely at this point that Boulder boy was created by her “hit” at A-1. This means that in addition to being a harbinger of Her, Nadia may also be a player in her own right and may not enjoy the fact that “She” is playing with her. ((Too many pronouns.))

    So, almost certainly not “Her.” Possibly an avatar/pawn. Almost certainly a herald.

    That’s my take on it at the moment. I hope Boulder boy gets her free soon.

    And where the heck is Reggie???

  24. CoyoteLovely says:

    I have one, from a chick perspective…

    I wonder if the people in the first flashback panel were her parents. This is a girl thing, but the glowing, cheerful woman who we’ve seen as Nadia’s mom seems more chic then the woman in the first flashback panel with the conservative skirt, and the slouchy pantyhose… In every following panel, she’s been vibrant, and not unlike Nadia… you know – stylish and fun!


  25. Odo says:

    I think that is more likely to be a small continuity error on Ramon’s part. I.e., he made Mom’s skirt just a bit too long in the first panel. It is pretty obviously the same skirt. I would also note that pretty much anyone’s stockings are going to look a bit poor in close-up.

    I also think that he was using that grey panel as a cliff-hanger (the fiend). :)

  26. CoyoteLovely says:

    I dunno – I’ve worn a lot of pantyhose, and they tear – but they don’t slouch like that… unless you’re wearing the ones without the elastic tops, and your garter belt is sagging, but honestly, that has to be a heck of a slouch, and most women would stop to correct it (we’re vain beasts after all) And you notice the garter belt issue and FAST when it does start to happen, because it tends to feel odd and uncomfortable.

    I’ll dig on continuity error though. It’s just that she’s not wearing pantyhose in the other panels (though it does look like she changed her outfit).

  27. Ramón says:

    this is where i pipe up and post my shortcomings :)

    nadia’s bracelet is an error on my part. i forgot to draw it after the initial panel it appeared in. something i shall correct when i get a moments time. though it did spur an idea, so things might change a little more in the art. we’ll see.

    as for the stockings and skirt. this is where you get a bit of insight into my internal editing. i originally wanted this sequence to be a bit more abstract. the original transition was going to be from the end of page page 78 (where we see her parents legs) to the second panel on page 81 (where her parents are turning into skeletons, from there it was going to transition into a sort of abstract car crash. more of a jumble of imagery.

    so the slack stockings where meant to imply that there was nothing but a skeleton underneath and the grey just a foreshadowing colour.

    however i thought this might be too intelligible. plus i wanted to show how good can twist unexpectedly into something else.

    so i will go into the skirt and stockings panel and rectify them when i have a chance. either on the web here, or when i do a final edit of chapter one before going hopefully to print.

    as much as i put my all into the online story of kukuburi, i am still treating it as a beta version. it has flaws and mistakes that i hope to iron out into a stronger story when collected.

  28. Energie o2 says:

    So. Awesome. Great job, Ramon!

  29. CoyoteLovely says:

    A stronger story? Perish the thought, Ramon, it’s beautiful. I was just curious if I’d caught some sort of amazingly small insight – or if your thoughts of Nadia’s parents had changed somewhere along the way.

    Thanks, as always! And good to hear your response!

  30. CoyoteLovely says:

    Random other aside – I liked the idea of Nadia getting the braclet from her mom. I wear a bit of my mom’s jewelry. :D

  31. Vear says:

    I have looked at these last four pages over and over again throughout the last few weeks… the art is so perfect on these! Ramon you kick ass, sir!

  32. CyCo says:

    Talk about fractured reality… And those rock/claw-like fingers, are they going to snatch her away to safty, or crush her?!!!

  33. Faye says:

    If I had a nickel for every family road trip that ended like that…

  34. Odo says:

    Last minute speculation… The bluebird will metamorphose into a surrealistic glimpse of Her, picking up and cradling the baby Nadia, followed by her awakening to Boulder Boy carrying her away from the frooms.

    It’s a possibility.

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