my brain is right tired and me is gonna go sleep :)

but before i go i’d like to point you in the direction of MAROONED a fun little comic by tom dell’aringa.

good night and good luck…

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  1. Kili says:

    Awwwuh. How sad. D=

  2. Jared says:

    Oh man. look at the rays flying off.

  3. Odo says:

    Ummm… memory? or nightmare? or are the frooms already affecting our Nadia?

    I can certainly see why this took so long — the swooshes four frames back must have been easy compared to the crash/fumes line in the first panel of this frame.

  4. Odo says:

    Oh, wait a minute, rays??? That changes everything!

  5. Snuffle says:

    Very, very well done. It gave me a little stunned shiver.

    I adore this comic. (New reader; came over from TomGeeks.) Keep up the fabulous work!

  6. Jai says:

    Aw, and the previous strip was SO unexpectedly full of happiness (There was even a bluebird of happiness, it was such a happy strip)! And now a ghost truck has run them off the road (Thanks to old Scooby-Doo cartoons, I equate everything drawn with white outlines in a black-outline-comic as being “invisible”). The rays make me very curious, though – is this a completely real memory, or has it been tainted by more recent memories and the frooms?

    I don’t mean to be rude, but… are those flames in the last panel? Also, I was briefly wondering what the burning pieces of paper came from before I realized they’re probably Nadia’s drawings. Any chance you could add her artwork to at least one of them, Ramon (Unless they aren’t supposed to be her drawings, obviously)?

  7. kristina says:

    My jaw is hitting the floor, and my eyes are bugging out….. SO SUDDEN AND SAD. and like everyone else I must add…. RAYS! Wow, didn’t see this coming, neither did they, Ha, that’s bad.

    wonderfully played ramon! See you next week!

  8. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    so….the parents died on those jagged rocks I assume. Rocks that look oddly familiar, hmmm…and the manta thingies are here, like the blue bird, hmmmm…..this is sorta making sense, but yet not at the same time.

  9. Senksis says:

    Did Anyone get the license number of that truck? ;o)

  10. ursie says:

    i’m beginning to get a tad bit confused, but do go on mr. p!

  11. redapples says:

    Hmmm interesting. When rock guy said that he hoped nothing had been brought through I second guessed and thought of the dragon in the drawing. The family outing was unexpected. Now to decide is the crash a reliving of ‘real’ events or a new event in this world? Ramifications? Presumably, but what? We’ll see I have no doubt.

    Most excellent as ever.

  12. Steve B says:

    This comic is so SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. CyCo says:

    Oh Noes!!!


  14. Andy says:

    I looked at p. 79 and was like, “Aw, how cute!” And then I saw this…….

    My heart hit my stomach.


  15. redapples says:

    dang gonna have to reread this whole story! The last couple of pages are making me consider the very nature of this world and Nadia’s relationship with it. Is she drawing birds that then populate this world or has she been party to it since childhood or are her memories being manipulated by exposure to this world. Hope you have a plan Ramón. ;-)

  16. Sami says:

    So, did the skeletondude try and wipe Nadia off the map early, and then not succeed?

  17. 13thclam says:

    Remember, always have your car or truck coated with ghost semi repellant. Cause you never know when an intangible 18 wheeler will try and run you off the road.

    Also, fantastic work in panel one.

  18. JT says:

    Nice. Both her memories and her current reality are open to interpretation, and neither may be completely real. It’s even possible that the froom trip is changeing reality retroactively, that our heroine’s family was alive and well in Pascagoulah until this moment, and then all of a sudden they’d been dead for more than ten years.

  19. nashoba says:

    yes I am blond…
    like what is totally like happening man?

    This is fantastic, completely unexpected at every turn.

  20. mike says:

    Been following this for a couple months. YOU RULE MAN!

  21. Annelidia says:

    Nobody else saw this coming?

    It is a mark of quality that this page is the ONLY thing I’ve been able to rightly predict, but make sure you keep on your game, Ramón!

  22. Sam says:

    my guess is she coming down from her trip with from shrooms!!!

  23. D. Walker says:

    People are making some strange assumptions here.

    I had thought the Frooms simply sapped her memories. Something like she loses this memory of a camping trip in her youth, perhaps can no longer recall it, but it is suddenly made physically manifest in this world she’s in now.

    ~D. Walker~

  24. Kathleen says:

    ohmigod. i just noticed the mantarays flying in the backround of frame one. this changes everything!

  25. cs3ink says:

    I’ll ask the same question I ALWAYS ask: When. Can. I. Buy. This?

  26. Dlaiyre says:

    The manta’s change my comments on the previous page, I have no Idea whats going on here!

  27. Jane says:

    Sadness -_-

  28. Mondo Kane says:


    Nightmare, flashback, halucination… whichever it is, you really yanked the rug out from under us in every part of this sequence, Ramon. Started a little ominous and creepy, became a perfect childhood fantasy, and now tumbles into outright disaster. I’m actually worried about what can be next.

    You’re good, man :)

  29. Megan says:

    Poor Nadia…. Memory or nightmare, it has to be hard for her. Excellent work as always, Ramon. Please, take your time if it means that you come up with panels like these. Try not to get too stressed out!

  30. eric from abeno says:

    Ok, I THINK I get what’s going on so far. Maybe I’m way off base, maybe only part right… maybe dead on… what do you guys think:

    This world, whatever and whereever it is, is apparently involved in a constant conflict between the forces of creation and the forces of destruction.

    Both factions have a “ruler”, the Lady (as I think of her), for creation, and the Lord (maybe I give him too much power with that appelation…)

    For whatever reason, the forces of good require an “avatar” from the “real” world, our world. (this begs the question, do the forces of darkness also seek out avatars of destruction from our world??)

    Only certain people can become such avatars of creation, those who exhibit an exceptionally strong creative spark. Nadia has this spark, and so she was marked at an early age, by both the factions. The Lady set watchers and guardians over her, and the Lord set his creatures to attack.

    Possibly there may only be one avatar of these factions existing in the World at one time… what happens to the old ones… maybe they are finally killed, or maybe they simply run out of ideas, or give up, or “grow up” and lose the ability to remain in the World…

    It was the strength of Nadia’s belief that she would wake up safe and sound in her bed that caused her room to be created around her (maybe even as she closed her eyes and fell…) saving her life.

    The Mushrooms feed on the energy of creation, possibly on the memories or possibly the actual IDEAS that a person has. So I believe we’re looking at a real memory, unaltered. There are two possible results that I can see…. either it causes her to forget the death of her parents, or it is causing her to actually relive the whole experience in detail…. so she’ll either wake up with a new-found hatred of the Lord, having vividly recalled the manta rays… or she won’t remember losing her family at all.

    I’m wondering what her hat looks like, and what special abilities it’ll convey. If she’s able to create flowers and birds without even being aware of it, and her entire bedroom simply by believing she’s still in it, what will she be able to do with her full abilities?

    and when do we meet the Lady, and (if there is one) the avatar of destruction? ^^

  31. Andy says:

    I gotta say, I just linked to this comic from Kinokofry and I am thoroughly and completely hooked. The art is gorgeous and incredibly original. Kudos.

  32. Lance says:

    Having just discovered KinokoFry and being pointed here by Ms Clements I’m on one awesome ride. Stunning, man, every panel, every page, every character, every development… just stunning. If your stuff only LOOKED as good as it does I’d be hooked, but your story has completely enthralled me.
    I’m instantly putting up a link to you on my recommended comics page.

  33. Gaiz. Check it out. http://draconis-wyrm.deviantart.com/art/Don-t-ride-the-Ghrungs-Avi-85498384

    I have NO CLUE who did it, NONE AT ALL, nonetheless you should all watch her and favourite all her scrappydoodles of amazing.

    (For the link-wary: it’s a doggiesaur. ^_^)

  34. Cassanara says:

    I’m surprised to not find Kukuburi on Wowio. Do you have future plans of putting it up there, Ramon, or not so much?

  35. Seolyk says:

    I just kinda noticed some parallelism. this is kind of like a precurser to her being knocked off the cliff by skeleton guy (although it looks like he’s the perpetrator of this too)

  36. Steve B says:

    Damn I love this comic! Think it was sweet that MiamiViceSkeletor tried to knock off HottieHeroine when she was a youngin! Also thought it was cool that little Nadia was drawing meeps! That of course opens up more questions but will love the journey to the answer! Read a half dozen comics on-line (You sure that Butternutsquash isnt based on my son and roomates?)and this is the only one I check on hourly till update time!

    This comic is SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

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