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  1. Bill says:

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m getting Red Xs where the comic should be

  2. Dood Le Bop says:

    Ramon may i say you have created the modern fairy tail….. i salute you.

  3. Bastardo_Kamonohashi says:

    Oh okay the red eyes were because of the bed shrooms. sorry foe my misconception.

  4. Odo says:

    Frooms, eh? I wonder what they do with ideas that they suck out of people’s heads? I’d hate to see a fire-breathing dragon show up just because the frooms were looking in on Nadia’s dream-sequence.

  5. Hakon says:

    Hmm.. am I smelling brimstone? I think so.

    Just don’t let this turn into some reality Nadia created to cope with som psychological problem she has, it can be fun, but it’s overused.

    I’m loving where it goes nonetherless :mrgreen:

  6. Lynn says:

    That flower on his head reminds of the one she made during the game of battleship… coincidence? I dunno. And does he just like talking in third person or is there someone else there we’re not seeing… hmmm. Either way big boulder guy makes my day, who doesn’t like flying rocks?

    Love the comic by the way

  7. danielle says:

    I love where this is going! Let’s get to know our heroine…

  8. John Hill says:

    Little girl Nadia’s right arm is a little elongated there. I’d grab the hand and push it back towards the middle of her shirt quite a bit.

    This is my favorite webcomic right now.

  9. kristina says:

    FROOMS!? Love it…….Hmmm, here’s what I think. Fear + mushrooms…They read your thoughts, your memories, your imagination…hence Ramon’s flash backs to Nadia’s childhood…which I like the color switch for the flashbacks….anyway, so I think they search for your worse fear…..then some how they tell Mr. Skeleton guy… so that they can some how forge this fear in to a reality….or something like that. That’s my best guess. Hmmm…. I love this story, I really do think it would make the most excellent cartoon! I’d watch it.

  10. Lee Cherolis says:

    According to the cast page, those Ghrung are relatively young for their species. Nadia’s lucky it they weren’t full adults.

  11. Jane says:

    God you’re amazing :) Lil’ Nadia is so adorable!!!! And It’s nice to know what happened to the rock that got the daisy.

  12. Seolyk says:

    that was well worth the wait Ramon! hehe ‘frooms’ is fun to say. can’t wait to see what other creatures you’ve got in you’re head! hope you get over your cold and dont let any frooms get you lol

  13. Megan says:

    Oooooh Nadia as a young girl! She’s so adorable! But uh… I don’t think her cute drawing is a good thing in this situation. O.O I love the way that Nadia is in contrast with (what I assume is) her parents. She’s in colors and they’re in black. Seems like she enjoys being a child and having fun, but they’re disapproving of such behavior… The woman’s (Mother’s?) stockings remind me of a scowl in nylon form, if there was such a thing. And “Father” looks like he’s just tapping his foot with impatience. So sad. Poor Nadia!

  14. Steve B says:

    Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  15. Mondo Kane says:

    Oh… is our little heroine about to plummet into Nightmaresville?

    Frooms definately bad… much worse than Doggiesaurs (I will continue to defend the Doggiesaurs until they actually eat someone or overthrow a small country).

  16. I’ll bet a buck that the flower is doing the talking. Kind of like a benevolent, floating, igneous (or is he sedimentary?) MasterBlaster. Either way, can’t wait to see more of him/them!

    btw: Would the classification of the frooms be something like “Lepiota phobophagia”?

  17. Sam says:

    That looks like the flower Nadia made with her shot in the Game against the skull guy!

    Pretty amazing stuff happening around here now!!

  18. Astrocom says:

    haha! it was the boulder dude with the flower on his head. the only remaining thing to be seen is if he’s the boulder that sprouted a flower during her game of battleship…

  19. Amy says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see where it all goes.

    And going to see the Reverend play…I’m jealous. Totally jealous.

  20. I wish I could draw that good when I was little. Kick-assery on Nadia’s part.

  21. Donovan says:

    oh dude I was totally right, the boulder guy has a little friend! And I’m curious to learn more of these frooms…

  22. Rob Whelan says:

    The battleship hit daisy strip:
    The boulder guy is definitely that little island, come to life.

    I do think it’s him talking, not the flower; he’s got eyes. But hey, we’ll see.

    We’re also learning more about the “Underside” — the frooms, confirming some concepts on the cast page for the Ghrung: “As with most creatures of the Underside the Ghrung hunts by the smell of fear.”
    [but P.S. to Ramon for that cast page: "it's" with an apostrophe = "it is"; possessive has no apostrophe :)]

    And I wonder about Nadia’s drawing… my first assumption was that the dragon would show up because of the frooms… but she’s pleased with the dragon — it’s her parents that are worrying her! Again, to be seen….

    Also noticed who she has in her first drawing — leaves me wondering what the relationship is between this world and her imagination — was her imagination hooked into this world (and expressing it in that drawing)? Or is this world sprouted from her imagination (at least partly true, based on the rock-island’s comments)?

    Nadia definitely has an advantage in the Underside, though — she’s not the easily-frightened type!

    Thanks as always, Ramon.

  23. Antsan says:

    Reading since long, commenting now first time here…

    And I have to say: Awesome! It’s unfolding.

  24. CoyoteLovely says:

    I love the idea of a big, cheerful, floating rock with a daisy on it’s head. :D

    And Ramon – this is wonderful – it just keeps getting more wonderful with each new strip. It’s like the further the story moves along, the more and more I fall in love with it. Whereas I was reading it and saying “Well, it’s abstract, and well written, but I’m really in it for the drawings” now I find myself begging for Wednesday to come so I can see the updates (I know it’s updated on Tuesday, but usually so late in the day that I just look for it on Wednesday – I’m on the east coast).

    It’s beautiful, really, truely beautiful. And as with *everyone else* on the site, I wanted you to know how special I think your story really is! You’ve already proven you can draw, now you’re proving you’re a storyteller as well!

  25. Steve says:

    Good and surprising to see you at the con! Frooms. That is my new favorite word.

  26. Legible Susan says:

    Another first time commenter. All of this is amazing. I love the washed-out colours in the flashbacks: they remind me of those “magic” colouring books where you just brush water over the page and the colour comes out.

  27. Hope is a thing with feathers says:

    I’ve been reading since the begining, and yes this is my first comment too. [what are the odds] LOVE THE COMIC! You do a great job Ramon.

    one thing bugs me though and it’s not the comic, it the readers….why does everyone insist on pointing out the mistakes all the time?

  28. watching from the shadows says:

    Responding to Hope:
    people point out the mistakes because this comic is so perfect it’s the only thing anyone can find to criticize.

    1’st time poster BTW too, lol.

  29. Lisa H says:

    And Boulder guy saves the day! I knew he would, been sayin’ it all along yesiree indeedy do I was. I think perhaps the flower is his chapeau. Mayhap a little bug type friend lives upon it. The little smart guy who helps the big muscley not as smart guy.

  30. Odo says:

    To Hope, Watching, and perhaps others:

    Speculating on what is to come and commenting on small infelicities like the apostrophe in the cast page description, the elongated wrist on child Natia, the comments as to whether these are adult or juvenile ghrung, are ways in which we (myself and others who point out that kind of thing) invest in the comic and show our appreciation to Ramon for his almost perfect work. When something is close to polished, small imperfections show up and call attention to themselves. If the work were crude, we wouldn’t bother.

    In my opinion it also shows Ramon that we are paying attention, that he has an audience (viewience?) who are paying attention to what he is drawing and writing. That attention is a gift without price to anyone who creates.

    (I pretend to speak for a group — any in the group who disagree with my explanation of motives will undoubtedly speak up and tell me I’m a blithering idiot.)

  31. CoyoteLovely says:

    I’ve always liked Odo’s speculations, honestly. And I’ve never felt that anyone was disrespectful! If you wanna see some really harping commentary, check out “Marry Me” the writer gets in to a F___ you rant on one of the pages when the readers ALL expressed their distaste… These forums continue to be a really nice place for me to come and check out daily, just to read what everyone else is thinking. I enjoy it!

  32. Bill M says:

    Ramon, this is absolutely amazing, I am really glad you had a link to this on BNS a while back so I didn’t miss out!

    The plot the characaters all the development is spectacular. Can’t wait to see what will come from the flashback forshadowing.

  33. Luis Escorial says:

    Priceless… man you are good :)

  34. Kevin Li says:

    OOHH I want more!

  35. I echo John Christ’s statement.

    ALSO: Is Mr.Skeleton Dude aware that we call him that (or variations thereof)?

  36. Chameleon says:

    UH OH looks like those frooms found an idea

  37. Graceofbass says:

    @CoyoteLovely: Amen. Crosby is a way rude and easily offended writer. I would rather be here any day of the week.

    Ramon, I (like everyone else here) still love this comic and wait every Tuesday for updates.

    You rock!

  38. Marty says:

    There are people here that read the comments? :)

  39. Odo says:

    Yes, Marty, there are. Clearly, you are one of them — and I’m another. :) Besides there’s not much else to do while waiting for the update.

  40. Ramón says:

    hey all. hopefully some of you’ll get my little message here regarding the update, as twitter is apparently down.

    today has been an uphill battle. usually i can gauge how long it’ll take me to draw the kukuburi pages. but today i was completely off-base. i’m just wrapping the inks up now on the 2nd page. i still have to colour the pages tomorrow. so, unfortunately this week’s kukuburi update won’t be up till tomorrow early evening at best.

    on a good note, i finally had a chance to sit down and rough out the next 2 months of updates. something i haven’t had time to do of late. so i’ve been having to go week to week. now that i have the pages laid out though i hope to take sometime in the next week and begin drawing all these updates, which will in turn bring an end to the late tuesday (or as today, non-existent) updates and bring back the early morning updates!

    once again, apologies.



  41. Mothra in NYC says:

    Not to worry, R; we’ll read it when it goes up!

    We may pee our collective pants with anticipation, but it’s okay. Really …

    I love the boulder guy.

    Happy drawing, inking, plotting, roughing, and so forth, and also occasional bouts of eating and sleeping along with all the other projects you have to do!

  42. Jade says:

    On-time updating is nice, but not nearly as essential as having you healthy enough to be able to update. Take care of yourself first so you don’t get yourself too sick to do anything. Eat, drink, get lots of rest, and take your vitamins, then deal with Kuku when you can. (/mom)

  43. Marguerite says:

    You have failed your demanding and unpaying readers!

    It’s okay, we can handle the wait. We’ll just wear diapers.

  44. Catherine says:

    Oh, so excited for what happens next!

    Not so excited about twitter being down, etc, but that doesn’t matter because the excitement overrides any lack of it! The fact that this comic exists, at the level of technique and fantastic-ness that it does, pretty much overrides any negative.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  45. Marty says:

    No update? We demand our money back!

    …Oh… right. ;)

    No worries.

  46. I just discovered this now and read the entire thing.

    I am -aghast- that the people who know and love me hadn’t told me about this sooner.

    I am in love with this!

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