finally a helping hand!

it’s strange trying to showcase action in a weekly updated comic. i wish i could just post a ten page sequence involving action so you the readers can enjoy it in one clean sweep. it seems wrong top break it up over an extended time. but alas more of that elusive time would be required on my part…  

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  1. Lee Cherolis says:

    I freakin’ love those guys. It’s almost sad they’re about to get ‘tha beat down.’

  2. Norwest says:

    Awsome comic, I’ve been following it since feb.

    Just a note, there is no ‘next’ link to this page from seventy four yet =/

    Keep up the good work!


  3. denom says:

    Yay! It’s the awesome rock monster!

  4. kristina says:

    WHOA. I didn’t see that coming. You’re good with the surprises. Keep it up.

    Raon, thank you for your comic. It brings me up when I am down. :)

  5. kristina says:

    *oops, I meant “Ramon”…

  6. Steve says:

    I just can’t wait to see what that rock hand is attached to.

  7. Seolyk says:

    Steve: I think its that floaty rock thing you see if you watch ep 5 of the transmission X thingy

  8. 3.14159rate says:

    There is a trick to pacing that I find works well.

    It is a rule that goes like this, in late out early. skip the building action, go to the conflict and finish at the resolution.

    schlock mercenary is a web comic that is a great example of this. ( though perhaps not at the start, it took him a while to get good at it, if you check it out i suggest you start here; )

    sure it won’t have the manga setup and feel to it, but you don’t have the time that a manga artist has. I don’t think the story suffers for it at all, even though it may seem like it if you haven’t seen an example of it.

    hope that helps

  9. Joel says:

    I fell in love with your work when Rob dreamed of bacon, but to see the evolution of your work from that point to present has been a joy.
    Can’t wait for your JSA work to hit the stand.
    Simply awesome.

  10. Odo says:

    It’s clobbering time!

  11. Thornae says:

    Awww… Poor monster puppies are going to be smacked on the nose.

    Can’t wait to see what Floating Rock Guy actually looks like.

  12. xavi says:

    I could wait a whole month to have several pages in a row…. :)

  13. heng says:

    i’m reading Cheshire Crossing…
    it’s published about 24 pages a time…
    the waiting time between updates is roughly 6-8 month.

    should i get one, my vote definately goes to: keep it coming at steady speed… you’re doing fine! :-)

  14. Sam says:

    its time to bring on some pain !!

  15. BargainPuppy says:

    If you find some of this “time” you speak of… don’t hesitate to post ten pages in a go!

  16. eekee says:

    I’m just happy I cna follow the action. In many comics I can’t. ;)

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