two points of note…

1) i’m crazy.

okay some of you may notice, those who checked up on the update last night or early this morning, that the dialogue has changed on page 74. after rereading what i had done last night i felt that rendo came off all wrong. he kinda sounded like a douche, uncaring of nadia, thinking of her more of as a tool than a person. completely off his character.

because of the change up i had to drop some of the dialogue referring to the “last one” but this has been mentioned before, so it was kinda redundant. however when i go to print i think i’d like to expand this sequence by another two pages, it’s too crunched. i like to pace things out a little more, but i didn’t want to do this on the web as it can drag a sequence out uncomfortably…

so, uhm, yeah … call me crazy

2) i am attending the toronto fan appreciation show this weekend. the show runs on saturday and sunday. i’m keeping my bakc pack light, so i don’t think i’ll be bringing much swag, but i will have my sketchpad in tow. so for all those who might be keen on a sketch or two, whether it be bns, kukuburi, wildcat or any other superhero for that matter.

headshots will be $5, full body shots will range from $20 – $40 depending on the complexity of the request.

hope to see some of you there this weekend!

for more info click the link below;


^ 3 Comments of Confabulation...

  1. DrMorganes says:

    I like the changes!

    They make Rendo seem much more wary – even fearful – of HIM. And our still-nameless, dapper villain seems all the more sinister…

  2. Addone says:

    Hey Ramon, first time commenting…keep up the good work! Definitely keep the pace to how you feel will be best for the story :)

    I wish I could go to the Metro for the Con (it’d be my first!!!), but I’ve got exams right around the corner :(

  3. Tom says:

    Hey, I think it’s great you care enough about the story to “fix” it. And that’s a great thing about web comics. Keep up the great work.

) Confabulate...