sometimes a page takes twice as long as you expect it to take to create, but then you get to kick back and see the fruits of your labours :)

i’ll be at a convention this weekend in toronto. it’s free or $10, something like that. but i’ll be doodling and such so if you’re in the neighbourhood please stop by. more info on the show can be found by clicking the link in the sidebar!

enjoy, this blokes off to bed :)

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  1. as363 says:

    To Flit – you mentioned

    Sorry to be anal, but if you want correct french grammar it’s très not trés. ;)

    Not a big deal though.

    Agree – but I do not have the expertise to put in an “accent acute” or “accent grave” – and for a “Canadien Anglais” – whu hasn’t really used what Francaise that I learned “dan les ecole” = all I can say is – I tried to do my best . N’est pas monsieur/madame ?”

  2. Falcon- says:

    There is nothing more BA than a character with a skull for a head and designer sunglasses. Nothing.

  3. Carleena says:

    “…I sent her careening to her death moments ago.” That DOES imply a killing of sorts…

  4. Vashra says:

    It is to be expected for very old enemies to appear sometimes as friends. Such is the way of deep familiarity. A battle becomes a war and the war becomes a dance. Each knows the other’s moves until prediction becomes anticipation which becomes almost a desire for the fight to continue always….rapturous and rapacious (aaah alliteration!) until the dance becomes simply a vertical expression of a horizontal wish (stolen reference ftw!) — and what is that wish but simply the overwhelming desire that the game go on? (Let’s see Mrs. Falstaff strike a red pen through that very run on sentence! I have escaped you vile editatrix of doom! And I made up my own word to do it!)

    I enjoy your work. You might wish to thank Karl at The Abominable Charles Christopher for having a link to your comic. :)

  5. yoyo says:

    That skeleton guy looks like a 3d model or something! it looks like one of those 2d 3d highbred things! seriously!

  6. Atrian says:

    Hmm, I’m wondering if Him was perhaps the person in Nadia’s place beforehand, and when he lost he became Him?

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