had a bit of a domino effect as i fought off a bit of cold/flu/throat thing earlier this week, but i’m stubborn, so part to of today’s update will be up shortly, just wrapping the colours on it…

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  1. Bigfoot says:

    Love the work… love the cracker jacks.

  2. D. Walker says:

    Ramon! Zhe art, she ees beautiful! Zhe characters, zhey are lief-lieek! Zhe storie, she eez greeping!

    Don’t push yourself lad! We’re all waiting on the edges of our seats, but we’re patient! Fix yer self up a tad, relax, and then come back full strength and kick this things ass!

    ~D. Walker~

  3. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    Ooh, I knew you’d leave us hangin’ on the whole Nadia side of the story. Good one!

  4. Momoko says:

    *__* Thanks for your dedication, but your health comes first! Don’t forget that!
    Beautiful page though

  5. neophyte says:

    Hey, Ramon — still love this comic. (Please don’t let Rendo be a douche; I will cry.)

    Just want to let you know that I don’t think the page navigation buttons are working correctly — “current” takes you to this page, but there’s no “next” button. So I didn’t know about the second page of the update until I saw it in my reader. Similarly, from the previous page to this one, there’s no next button. This is not (not!!) a complaint! This comic kicks too much ass to complain about. Just letting you know.


  6. Jamaica says:

    What a beautiful page! Such a dynamic composition with the whale, and i love the colors. Building up to something great!

  7. Sam says:

    Old Friends …. Old Enemies same thing different words :D

  8. Dlaiyre says:

    1680×1050 Wallpaper please!

    Pleeeeeeeease. :)

  9. Snowpea says:

    Génial, comme d’habitude.

  10. Seolyk says:

    hey Ramon,

    if you ever do any kukuburi merchandise…. PLEASE sell Ghrung plushies or action figures lol

  11. Sockis says:

    ‘He’ is so awesome =o
    I love you’r work, it’s totally awesome, I can’t understand I missed so many great web comics, but this is one of the best!

  12. Ceramic says:

    Here comes the tail for a pre-emptive strike

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