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  1. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    oh wow, so he is a bad monster dog!

  2. cs3ink says:

    Bloody wonderful!

  3. WareWulf says:

    when someone doesn’t feel good….. awesome things happen!!!!

  4. Bastardo_Kamonohashi says:

    Hmmmmm, looks to me like some secret powers of Nadia’s are awakening. Changing eye color is usually a good indicator for this.

  5. leslie says:


  6. zoli says:

    like, from the strange mushrooms? the ones just like that one trying to grab the puppy’s ankle.

  7. when her eyes changes color it would be cool if she had said, “You wouldnt like me when I’m angry.”

  8. Sam says:

    well at least her head is not spinning around ….. NOW that is a bad sign!!

  9. Bill M says:

    This “not feel good” is going to be awesome!

    You rock Ramon

  10. Jai says:

    The dinosaur-alligator-alien-puppies were just trying to save her from getting poisoned by the mushroom-ish things! Aww!

  11. Megan says:

    x.x We’ve been focused on Nadia leaving the room for like… Three weeks now… Is she EVER getting away? I just feel like this is being dragged out. x.x

  12. TheEFAF says:

    Megan, I’m sure the pacing would feel better to you if you checked up once a month or so. It might feel long to you but in the continuity of the whole strip I am sure this little episode will appear to be just that: little.

    So don’t get your panties in a bunch that it’s not going as fast as you like. If you want truly slow (and I’m only comparing amount of strips to time lapse here, not quality overall) go read Megatokyo.

  13. ChaosNebula says:

    Oh crap. I think she’s been poisoned!

    Brilliantly beautiful, as always, Ramon,

    & totally worth waiting for!


  14. bird says:

    to TheEFAF:

    I agree, this comic is really well placed, it’s just been updated slowly. The pacing as far as time intervals between posts is tedious. But with the quality of each post, I feel it’s worth the wait.

  15. bird says:


  16. Bluejay says:

    Man that thing has really bad breath…

  17. dan says:

    Maybe Ramon got hit with the same gas and thus is not available to update.

    Please, Ramon! Take a week’s vacation and build up a buffer of 10-12 pages so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen any more. Please. Think of the children. :)

  18. Megan says:

    To TheEFAF:

    There was no need to be rude. Forgive me for wanting to express my opinion…

  19. Ramón says:

    megan you have every right to express if you feel things are going slowly. as a reader i value your input. in what theefaf was saying, i am composing the story as a whole, so in the overall scheme of things it will be but a snippet.

    i’m trying to allow readers to explore the world through nadia’s travel. but don’t you worry, think of this as the calm before the storm :)

    things are gonna explode before you know it!

    as for theefaf’s panties comment, perhaps a bit too sarcastic, but i don’t think any harm was meant by it.

    that’s all, i just wanted to step in and clear the air.

    thanks fer readin’ .. and your patience :)

  20. Megan says:

    Ramon -
    I didn’t mean what I said to be insulting to you or the strip – I’m quite fond of Kukuburi. I suppose I was just anxious to see the story progress. Please, take all the time you need – your strips are absolutely beautiful.

  21. Name says:

    Fast pace or not. The quailty shines out. If you want to read a comic that updates REALLY slow (with the same amount artistic merit) try Zebra Girl. Sometimes it pays to buy the book when it comes out. I would love to see Kukuburi in harcover!

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