it has been (a nice) relief not to have to worry about kuku this week as my contract deadlines culminate :)

next week will see the return of the regularly scheduled programming of two pages every tuesday. once again, thank you all for you patience and support. you’ve all been awesome!

as well a thank you to tim for the link to the pdf/book ‘time management for creative people’ i’ve downloaded it and will give it a read.



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  1. Odo says:

    Woot! Early Tuesday posting! Yay!

    “Right. Two.” Just like the comic itself :) .

    I love the way you got her expression in the last panel. Now is the time for her to pull off the little mushroom stinger thing and jam it into the face/mouth of the currently engaged lizard-dog.

  2. Steve B says:

    Once Again………SWEET! No worries on the delays cause I have been reading Butternut squash and with my schedule it has taken me longer then planned. But I have to tell ya that i LOVE this strip! :)

  3. Jai says:

    I think they just want to play “Fetch”. If sci-fi movies have taught me anything, it’s that heavily-drooling monsters are usually friendly.

    Well, either friendly or hungry and nasty. I suppose that’s not a helpful lesson at all.

  4. Dlaiyre says:

    I feel if it was gonna eat her Panel 4 would be her head in his mouth! :)

    Yay pets!

  5. Wheezy says:

    Glad you got some of that stress off your plate. Thanks for the update! I appreciate all the hard work you put into this stuff – it’s simply beautiful!

  6. as363 says:

    Don Ramon 0 glad to hear the break allowed you to get caught up – please take one whenever you feel too pressed – I’d rather suffer a bit when I get to see results like this posting – AWESOME .

  7. I *love* Kukuburi’s world. The cast page is a great addition… Mmmmmmmmm……

  8. Trav says:

    They kind of look like nasty gorgonopsids. Pretty cool! Keep it up!

  9. John Christ says:

    Time Management?
    Look, I wrote an essay in college on ‘Procrastination; The Solution’ if you ask nicely I mgiht be able to dig that up.

  10. Chip says:

    When you gonna let me pay cash I don’t have for a printed copy of this extraordinary gem?

    C’mon, man!

  11. Seolyk says:

    yay! she’s semi safer than she was a moment ago! Now i guess the debate will be between those who think the lizard is gonna be friendly and those who think its gonna attack again.

    course… that rocky thing should be arriving anytime now >_>

  12. coil says:

    Gorgeous page!!!

  13. Lisa H says:

    Poke it in the eye. Nobody likes gettin a poke in the eye.

  14. fount says:

    Five bucks says it licks her face.

  15. scott says:

    Your work is amazing and inspiring, Ramon. I think I need that book too….

  16. Nissa says:

    I knew the mushrooms would help her. They’re plants, after all. :D

  17. Odo says:

    Hmph. Mushrooms aren’t plants. But, of course those aren’t mushrooms, so it evens out. I just got on to theorize that the lizard-dogs might turn out to be friendly (in the end) and I see that at least some people are of that impression as well.

    I think that the lizard-dogs either already know that Nadia is an avatar of Her and were coming to greet her (as in “Mommy’s home”!), or will now find it out. I’m holding for the former, since they are on their home turf, and a true carnivore would not risk going over the cliff unless it knew it could survive the fall. So the first one was just jumping over Nadia to show its enthusiasm, but the second one wants strokes. (A friend of mine was once seriously injured when her two full-grown rotweilers gave her the “Mommy’s home!” rush in a new house that didn’t have carpet the way the old one had…)

    Either way, it is pretty certain that Nadia won’t get eaten.

    Now watch Ramon figure out how to keep the comic going with Nadia being on the snack plate. :)

  18. kristina says:

    I thought the same thing… maybe those onion mushroom thingies are in their way helping her right now. MAYBE!

    I hope that thing only licks her face! Either that or some hero jumps in to save her.

  19. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    I wonder if his tail is wagging!

  20. I am so glad I found out about this comic a week ago.

  21. Sam says:

    and grandma what big teeth you have….the better to eat you with my dear :D

  22. Mart says:

    as always Ramon, you are a master of your trade
    I tip my hat to you, sir! *tips hat*

  23. Vlan2k says:

    Heh, heh… nice puppy! Puppy want a treat?

  24. Tom says:

    Wow, I lost the thread when you updated your feed – I was wondering what happened! Great stuff. The site updates are good too, keep up the excellent work. Like the cast page – I need to re-orient myself!

  25. Mondo Kane says:

    Go for the patented Hug-and-Babytalk attack! Works on the largest and most ill-tempered of dinomutts (and real mutts as I discovered when a rather large dog bodychecked me as I ran past it years back… got a mugfull of unspeakable slobber in my ear, but at least I still have the ear)!

  26. Jane says:

    Awww. It’s snurffles like a horse.
    … a big, sharp-toothed, angry-looking, green and scaly evil horse.


  27. Rooks says:

    Love the comic!! I have not checked back in a loooong time because when I first stumbled across you there were only the first two strips up (which blew me away) but I am horrible at waiting for new strips to be posted! So I go off, bookmark them and then do my best (and fail miserably) to forget about them for a while so I have a bunch of goodies to go through at once. I really like your use of colour (some web comic artists I read seem to be deathly afraid of it) and the story is well…you are driving me crazy with suspence. I hate waiting when I love reading something and cant finish it NOW. As in……NOW. ….NOW? Damnit.

    Anyway, to John Christ it’s nice to know I am not the only one who sees procrastination working out as a solution. My parents, teachers and all my friends have all my life disagreed and still do. I feel saddend in the face of such blatent ignorence….

  28. Dlaiyre says:

    I thought John Christ was saying he wrote a paper about how to avoid it.

    How is it a good thing? If I can turn my procrastination to a friend I will be a GOD AMONG MEN.

    or something. :)


  30. Nick! says:

    Dude, Ramon, I had been wondering why Butternutsquash was pretty much at a standstill. You kept this secret from me! It’s okay, I understand. My goodness, this is fantastic.

  31. Fable says:

    Hey, I saw the review on Tomgeeks, and I’ve been meaning to check this out for a little while. This comic is stellar! It should be published, it’s absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to keep reading!

  32. Scott says:

    Came to this site, after working my way through the Butternut archive. I love that comic, and adore this one. What fantastical imagination! I read through the whole back story in just one sitting!
    Keep up the stunning work…

  33. Mash says:

    You, sir, are awesome.

  34. JT says:

    Dmitri, I don’t think that’s going to happen next, but that would be cool!

  35. Chameleon says:

    yowzers… that thing was aiming right for her.. it only missed because she ducked *whew* but it is curious that the second one didn’t just attack…. very curious

  36. Odo says:

    *pokes* at website to see if new content is hiding. Not a sausage.

  37. HA says:

    That would be more of a
    *Pokes at website to see if new content is hiding* Not a sausage.
    got it Odo

  38. Odo says:

    Yes, you did — and your version is the correct one. Let’s see who else gets it while we wait for more Kukuburi goodness. *waits for applause*

  39. as363 says:

    Odo said *pokes* at webs site to see if new content is hiding. Not a sausage.

    Bot only that – but the cast has not been updated – as they used to say on “Laugh in” – velly interesting”

    Can i say that I’m getting a trifle worried .

  40. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    … gonna be a late one today. :(

  41. as363 says:

    meant to say Not – sorry

  42. John Shin says:

    Ramon said in Butternutsquash that his scanner broke, so maybe there’s no update this week?

  43. MTGradwell says:

    Hi Ramon. I’m a recent fan, both of your work and of a very different webcomic, Cheshire Crossing by Andy Weir ( CC isn’t graphically stunning like this is, but it’s got great plotting and characters. It would be even greater if it could be plotted by Andy and drawn by you; but the main reason I mention it is because of its schedule. There’s a new twenty-odd page issue every three – to – six months. I get the impression that this makes Andy a lot happier than having a tight deadline every week. Fans still get what they most want, which is an assurance that the story is continuing to be developed, because Andy posts occasional progress reports in his blog. You might benefit fron getting in touch with Andy to see how periodic issuing works for him.

  44. Gerasimus Paul Psomiadis says:

    Hallo Ramon!

    Seems the “next” page located at:

    has an SQL error and cannot be accessed!!!

    Thought I’d best let you know…

  45. Ramón says:


    that page no longer exists. empty your cache or refresh the page. i took said page down and replaced it with this weeks update…

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