this week’s instalment, for my own sanity, as well as for the quality i’d like to maintain on kukuburi, will be split in two. page 69 now and page 70 tomorrow, more than likely, night. i have a few converging deadlines that are priority one. the biggie, part 3 if the wildcat trilogy for jsa: classifieds #37 will be wrapped up by next wednesday.

who knows, maybe even a nice holiday. for me not kuku, don’t worry ;)

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  1. dania says:

    Seems you have a favicon up now! Lovely.
    Been reading a while… pure gold, man. :-)

  2. Randall says:

    I say good sir, you have quite the knack for telling a good story. I very seriously impressed and hooked on reading your comic. Your artwork is awesome, characters are expressive and seem to have their own personality, and your storyline is keeping me coming back for more.

    Kick ass

  3. Helen says:

    Today I have experianced something I never thought I would…Ramon said he’s not going to post his second update untill next week. Yet I am happy. Usually this would make me very sad, but im pleased becuase this means Ramons’ brains do not go *poof* :D

    You see the thing is, I love Kukuburi, and what would be the worst thing EVER would be that Ramon burns himself out and decides he needs to give it up, or cant be bothered with it anymore (this has happened before to some webcomics which I have also really liked – this made me very sad).

    Im secretly pleased your trying to keep your Tuesday updates…but as many have said before – your welfare comes first (and with a happy healthy Ramon comes consistantly good updates :P)

    So kick those feet back, get your other work done, and worry not.
    We’re still getting an update next week, you dont have to worry about kukuburi deadlines, life is good :D

    Much love to you Ramon!

  4. Cassanara says:

    Hey there, awesome comic! I’ve been hooked for awhile now. And I completely agreed with Helen!

    But I did want to let you know that the image for the Reggie cast bio seems to be not working, it only shows a link to me. I am running firefox and I’m not sure if others are having problems. Just a heads up!

    Keep up the awesome art when you can; don’t burn yourself out!!

  5. Ramón says:

    thanks cassanara! fixed the problem :)

  6. Naw, the mushroom tentacles are to trip Nadia up so that she falls flat and the pitbulliguanas leap over her instead of into her, thus saving her from becoming a tasty morsel.

  7. Tim says:

    Beautiful art Mr Perez, as always. Like most people I value your good health and happiness for my own selfish reasons ;-) so I am going to risk seeming pushy and or rude and recommend this
    useful PDF on time management for creative people written by the poet Marc McGuiness.

    Please give it a look. I am NOT nottity not not not getting at you for being late updating. I just hate seeing you obviously very unhappy about not meeting a firm commitment you have made. I am utterly sure that everybody that reads your stuff looks forward eagerly to the next “fix” but the only person I see beating up on you about it is you. I read some webcos that update bi-weekly and monthly and they are the ones that represent a major creative investment by the creator.

  8. J.Bone says:

    Absolutely brilliant! I love the design of those green monsters! Maybe they’re not as nasty as they appear?


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