greetings all,

a few of you might have noticed a few minor changes to the site. if not let me run you through them.

i thinned out the title bar so there would be less scrolling involved, as well, i tried to simplify the nav bar. removing the “facebook group” link and relegating that to the archive, whilst adding an about (which has as of yet to be filled out) and cast buttons. the cast section will feature a new member of the kukuburi clan every friday with a short little bio that will become more involved as the story fleshes itself out. this week already features THE BROTHER’S MEEP, followed by the lovable MORVO this friday.

i’ve also modded the site so when you type in kuku’s url it’ll take you directly to the first page of the story. the newest page button in the nav bar will then take you to the beginning of the most current update. however, the “newest button” code is now set and will not change. so for those who would like to bookmark kuku so it jumps directly to the newest update use this url:

i think that’s about it for now…


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  1. Tom P says:

    Nice to see you got the “current” link working! … and boy are those little creatures hungry! That room is almost completely gone!

  2. Odo says:

    I like the “current” link, and have reset my bookmarks.

    Now, on to the goodies. *Why* do the creatures like the bedroom more than the babe? Is it created stuff and therefore more tasty? Or is she, a being from our universe, less digestible? And why is the soft Mr. Skull doll not being tasted? Questions, nothing but questions.

    Hmmm. It might be that the created bedroom, being an intrusion into the normal order of things on the bottom of the underside is being removed as part of a normal cleanup operation and that the cleanup crew isn’t interested in anything that is actually alive.

    There seem to be some pebbles levitating along with the boulder with arms. Nice touch.

  3. kristina says:

    I love the new link set up! Also I like the idea of the cast page, it gives us addicts one more thing to play with!

    Odo, I didn’t notice until I read your comment about the skull doll, thanks for pointing that out! :)

    also, I think the boulder thing might have a face and it’s maybe following Nadia, we just don’t know that yet!

  4. as363 says:

    Hmmmm – curious & curiouser . Odo and Kristina – my thoughts also . You don’t suppose Ramon is going to tease us with another few weeks of Nadia trying to get out of this area – do you ? Nah – he wouldn’t be that nasty – or would he (tee hee) .

  5. Odo says:

    Oh, I’m pretty sure it has a face. The question is, how many teeth and it is the clean-up crew for live stuff, or is it what’s left of Mr. Skull’s previous opponent, or what?

    I don’t see a quick end to this part of the story, but I suspect that Reggie will be along shortly.

  6. Steve B says:

    I Gotta tell ya..I Love This Comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sam says:

    looks like something else is moving in to get some grindage :D

  8. yachris says:

    Gotta love how she’s curious, but not afraid — and knows just who to go to for answers!

  9. Jane says:

    I want a little octopus thingy with eyeballs. It’s adorably awesome.

  10. Seolyk says:

    I like how she’s too angry at Mr. B not telling her anything than scared about being around all those creatures.

  11. Justin says:

    Is it just me, or are those little green things around her “bedroom” leaves? If that’s the case, then that’s the only place with plant-life, sort of reminiscent of her “Bang” vs. Mr. Skull-o’-Awesome.
    Maybe her powers created/grew the room (since the outside of her walls look like the surrounding stone) while she was knocked out from the fall to give the place a more familiar feel to it (or even just to cushion her fall). Just a thought. =)

  12. Odo says:

    Justin — I went back and checked because that was an interesting speculation. Unfortunately it is clear from panel two in sixty|five that they are little green aphid-like bug things that are chowing down in their small way. They certainly do evoke leaves, though.

  13. Fliz says:

    I love it, but the 2 updates every Tuesday is killing me. = (

  14. Ramón says:

    wha? would you rather just have one? i’m not following…

  15. kristina says:

    Yeah, those look like they are the bugs Odo mentioned, but Justin, I think that’s a excellent observation, I wish I had thought of it myself! Maybe you’re right and Nadia’s powers [or the mysterious SHE] made the room to protect her until she came to.

    Fliz- He’s starting the new cast page, it’s another thing he’ll be updating, it looks like it’s going to be pretty neat too!

  16. colin says:

    Can’t wait till the next update. this is one of he best webcomics out there.

  17. bill says:

    Ramon – I think Fliz means he’d rather more updates

  18. Ramón says:

    heh, oh i know bill, i was just being sarcastic :)

    i wish i could do more updates. but unfortunately a man’s gotta pay the bills and that work takes precedence. for now, at least…

  19. colin says:

    oh, and also i can’t wait till the evil skeleton dudes name is revealed!

  20. Jai says:

    Those lil’ buggers (And not-so-little buggers) sure seem to enjoy feeding off of her imagination!

  21. Vlan2k says:

    So kick this puppy over to subscription only and let’s see an update a day!!!

  22. kyu says:

    I’ll take quality over quantity anytime.
    Awesome stuff as always Mr. Hitch…I mean Mr. Golden…I mean Rrrramón.

  23. Hébert says:

    I mentioned Kukuburi to my Swedish friend the other day, she thought I was speaking Swedish and therefore responded with “cockinberry?”. 0_o

  24. Don’t you hate when you think you’ve woken up and then you find out you really haven’t? XD

    It’s funny that people complain about too few updates a week when other webcomics update sporadically, sometimes one comic a month, or less.

  25. Chameleon says:

    hmmmm… I wonder what/who the big blob with hands is

  26. Chip says:

    Freakin’ poetry! FREAKIN’ POETRY!

    Did I say “poetry”? I mean, ’cause it is you know. Poetry, I mean.

    Crap, you make me sick.

    Of course I STILL wanna know when this puppie’s commin’ out iv book form. You’re such a tease.

  27. Shazzbaa says:

    In my opinion, once a week updates are sufficient as long as something happens every update. There are some webcomics I could name in which it takes a month to walk down a path — that is when once-a-week is too slow.

    Personally, I’m good with whatever update-speed works with the pacing, and Kukuburi moves quickly enough that once-a-week works.

  28. Odo says:

    Looking at it again (because the update isn’t here yet…) It looks to me as if boulder-guy is not following Nadia, but his headed off in a different direction, and has done so after some time has passed. Notice that the Mr. Skull ragdoll is on a small fragment of the bed as boulder-guy moves off, whereas the bed was still substantial as he(she?)(it?) watched Nadia leave. The background peaks are different, too.

    I think he(she?)(it?) is off to report to some as-yet-unknown fourth party.

  29. colin says:

    I was looking for the update( though it’s not here) when I just noticed the little pebbles floating around the boulder guy, also I think he might be an agent from Mr.Skully who was sent to watch her, because he knew that she wouldn’t die. Anyway, exceptional work, Mr. Perez, exceptional work!

  30. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    if you notice in the first frame….behind the bedroom wall [or what's left of it] the floating boulder guy IS watching Nadia as she’s walking off. So I think you guys are right!

  31. Ramón says:

    my apologies everybody!

    i’m just drowning in some deadlines here and trying to juggle it all. i am in the midst of kuku and will have the update up before the night is out!

    oh, and that’s not the “floaty guy” in the first panel. i can see why you’d think that though… should clear that up, visually that is.

  32. Odo says:

    Sunshine –

    If you mean the brown head with eyes that is just above Nadia’s hand in panel one on this page, I am pretty sure that isn’t the boulder-guy, but rather the large hungry fellow that shows up in panel 2 of sixty|five and several previous panels and who has made remarkably short work of the entire wall. His (its?) hands have claw-like nails, not short ones.

    Also, the PoV in panel 2 is not consistent with the head in panel 1 being boulder-guy, and Ramon has been exceptional in making sure that the environment is consistent when he switches PoV. Boulder-guy must have just come up, however, because if he (she?)(it?) hasn’t, he (she?)(it?) should be right in the middle of Nadia’s field of view as she looks back at her bedroom in panel 3 of sixty|five.

  33. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    oh. i see.

  34. Odo says:

    I think it is a measure of the detail and story-telling that Ramon puts into Kuku that has us hanging out talking about it while we wait for an update and at the same time gives us something to talk about.

    Still no update.

    We could start pounding on the tables with our tin cups and yelling “Update. Update. Update,” until the guards came around and put us all in lockdown, but that wouldn’t help us much. :)

  35. Astrocom says:

    The levitating armed boulder! he is from the image in kukuburi’s transmission x youtube video!
    (i think)

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