^ 10 Comments of Confabulation...

  1. Fremder says:

    Hahahaa! Buttenut-Poster FTW!

  2. Ramón says:

    heh heh, it wasn’t planned, but i thought “why the hell not…”


  3. kristina says:

    Love it.

  4. Corteks says:

    So we gonna get a “ButternutLove” poster in some kinda online store? Coz that would be mega sweet.

    BtW fucking excellent work with both Kukuburi and BNS ^_^

  5. Steve B says:

    Once Again………….SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brendan says:

    corteks, that’s from Butternut Squash of course! you should read that (whatever a certain angry email I once sent them said)

  7. yachris says:

    Oooooooooooh, beautiful blue eyes…

  8. Sam says:

    deja-who seem just like the beginning almost is she still late for work ?

  9. Phil says:

    Must. Have. Large. Format. Print. Version. Like the Big Damn Hard Boiled by Geof Darrow, and hopefully his Shaolin Cowboy ( crosses fingers )

  10. Parrot says:

    Aw, the heart is bleeding!

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