this week is more of a transition sequence as we establish the ups and downs.

and i know some of you are growing a bit impatient regarding the absence of our beloved nadia, so rest assured next week some answers…

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  1. Chip says:

    Impatient? Please. As a web comics creator myself, I fully understand — & my stuff is half a beautiful as yours. You’ll catch zero feces from me.

    Stunningly beautiful work! Really!

  2. mewilliamson says:

    why a bluebird?
    bluebird of happiness of course.

    both the bluebird and the daisy convey a sort of carefree happiness that would fit into topside much better than the flipside they are on right now. our not so friendly skeleton seems to be representative of the more jaded cynical side of life.

  3. Beccadawson says:

    Can we hurry up and get to the part where you kill off that damn lizard?

  4. Snowpea says:

    I don’t think of the skeleton guy as Death but as the voodoo loa Baron Samedi, which is perhaps pretty darn similar, although Samedi is also noted for naughtiness, debauchery and general mayhem. And lots and lots of rum LOL

  5. R-3 says:

    I just realized that she cannot conceivably fall to her doom… Gravity up, and gravity down, depending on your perspective. Only place she’ll end up is the center, likely. Unless this is some kind of crazy Mario Galaxy thing… then she’s likely to end up in a black hole.

  6. Zakk says:

    gotta say, the art in this comic is epic, peace.

  7. Hope says:

    Wow, I’m in love with this! The art is gorgeous, and all the detail and funny little french dialogue makes me squeal like a little girl in a field of bunnies. ;D I finially have something to look forward to at the start of the week.
    Thankfully it’s Saturday and I only have three days to wait.

  8. Mart says:

    does the whale make sounds like a whale would underwater?

  9. Andre says:

    Oh oh! My theory is that the blue bird is more significant than the flower, because it is a “sentient” being. More complex than a plant.

  10. Pan says:

    Brilliant artwork, especially on the battlewhale! Took me days, to find out, why 57 suddenly made the whale itself look so fiierce (to me): Now how could her hat fall into place ;) ..

  11. Ramón says:

    you’re good gg, it wasn’t meant to be a secret!

    but why a bluebird is the bigger query ;)

  12. GG says:

    I finally get the bluebird thing.

    I feel kinda dumb, but maybe I’ll clear it up for people like me who didn’t get it.

    I re-read the whole thing again. I had been keeping up with it, but decided to reread it all.

    The first “hit” she got, we saw a daisy appear.

    The second time, when she “cheated” she “hit” him, but “nothing” happend. It DID happen in the birdy XD

    MWUAHAHA I feel smart now >.>

    Also, awesome comic :P

    Forgive me if I wasn’t supposed to point it out ^.^;;

  13. satu says:

    Came here through GWS and now I’m hooked. Craving for the next episode seems to be for ever. Even though it’s only a week away. Love the way the story unfolds, not your regular cartoon series. The colours are awesome.

  14. Tuccy says:

    Name? Why? He’s Death himself for sure ;)

    Excellent comics. Really like it!

  15. John Christ says:

    oh, btw, this woudl be one helluva poster

  16. Ramón says:


    it’s interesting that you mention that. there’s a lot of power in a name. so for the most part he’s just known as “Him.”

  17. Sam says:

    Do we ever find out the bony guys name …. does he even have a name?

  18. Jane says:

    If Nadia gets saved by another hat, I’ll be ok with it. But Mr. Bones there? The sheer audacity and cockiness in his stance gives me great glee :)

  19. Graceofbass says:

    I just went back and viewed all the pages of the battlewhale going to meet Mr. Skeleton-man, and I love the subtle change from down, to up. In every page it rotates slightly, starting with the whale going straight down, then angled down slightly, then a straight horizontal view, and then angled up slightly, and then breeching in front of our bad guy. Absolutely brilliant, Ramon.

  20. Amy says:

    Absolutely incredible visuals! Would lovelovelove to have wallpaper of any of this week’s pages. Or anything else you’re willing to give your adoring readers :)

  21. quinn says:

    I hope you one day make prints of some of these panels!

  22. Seolyk says:

    He, meaning the skeleton guy

  23. Seolyk says:

    Heh, he’s honest and frank. and (presumably since the comic is still going on) quite naive. lol

  24. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    YEAH. This would make a great movie! I can see it now….

  25. R-3 says:

    Ramon: after this story is finished, you must make it into a movie.

  26. Ramón says:

    thanks again!

    i’ll be honest, i’m kinda speechless :)

  27. Shad says:

    Keep it up, stunning visuals, great story!
    See you next tuesday!

  28. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    ……[i’m envious of your abilities]……

  29. sunshinegetsmehigh says:



  30. kristina says:

    I agree with everyone Ramon, AWESOME!

    I’m kinda laughing right now, because for some reason the last two pages remind me of the Star Trek movie with the whale. [I’m not saying your comic is anything like Star Trek] Maybe it’s the music, like Odo I can picture some epic music of sorts, maybe it’s the musioc from that movie…oh well, who knows.

    I change my guess about Nadia, I now am guessing that Nadia is stilll falling….possibly, because there is nothing to land on…maybe….GAH, I can’t wait to find out….next week right!?

  31. karl says:

    I love this comic, it has everything I want.
    great art work
    interesting story
    surreal landscapes
    awesome bad guy

    To bad that i’m now so addicted i need to print this out and push the image straight into my veins!

  32. Alaina says:

    The perspective on this is awesome (as usual). That whale is ginormous.

  33. stacey says:

    Kyle –

    He can’t shit his pants, he has no intestines.

    Yikes, but this is all so good.

  34. chirp says:

    I love the casual downward flick of his hand.

    “Oh her? The one with the red shoes? Sort of punk wizard of OZ? Yeah, that ones probably dead. I might of pushed her. Body’s probably broken on the rocks below. The freckly girl; she’s the one your looking for, right?”

    But Nadia can’t be dead, because this place is heaven. I hope my heaven has slick, skeletal badguys in it. Kukuburi is where you go when you’re really, really good.

  35. Tucker says:

    Its been a few months since I started reading this, and pretty much every new update I’m struck with the desire to slap my jaw closed after seeing the art. Plus, the story is actually interesting without relying on one-liners every panel. A-mazing.

  36. Steve B says:


  37. Odo says:

    Ramon —

    Abso-f***ing-lutely marvelous!

    The entire sequence from fifty|three through fifty|nine is incredibly cinematic (not slo-mo except the passage of the Bluebird Bones, just the slowness of massive landscape and objects) and absolutely establishes your ups and downs. I imagine it with some very cinematic music, largo, starting with strings and ending in the brass as the battlewhale curves above Mr. Skull.

    Speculation. There seem to be a *lot* of little floaty rock bits (steps and paths and the like). Nadia could be clinging to one of them rather than still plummeting. Or, since the hole in the world is apparently quite close by, she might have been able to sky-dive her way into it. However, both of those are probably easy ways out compared to what you have up you sleeve.

    Keep it coming.

  38. John Christ says:

    hey man I love everything about this comic, take your time, the visuals are just astounding!

  39. Nick Szewczak says:

    when this comic was described to me the guy called it a bondage whale…. anyway i am glued to the RSS waiting for more awesome stuff

  40. CoyoteLovely says:


    Yeah, really, that’s it. That’s all I got. Uninhibited delight.

  41. Never before have I been so scared of a giant orange whale.

    If I were Skele-man here, I’d be shitting my pants right about now. Though, I suppose he’s used to this sort of thing…

  42. Machete says:

    ups and downs, lol I love it. I was wondering from the first page … so even though we are seeing this right side up, this is indeed upside down in the same way people on the other side of our world are ‘upside down’ in relation to us. Man, if you don’t bind this when you are done, it will be one of the great sins of your life.

  43. Jonathan says:

    I want a giant whale transport. (I was going to say boat. But it’s not really, is it)

  44. Phiip says:

    Just read the whole story, this is great !
    I really love it.

  45. Mat says:

    I have to go with Helen. Can’t wait to find what has befallen Naida (pun somewhat intended), but with stunning artwork like page 58, and the rest for that matter, I’m not sorry we have to wait. This comic is all kinds of awesome.

  46. Helen says:

    is that a spider… :/ Cant wait to find out what happens to nadia, but the pages inbetween are so good…I cant complain :D

  47. Bantiarna says:

    I got sent to BNS by GWS….. and found my way here… and am now hooked on an AWESOME comic that updates once a week?

    being a webcomic artist must bite…… rather than having your agent and/or editor calling you at deadline time like the more traditional comic artists get you get people like me crying when there’s a cliffhanger to their stuff…. and WE can actually cry to YOU rather than growl at our newspapers and think ebil bad thoughts to the artists….. seriously though…. I LOVE your art…. I LOVE this beginning to the story and I plan on STAYING hooked to the end. See you next TUesday.

  48. Thornae says:

    Oh well, guess the bad guy wins. End of comic. What’s your next project?

    Seriously, though, I want it to be Tuesday more often. You rock.

  49. Thomas says:

    Wow. I like that, at least he’s an honest bad guy. Unlike “Sorry, your princess is in another castle”.

  50. Me! says: