greetings all,

and a welcome, as well, to new readers who have been posting in the past few days.

some questions have been asked, such as “what day does kukuburi update?” well that one’s easy, tuesdays. today.

the other question was in regards to the “newest pages” button. since i upload more than one page per weekly update, keeping the code on the “newest pages” button the same so you can bookmark it is impossible. as far as i know anyway. the best i can suggest is the “tagging” method mention on the “greetings & salutations” page.

thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoy this weeks update.

as for nadia… what did happen to our favourite girl? well, a couple more pages and…

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  1. R-3 says:

    You are an amazing artist. I love seeing the new updates. Keep up the good work.

  2. Kristina says:

    …”a couple more pages and…” …oooh, good one Ramon, keep us hanging as usual! Beautiful work on this page!

  3. Rhiannon says:

    I started reading just yesterday after seeing your review on and I absolutely love this comic, it’s so well drawn, and coloured, and the storyline is amazing. I can’t wait to see how it develops the further into the story we get.

  4. I almost forgot there was a second page…

  5. Amemait says:

    I don’t speak French.
    Yet I understand all of what is said by the characters.
    Well done.

  6. Andre says:

    Amazing dude. Stunning design.

  7. khezef says:

    I don’t even remember how I found this comic last week. I do know that I imediatly linked all my friends to it due to the art being amazing and having a funky plot to boot. Your comic is fun to look at and read. Keep up the good work. Or I will have to fly across the country and hunt you down. *dadaDAA*

  8. Odo says:

    Lovely artwork, as usual. I love the fact that “down” seems to be well defined (for the moment) but that the local “down” on the battlewhale is at right angles to the “universal down.”

    Does “down” reverse, so that the plane that they just passed through is the ground on the other side as well, or does it remain the same direction? If it is the same direction is there yet another ground?

  9. mr bomb says:

    La Verite, no verite ;p Anyways, I LOOOVE the comic.

  10. Purple Dave says:

    There is a way to cheat it, but you’d have to set up an intermediary page. If you had a blank transitional page that the “newest pages” button always sends you to, you could then have that page automatically dump you to the first page of the latest additions. Then anyone who wants to skip the front page altogether could link to that page and auto-dump straight to the content. All you’d have to do differently is change the links on the second page instead of the main one, and (ideally) those of us who come in through the front door wouldn’t notice anything out of the oridinary, except a slight blip as the bounce takes place.

    Now, as for _how_ to do this, you’re on your own. I just know that it’s possible (seen enough “If this page doesn’t send you where you _actuallly_ wanted to go in forever-and-a-day minutes, you’re SOL” tags to know that much).

  11. TheSiggi says:

    Love your work, Ramon!

  12. Chip says:

    Still extraordinary.

    When can I buy it?

  13. Lee Cherolis says:

    I love those clouds, such a simple and subtle effect, and so visually pleasing.

  14. Khalid Bashir says:

    This webcomic sure is great. I love the way you mix the french with the english, but maybe that’s just because I know french >_>

  15. Vlan2k says:

    Amazing…. simply amazing. My one regret is that you don’t update faster. *dives under the desk*

  16. Ramón says:

    don’t make me hurt you patrick.

  17. John Christ says:

    oh wow! that is such a great looking page!

  18. Sam says:

    see this picture, I’m wondering did she fall up or fall down?

    and will they get there in time to save her?

  19. nick says:

    i just started reading this a few days ago and I’m thoroughly intrigued. you hooked me rather well and cant wait to see what happens next. Job well done.

  20. Odo and Sam: great calls on the up/down situation. I am now thinking that Nadia did indeed fall up.

    I just thought of this now – that “remerciez les enfants” phrase, “thank the children,” may be this world’s (or just this guy’s) equivalent of “thank goodness/god/the gods/heaven/etc.” It goes along with other indicators that the pure and creative – perhaps children as unsullied yet by the certainty that some things are just impossible or not real –
    are so important to this setting, maybe even world-defining – I recall a phrase about “the child’s imagination”…

    Though when I first read it, we (me and my rusty French) thought it might be idiomatic and mean something like “Forgive me my children/May the children forgive me.” I wondered if the hat was sending the bomb somewhere else, or if there was a micro-civilzation inside the hat which would be destroyed by the hat swallowing the bomb.

  21. Alaina says:

    you can also use to keep track of updates. It had a couple of weeks combined into one at the new year, but it seems to be updating weekly again.

  22. Damn. I just discovered this comic about a half-hour ago. I read through the archives and now I have to wait it out like everyone else.

    Consider my breath bated.

  23. ursie says: word: WHOA.

  24. yachris says:

    Hey Ramón,

    This is a great comic! But you knew that already :-).

    Anyway, a page or two back you wrote:

    “my goal is to have kukuburi published whether it be through a publisher (which is difficult to find cause they don’t like printing webcomics) or self-publishing which requires more capital at the beginning. i know there are many digital print on demand places. and the quality is good, but the base production cost is still silly high. especially for something like kukuburi which is full colour and not a standard size.”

    Allow me to recommend — you could set up a funding request with the amount for the self-publish setup (I’ve heard good things about but there are others, as I’m sure you know — Kevin Kelly did a good write up of them awhile back).

    The idea with is that you start a “campaign” to get your book published, at some specific dollar amount. Then you advertise it here and we go there, and pledge money.

    If you get the amount that you want pledged, everyone who pledged is charged and you get the money. If enough money isn’t pledged by some set time, no one is charged anything and it all just goes away.

    So it’s no skin off our nose to pledge if it doesn’t work out, and if it does, HEY, we get the book :-)

    NOW: Pledging ISN’T the same as buying the book. It’s just fronting you the money to get it published — we’d still all have to buy the book once it came out! But maybe you could do something like sending pledgers an autographed book or picture or something when we buy it through you.

    Before you say, “WOW, no one will pay extra just for a book!”, DUDE, your comic is AWESOME, I’d definitely pay (say) a $5 premium to have it exist! And that’s the beauty of doing it through — no one person has to bear the whole cost.

  25. yachris says:


    You’ve just read my rant about pledging to get the book above — would you do this for Ramón? Let him know here!

  26. Jennifer says:

    If there was a book made of Kukuburi-goodness, I’d be right there in line to get it. Your artwork is so beautiful, and I love the world you’ve created.

  27. Andre says:

    This strip kind of reminds me of Hueco Mundo, this Underside seems to be the equivalent to the Menos Forest. Still, amazing man. Really brilliant design.

  28. Malificus says:

    I just found this strip. Awesome stuff.

  29. Zigurana says:

    @ Ramón & yachris

    Would i buy it? Hell yeah!
    This comic one of those rare things that take you far far away in just a millisecond. I’d buy an escape pod like that any day!

    Just say the word Ramón, I’ll pledge!

  30. Kayota says:

    This just keeps getting better! ;.;

  31. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    I’d pledge!

  32. Kristina says:

    I’d roll out some dough to get this in print definately!

  33. Brendan says:

    This is definitely in my top 10 comics. The large colourful pages and evocative story combine with the mystery to keep me coming back. Good job and keep it coming! I’d buy a book if one was offered.

    listening to: Iggy Pop- Caesar

  34. al says:

    I just stumbled across this an hour ago and I’m certainly impressed.
    It’s original, beautiful and downright inspiring.

  35. Vlan2k says:

    Hey, I’ll buy one… if just to keep Ramón from beating me up

  36. sythiar says:

    First of all, congrats on the great, great comic. I do really appreciate it and find (as other people have pointed out as well) the design of both the world and the characters rather amazing.

    I do, however, cannot resist the one little nitpick here or there. One those nitpicks is the French on this page. I admit that my French isn’t perfect, but “c’est vérité” is deffinitely not right. You can either say “c’est la vérité” or “c’est vrai”. If you were looking for a good translation of “it’s true” I would recommend the latter.

    I hope you don’t mind the correction. Otherwise, the comic is great. :)

  37. Jeff says:

    Mr. Perez,

    Every time I get frustrated with my own drawings and feel like giving up, I look at your site and get inspired again. Thank you.

  38. Ramón says:


    thank you all for the great comments, i’ll be honest, i thought you’d all want to hang me as there was no sign of nadia in this weeks update!

    i want to welcome our new readers, there was a significant rise in traffic this week, so thank you all for swinging by and checking kukuburi out.

    jeff, your comment makes me blush like a little girl. i’m man enough to say that. i think :)

    sythair, thank you for the correction on my french, as i said when i emailed you directly, my french is pretty terrible. but i am having fun learning again, and the only way to get it right is if i do get corrected. i am all for valid and intelligent critiques within the posts.

    yachris, thank you for the hook up. i think i may consider this option.

    ani, odo and sam (aw, hell, everybody!) it really gets me excited seeing the story thought about and dissected in such a way. when i read such comments i wish i could devote everyday to composing stories and tales for people to read and enjoy!

    wow, i don’t think i’ve ever used so many thank you’s in one sitting.

    damn, look what you’re all doing to me ;)

  39. Will says:

    Holy dammit Christmas, am I glad I stumbled onto this from a link on the BNS page- this is a great webcomic! Now I have something else to read while I wait for the new Butternut season to start!

  40. CoyoteLovely says:

    I’d like to vote that I’d be down to Pledge. Just let me know when and where.

  41. Lisa H says:

    Another reader here glad to pledge my potential pledgeing!

  42. Russell D says:

    I’d throw in a pledge. Your work is fantastic.

  43. eric says:

    Ramon, your page is a godsend
    in the same ilk as miyazaki and amano, your work is a world i lose myself in
    PLEASE put this into publishing
    you’d have my pledge
    im currently a student in a magnet-program and all of its art students are on the computers, checking out your works lol.

    i love this webcomic

  44. Friedbourbon n coke says:

    I love your work… sent you some links to other sites that have updates that take you to the latest
    I think it is in their web page design that the update is the “home” page and old stuff goes to the archive links

  45. Erin says:

    I have been using the url below as a bookmark for checking updates, and it has worked well for me. Just remember to change the year in the bookmark in early January….

  46. Sabine says:

    I love the artwork in this comic. Story is great too, but please, just tell us what happend to Nadia already!!

  47. Potosino says:

    I’ve been hooked on Kukuburi ever since a commentator on Salon mentioned it and I took the initiative to look it up. Incredible! But what I really love about this particular page is that a reader suggested a correction in the text AND YOU LISTENED. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it. C’est vrai! La mera verdá.

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