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  1. eli says:

    oooh! foreshadowing! nice!

  2. Kristina says:

    ooh, so that hat comes back to him! NICE!

  3. Odo says:

    Either the hat comes back, or it is re-created as an inherent part of his being in this universe.

    If it comes back, then there is a bomb in it, which might be handy at a future date.

  4. Sam says:

    a bomb eating boomerang hat ….. excellent!

  5. Ramón says:

    i think everyone should have one really :)

  6. CoyoteLovely says:

    I dunno – if I got a hat I’d want one that was more oversized sunhat, or lolita hat…. And maybe rather then eating a bomb, it’d make me a bombshell? ::Grins::

    Seriously though, I’ve been passing this comic around to everyone I know. It’s divine. No complaints.

  7. Tygr says:

    “…and the hat came back
    the very next day.
    The hat came back.
    Thought it was a goner,
    but the hat came back.
    It just couldn’t stay awaaaay.”

    Sorry, just passing through while catching up on this Top 5 example of what comic art is supposed to be!

    - Ty (here via a tip from Dave Kellett @ Sheldon Comics!)

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