apologies for the later in the day update. it was a bit of a grueling work weekend and i could have persevered and finished this weeks update last night, but i was so tired i figure a night of rest would enable me to do a better job at finishing this weeks update. rather than a bleary eyed zombie like me fudging through it.

this weeks post, along with the next two weeks have been rotating in my head. not sure which one to put up first, in reference to story/page order as the event happen simultaneously. it’s an interesting experiment (for me i guess) in pacing and suspense. we’ll see how it works out…


i’ve added a link to the sidebar that specifically links to the news portion of the blog, where i may yammer on about other things related to kukuburi or just other things i may be working on. i will add a link in the navigation bar shortly… 



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  1. Odo says:

    Neat trick! I guess it’s just too easy to pull something *out* of a hat. I presume that there are spare hats on board, or perhaps Reggie can rescue it later.

    On the other hand, I am not sure what to make of “thank the children.”

  2. Death as Himself says:

    Wow, a hat like that would be useful. Can I have one? I could keep my head’s in there.

  3. Annie says:

    Wow, that’s a really big foot… Does it belong to the guy that tried to eat the package?

  4. Bartimaeus says:

    Hmmm… has anyone here read ‘The Looking Glass Wars’?

  5. Ramón says:

    hey annie,

    we’ve actually flashed back to the valley of the giants at the point where we last left off with rendo and la brigade de chapeau…

  6. Sam says:

    Where can I get one of those hats!

  7. Graceofbass says:

    I have had a long, long day and I am tired and hungry, and boy does Kukubuir help make it better. I’ve been looking forward to this since last Tuesday. Thanks Ramon!

  8. Kristina says:

    Shhlooop…. very cool! I wonder what else it can do!? Hmmmm….

  9. Amy says:

    Ooooh man. Love this, every week is something else amazing. A few nights ago, I dreamed of flying whales. Apparently Kukuburi is making it into my subconscious mind.

  10. Odo says:

    I believe that the toes are those of the giant in the green armor, shown clearly in page forty|two, but they might be those of the giant next door.

    I would complain about the enforced wait of a week, when it is clear that you have already worked on some of the next panels, but if I did that would be ungracious. I will wait, and wonder.

  11. Tom Spiffington says:

    yes to the reading of looking glass wars! freakin sweet book. the mad hatter kicks my ass, as does the cheshire cat.

  12. Vlan2k says:

    gives new meaning to “keeping it under your hat”!

  13. Jane says:

    Best. Hat. EVER! I don’t get the french, either, but hey, it’s just another awesome little secret that’ll be explained later.

  14. Gustavo says:

    Interestingly enough, the very same hat with a bill sticking out is used as the image link to the donations page… so one of two things is possible:
    a) By donating money it gets thrown down a bottomless pit
    b) That red bomb is going to end up in Ramón’s bank account


    Excelente trabajo Ramón, felicitaciones.

  15. Brenda says:

    I doubt it’s a bottomless pit. Cartoon physics applies one would assume and I bet if you turn the hat over whatever was inside comes pouring out.

  16. ursie says:


    forget blue ferrets, i’m getting THAT for x’mas. wld come in handy the next time my parents come at me with a knife.

  17. ACW says:

    Hey, Ramón, maybe I’m blind and you already have something like this, but it would be wonderful if there was a permanent link that always pointed to the most recent installment. Apologies if this has been requested before and I missed the explanation.

  18. Ramón says:

    ACW, in the nav bar the “newest pages” button will lead you to the beginning of the most current update. maybe i’ll change it to say “current update” or something…

  19. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    You’re so full of awesome Ramon! Excellent!

  20. Sam says:

    IF everything that goes up must come down….THEN everything that goes in must come out..right

    Do we get to see where the bomb went…..Or do we really want to see that ??

  21. Machete says:

    I’ve been sending Salon readers to Transmission-X in general and to you and some other strips in TX particular (there’s a distasteful bit of hackwork going on over there that I won’t even direct you to because it might harm you). I hope you’ve seen a spike in traffic this last month … your work is incredible and deserves exposure! Thanks for creating it and more thanks for consistently updating it because I know that’s the hardest part!

  22. clamshell says:

    b e a u t i f u l

    was sent here from Salon
    by an angel.

    thanks, ramon

  23. Annie says:

    awe the poor hat, what did it ever do to deserve being ’sploded

  24. Aaron says:

    I just read through all the backlogs today, as i just found out about this.

    This is why i tell my friends to not tell me about things until they are FINISHED.


    i hate waiting.

    great story tho.

  25. max says:


    that aside cool love the bad guy love the girl and the lizard. i dont really care about anyone else however.

  26. Nik says:

    Just found this and read through the back logs, amazing. I will be back every week.

  27. CoyoteLovely says:

    I got sent here from “The Dreamland Chronicles” – and I have to say that I am thrilled I came to check this out. It’s so different! And I remember reading in Ramon’s comments that he imagined his storytelling like music. I can very much see what he means. This is a really fantastic piece of work. I hope to see much, much more of it in the future!

  28. Justin says:

    My brother sent me this link late last night (or was it early this morning?). He was probably using StumbleUpon…but I digress.
    Awesome stuff, very imaginative. Artwork’s trippy in the best of ways. All this amalgamates to more then a story, but an experience. I started reading this about an hour ago and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve finished already and desperately want more. Can’t wait for the next update!

  29. Jake says:

    A stumble from heaven, evidently… I’ve so enjoyed reading the past comics, I was heartbroken when I realized there weren’t any more yet… I can wait, though :)

  30. I suppose “thank the infants” is an expression that is out of my culture. Some enlightenment?

  31. Chenoa says:

    Now can I breathe???? *stops holdingher breath*


  32. Ramón says:

    you can stop holding your breath chenoa ;)

    i actually put the update in just before i planned on going to bed last night, and then pulled it as i wasn’t satisfied with the dialogue. i am on my way into to studio and to make the dialogue tweaks and the comics should be back up in a couple of hours.

    i wanted to have the comic up for the morning, but i also wanted it to be right. damn, my finicky ways!

  33. Tim says:

    I love the images, did have a slight Fantasia 2000 flashback with the whales, particularly like the very expressive mrbadskellington. I came here because I am a long time Butternut Squash reader. BNS used to drive me nuts because your updates were sometimes kinda irregular, obviously a lot of projects in your life.

    I get the feeling that this is closer to your heart than BNS, more playful and inspired, particularly the musical beat-flow idea. You also dare to take a moment to look around and build a world for us. I am hoping that it is center stage for you, the vision certainly deserves it.

    If you can find a financial construction that would let you focus on this strip and which we could support I am in.

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