a part of me feels that i am being somewhat cruel with this update. perhaps, one might say, evil :)


The TX crew gets a spotlight on Canada’s sci-fi network SPACE, the imagination station this weekend! The amazing Mark Askwith swung by our local studio last week with a pile of questions and followed by a man with a camera. The questions were answered and our mugs were filmed, spliced, diced and compiled into a 3 minute interstitial that debuts this saturday, word has it at around 5:30pm, So keep your eyes peeled!      

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  1. Martha Sullivan says:

    Um, yes, that would be both cruel and evil. More to the characters than to the readers, but still. What is your leading lady going to do when she finds out what she has been tricked into doing? Now that really is cruel.

    Not to be going all negative on you. The art is still marvelous, of course. Keep it up and update soon! Thanks.

  2. Martin says:

    Hmm… Why do I only get every other new comic in the RSS feed? I keep missing out on comics as I rely solely on your RSS feed for updates.

  3. Tzarius says:

    I get the same thing as Martin, not every comic shows up in the feed. Perhaps it’s because only 1 item is ever shown in the feed, and our feed readers (i use the google reader) doesn’t check often enough to catch them all?

    T’could be easily fixed by increasing the number of entries shown in th feed.

  4. Lee Cherolis says:

    It might be because of the 2-page-at-a-time-updates. Is the RSS feed just linking to the Newest Page link? If i9t is, it’s possible it’s only grabbing the first page of every update.

  5. Tom says:

    Same here – only every other hits my reader. Great stuff, keep it coming.

  6. John Christ says:

    One might not say evil, we ALL might say evil!!
    big ole meanie!!

  7. Ramón says:

    fixed the RSS problem!

  8. Tory says:

    you are a bad man… a scarily talented, bad man

  9. Bill says:

    One might say that

    one might also agree

  10. Tom says:

    Thanks Ramon – the RSS works now and in fact I’m getting the full post which is awesome. Keep up the great work!

  11. Ramón says:

    no problem tom. also if you tell the rss reader to arrange by title it will post the them in order, so you won’t get the last page at the top, but rather the first of the two updates.


  12. Ramón says:

    alright a few more tweaks…

    added a “recent” list to the navigation bar. this will display the 10 most recent updates along with a quick thumbnail for recognition, if perhaps you’re looking for a particular moment or update.

    and to the sidebar i’ve added a list of my partners in crime from TRANSMISSION X, if you have a moment, meander over and see what they’re doing…

    till later!

  13. Your talent rivals that of even Kazu Kibuishi, and that says a lot.

    I’d expect to see you in the next Flight with this caliber of art.

  14. kristina says:

    Ramon!? You ARE evil, but I love IT!

    By the way I also love how you have missiles ending up getting sucked into the little globe bubble thingy’s!

    I can’t wait to see what happens next, so until then….you rock! Keep it up!

  15. sunshinegetsmehigh says:

    They need to get out of there QUICK!

  16. Sam says:

    I’ m praying for a dud or a very soft landing other wise they better kick that whale in to OVERDRIVE!!

  17. Odo says:

    It may be cruel at the moment, but I think when it is all laid out in book form, or when it is all played out and one is reading it from the beginning on the web, this will be a very good sequence. Sort of like a set of quick-cuts in a movie.

    As for Mr. Skull’s laugh — we have yet to see whether it is an evil cackle, or an hysterical laughter as in “Oh, my god. I am so screwed.” Or it could be that it is just a laugh of humor at the situation since he knows that the move is harmless, even though inspired.

    This is very good.

  18. Jane says:

    Now that is just not fair. You’re doing this on purpose!

  19. Lorelei says:

    This is the problem with this awesome comic. I was sneaky and only just found this, and was able to read from the beginning. But I have been outsmarted as I hit a cliffhanger. Ramón, you are a genius. I love this story so much. Since Nadia has Mr. B, I would like Mr. ZOMGZ for myself.

    (question: Does Mr. Skull speak in a deliciously plummy, hammy British accent also? Like…Christopher Lee kind of awesome?)

  20. Patty R says:

    Oh nooooo! *bwah ha ha!*

  21. Rach says:

    Wow. Just found this. WOW.

  22. Glenn says:

    Wow – when Danielle over at GWS mentioned “simply sending a link to Kukuburi will make someone’s day!”, I had no idea how true her statement was.

    Cant wait to see how this turns out.

  23. Filip says:

    Hi, Ramon.

    I really like your work and have a few questions if you have the time to answer:
    What is, basically, your technique?
    Pen, brush, both, none?
    Or is it drawing via a tablet directly into computer (what software)?
    The lines and curves are so clean and flawless, I simply can’t find
    any “human imperfection” in them…
    I’ve seen Brian Bolland draw directly into computer, and he amazingly kicks butt.
    If you really use the paper, then what size and quality is it?
    The brush strokes are pretty heavy…


  24. Crystal says:

    Danielle at GWS was right! Your style is gorgeous, the story was instantly engaging, & I can’t wait to see what happens next! Mad kudos to your brillance! *^_^*

  25. Ramón says:

    thanks for the great comments, i’m really glad to hear people are enjoying the story!

    and kyle, i think i almost blushed like a little girl from your comment, i am a huge fan of kazu’s and don’t think i even come close to the man’s talents, but thank you :)

    filip, i do all my work in the classic manner. ink on paper. i usually use a brush, but for kuku i opted for tech pens as i wanted to have a more modern animated feel to the artwork. so i use staedler fine-liners and pitt pens on smooth 11×14 strathmore paper (though half of kuku was done on a vellum finish – slightly rougher – because the art stores were lacking in paper supplies)… i then scan in the work at a high res, 800dpi to be exact and colour it in photoshop, though i have been tempted to colour it in illustrator.

    and damn that danielle, gonna have to send her something pretty!

  26. Odo says:

    Ramon –
    Are we allowed to speculate in this comment section, or would you rather we didn’t. I just came up with a theory about why Mr. Skull is laughing and how Mr. B and Rendo and company (and the battlewhale) are going to escape, but it involves projecting myself into the story, and some artists/writers would rather not have that in the comments section.

    Thanks for the awesome strip.
    — O

  27. Ramón says:

    hey odo!

    feel free to speculate. as much as i have the story laid out, it is also constantly morphing and changing. some comments have slightly affected story decisions other have not. it’s a very interesting side effect of webcomics and having your stories in the public eye during the creative process. in the end though, i will tell the story i am going to tell and hope everybody enjoys it.

    it is a huge compliment to my work though that people are enjoying and immersing themselves in the story and characters as much as they are! so the fact that you’re delving into kukuburi means a lot.

    so, feel free to talk amongst thy selves ;)

  28. Jai says:

    I’m always talking amongst my selves, though, and I don’t think you should be encouraging that sort of thing.

    This story, this artwork, this EVERYTHING… is awe-inspiring. I love it.

  29. Michael says:

    I think Danielle Corsetto just hooked a large number of her readers on this new (to them anyway) comic, me among them. Thanks for the new bookmark, Ramόn. :)

  30. Odo says:

    Thanks Ramon. — Obviously this speculation is far too late to affect the planned sequence, and I look forward to Tuesday to see how your vision and mine deviate, and in what ways, if any, they match.

    My speculation and the reasoning behind it is as follows:

    We know (though perhaps/probably Nadia does not) that her initial “hit” was a flower. We know that Rendo and the crew of the battlewhale believe that the missiles from Mr. Skull are dangerous, but we do not know why. The usual way of bombs is to go boom, but there might be other reasons. (I imagine that a bloom of flowers on the skin of a battlewhale would irritate it a good deal.)

    If Nadia’s hits continue as the first one, Mr. Skull will soon be sporting a floral chapeau, which will probably not inconvenience him much, but will spoil his air of urbane menace. That might be why he is laughing, but I think there’s more. I think Mr. Skull has been cheating and is about to be found out.

    He made one play early on – one missile. Another play, another missile. His current play? *Lots* of missiles. When one plays in an intentional universe, the universe notices when you are cheating, even though it may not be able to resist your actions. Given the opportunity, however, the universe fights back. (This is true in our own universe as well, but at a less obvious level.)

    I think that Nadia’s missile will break Mr. Skull’s ability to cheat, at least for a bit, and that the last missile may either evaporate (and I note that the color is fading in the last panel) or change to a flower as well. This may disturb the sleep of the giants, but is unlikely to awake them.

    What Mr. Skull’s further reaction will be, I don’t know. We haven’t been given enough information to speculate cogently. I doubt very much that he is defeated. However, if the giants are not wakened then the Compagnie Chapeaux will likely make it to their destination, which may indeed be critical.

    As to authors/artists appreciating interest in their works, I understand that very much, being an author.


  31. Princess says:

    Beautiful artwork, intriguing story.

    Heart broken that it is the 17th and your last update was 7 painfully long days ago. :D

  32. sara says:

    this is just flat-out amazing. i’ve seen nothing like this anywhere online, and just…awesome job! i’m hooked :)

  33. Martha Sullivan says:


    Any chance that SPACE profile on TX studios will be posted anywhere online? I’m curious, and Canada is a bit hard to get to from here (NYC).

    Looking forward to the next exquisitely drawn pulsepounding update (nothing like a cliffhanger) …

  34. baki says:

    I think I could get you a movie deal. Pixar or Dreamworks?

  35. Ramón says:

    interesting take odo! we’ll see how colose you are ;)

    princess, bear with me a few more hours, with the christmas chaos, plus work, it’s been a difficult week to stay on top of things!

    sara, thanks!

    martha, i think it may be on shortly. i’ll keep you posted. as for hard to get to, it’s only 8hrs… next time we visit ny you’ll have to say hi!

    baki, uhm, i’ll say pixar :)

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