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  1. Kristina says:

    Wow. So he’s not DEATH. Ooooh, I want to know her power. She doesn’t even know! intriguing…..

  2. Odo says:

    OK, how do Mr. Skull’s eyeglasses stay on?? For that matter, what does he need eyeglasses for? There are no eyes in the skull…

    Love the battlewhale. Is the spider the pilot or the gunner?

  3. Jazzy says:

    He doesn’t need glasses for any other reason than to look badass.

  4. TehMike says:

    The real question should be: How do the sunglasses stay on with no nose and/or ears to hold them on?

  5. Kel says:

    “How do the sunglasses stay on with no nose and/or ears to hold them on?”

    Probably the same force that’s holding his bones together and moving them with no muscle whatsoever.

  6. Dewi Morgan says:

    The pure power of *AWESOME COOL*!

  7. Phil Nolan says:

    I’d guess the mystical power of the glasses is probably the same mystical power that makes chameleons talk, hats into buildings, whales fly, and cephalopods speak French.

    From time to time, I find it difficult to believe in that power, but then I stumble across a dream like this comic … and I BELIEVE.

  8. Doug says:

    “Like the child’s imagination that blossoms or withers away.”


  9. It’s the mystic power of sunglasses that remind me of Spider Jerusalem! And things that remind me of Spider are always good.

    By the way, his voice in my head is kinda Jeremy Irons. And a little smug.

  10. Tiani says:

    DUDE! That actually works! The voice of Jeremy Irons is perfect to imagine Skully’s voice to be… Sweet!

  11. Bella Cullen says:

    Of COURSE he’s not Death Nadia. He’s got a better fashion sense than that. (GOD! Flowing robes are SO last century!!)

  12. Chip says:


  13. Anthony says:

    “The real question should be: How do the sunglasses stay on with no nose and/or ears to hold them on?”

    That’s it, I can no longer read this comic. It’s far too unrealistic.

  14. Well, naturally, the voice of Jeremy Irons is perfect for just about every occasion. Now if only I could get the voice in my head to sound like him.

  15. Chenoa says:

    What about Hugo Weaving as the voice of Mr. Skull?? That would be cool too, methinks…

  16. Tiani says:

    Or the voice of Ian Richardson (the voice of Death and narator of Hogfather)? He has that “bony” quality as well… there are too many cool voices for Mr. Skully. Guess all one can do is to pick each their own…

  17. Keith says:

    i picture This Skull figure having the same voice i pictured Wednesday from “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman as having… now if i could only define his voice.

  18. Dune Walker says:

    I just noticed that the rearward battlement part of the whale is a daddy-longlegs like creature. Trippy.

    ~Dune Walker~

  19. Soph says:

    Honestly, that skeleton is far sexier than he should be, especially considering the whole skinless thing.

  20. snr0n says:

    Just a tiny quibble, you’ve missed the “k” from the first “y’know” in panel 2.
    I’m loving this comic so very much, I hope I can show some restraint and read it slowly enough that by the time I get through the archives you’re back to a regular update schedule… but given how much I’m enjoying it so far, that doesn’t seem likely!

  21. Ramón says:

    thanks snr0n, i never caught that!

  22. I think he means brief, not debrief.

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