greetings all!

first off i want to pass along a link to the TX:TV episode introducing kukuburi. not sure how many of you have been watching, but TX:TV is a great little video-cast put together by brenden fletcher of ragni. it updates every friday and gives people a behind the scenes look at transmission-x, it’s creators, their creative process and their lives. check out all the episodes when you get a chance, especially the halloween one, it’s all good times!

and now for an amazing piece of awesomness! danielle corsetto, creator of girls with slingshots, sent me this photo of her halloween pumpkin, carved up kukuburi style! this girl is wicked. if you haven’t yet read her comic get your ass over there and check it out!


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  1. Sam says:

    flower are pretty… I like flowers!

  2. kristina says:

    Ha, he missed! and “YAY” she didn’t!

    That pumpkin is wicked! I am going to that comic link as soon as I’m done rambling!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Omigod Omigod Omigod!!!!….The Flower is f*cking GENIUS!!!!!!

  4. Kristina says:

    Okay, so I’m still at work and I’ve been thinking…. Are they all in a giant life sized battle ship game, and is that box in the begining of the comic what Reggie was sent back to get, is the hat in there……… So many questions.

  5. Lee Cherolis says:

    I love how she doesn’t know or care that she’s playing by his rules. I also love how this is one of the most engaging stories I’ve read in a while, so free-form and unpredictable. A-1 work.

  6. Vlan2k says:

    FanFREAKINtastic….. as always!!

  7. Nadia says:

    HI! My name is Nadia too! Yay! Just wanted to say I really like this story, just read the whole thing! I’m also a fan of bns, so thanks a lot. Aaaaah can’t wait till next week now…..

  8. Jenna says:

    hi there
    Girls with Slingshots sent me this way..I immediately LOVEd the art, and it felt familiar…eyed the name, checked my bookmarks, and had a lil butternutsquash glee spill out. Nice new stuff! Looking forward to adding this to my morning routine.

  9. Andre says:

    I arrived here from Danielle’s page…
    I am absolutely STUNNED by your work… I used to read your Butternutsquash comic a while ago but unfortunately stopped reading it because of a huge ammount of work…
    And when I heard that you had a new project I was thrilled! Really, this world you just created is marvellous! REALLY looking forward to the actual book =)

  10. I too arrived at this site via GWS. This is gorgeous, amazing, engaging, contains shout-outs/homage to some of my favorite stories, including Alice In Wonderland. And yeah, I know the Futurama alien newscaster is “Morbo” and that “Morvo” is also a classic scifi name…but I love it! I’m a sci-fi geek, a comics geek, and a lit geek, and I think this is stellar.

    And oh yes – BATTLE WHALE.

    Which reminds me of something in Glen Cook’s Black Company series…

  11. Scott says:

    Girls with slingshots sent me here as well.

    This comic is BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Civin says:

    I’ve been following GWS for months so when she linked here.. I had to stop by. Now I am sadly addicted to another online web comic! I’ll be here every week for the update. Your art style is amazing and story is just insane enough to make sense.. I… think? ;)

  13. Ralphus says:

    It seems everyone got here via GWS. Awesome comic, awesome art, awesome call on A-1!! :)

  14. Andrew says:

    Impressive… I can say that I am completely speechless after reading something so original and beautiful. Not to mention that I recognized Mr Pérez’s design at the first page!
    The name, the story, the design.. ten out of ten!

  15. Polona says:

    Hello! Another sent-via-GWS reader here.
    And I’m so so so glad to be! I’ve been searching a webcomic like this for, hm let’s say, since I’ve known about them.
    I’m seriously at loss of words… *excited*
    You’re my hero, keep up this amazing work!
    I’ll sure visit often, hehe.

  16. Clay says:

    Awesome man, just read each one tonight and I’m really curious as to how this’ll turn out :)
    Keep up the good work and the fantastic art!

  17. Ramón says:

    WOW! welcome gws’ers and thank you for all the kudos!

    i’ve already promised the most awesome danielle a nice pint of her favourite at the establishment of her choice next time we’re in arms reach of each other.



  18. CyCo says:



  19. Dune Walker says:

    Man! I was reading Kukuburi before GWS made it all cool to read Kukuburi!

    *puts on a silly hat, listens to utterly horrid music, and acts all indy and avant garde*

    Just kidding! Welcome aboard new folks, and hope you enjoy the ride as much as I think I will!

    ~Dune Walker~

  20. Tori says:

    Danielle corsetto sent me over here and I love it! Your art is amazing!

  21. Teresita says:

    You’re a new discovery for me – also via gws. do you ever get out to the chicago comicon?

  22. Angel says:


    Danielle Corsetto had this link on her website so I just had to take a look. I’m glad I did. You are wonderful. Keep up the good work!

  23. Chenoa says:

    Ditto many others sent on thru GWS.

    Indeed awesomeness!!

  24. Odo says:

    I came via a two step link from Something Positive via GWS. The chameleon knows more than he has let on to Nadia, but I love her attitude. And I love that a “hit” on Mr. Skull is a FLOWER! It is so perfect, and you are so getting a bookmark! Love the artwork and the story.

  25. Z says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful work my friend!
    Came here by way of GWS…Color me IMPRESSED.

    Looking forward to seeing the future of this story unfold.


  26. Che says:




    I’m serious. I’m talking on-par-with-Pratchett’s Death coolness here.

    I also showed up from GWS. Why the hell did no-one tell me about this comic until now?

  27. danielle says:

    I do read GWS, but it was Dog eat Doug that led me to the link first…just a matter of not having been able to read online for a while….

  28. Seraphine says:

    I just went back, being a nude reader,
    I mean a *new* reader, to read your
    comic from the beginning. It’s AWESOME.

  29. Matt says:

    I too came from GWS, which i found from Devil’s Panties which i came from Something Positive which came from Krazy Kimchi which came from Ghastly i think. i cant remember anymore. Ah webcomics :-)

    This is an beautiful comic, keep it up :-)

  30. verd says:

    There soooo needs to be a Battle Wale pic in a PB/RIFTs book. Please?

  31. Bart (the Wise:-) says:

    Another one sent here thru GWS. AWESOME story. Chameleons should always wear a fez, and Death is really cool. Great artwork!

  32. The Yellow Dart says:

    Nadia is obviously the superior battleship player. A-1, genius move. No one ever sees it coming…

  33. Jennifer says:

    I also came here via GWS, and I’m loving this comic! Your art is awesome and the story is great! I’ll definitely keep reading.

  34. Cranberrytuna says:

    Came here from GWS. Haha, I know, I know, join the club. Great artwork. It’s so fun and imaginative. Can’t wait to read more.

  35. Canuck-Errant says:

    I came here through Butternutsquash via GWS. I’m sure I stumbled across BNS before, I just lost the bookmark at some point. Ah, well.

  36. Doug says:

    Came via GWS and I, too, would like to offer Danielle Corsetto a pint of her fave! This comic is awesomely engaging!
    Keep up the greatness!

  37. Angelique says:

    I actually found this comic by accident. But I’d been reading Butternutsquash AND Girls With Slingshots for a while. Slowly, the pieces came together and it’s a wonder I never found Kukuburi through your other comic or through GWS! Weird!

    All that to say, I love it!

  38. zoli says:

    in my head, the skeleton guy (i’m still not certain that he’s death) is voiced by none other than Christopher Lee. stunning!

  39. Kel says:

    Glad I found this whole site through GWS (which I found through Something Positive). Your art is teh awesome times ten ftw.

    I must use a certain amount of netspeak a day or I die. Dead. 4srsly.

    Also, my skeleton is Ian McKellen, because Sir Ian rox mah sox.

  40. Tibz says:

    Why does he send out missiles and she make flowers appear? The inherent nature of their existence?

    Found link on GWS, definitely gonna bookmark this and await updates. ^^

  41. Naw, I’m thinking he sounds more like Jack Nicholson. Too cool for his own britches, in which he will hopefully be bitten by something with large, sharp teeth.

  42. Agnella says:


  43. Parrot says:

    Ah, Ms. Corsetto is truly wicked. Love her stuff – and yours. ^^

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