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  1. Joshua Baker says:

    I’m terribly hooked on this story. The art is so original and interesting. Everytime you post a new comic there’s something new and beautiful to look at. I’m a long time BNS fan, first time poster. Hats off Ramon. You do excellent and amazing work.


  2. Rachel says:


    seriously, this art is amazing, the COLORS let alone the animals make reading this like eating candy ^_^
    i’m in love

  3. Bella Cullen says:

    This is gorgeous. The war whale and the infinite pink sky… niiiice.

  4. Kristina says:

    What’s the significance of the HATS!? Maybe it ’s that the bad skelator guy can read your mind with out one on!? Nah, we’ll see…. Good story, keeps me guessing!

  5. CyCo says:

    Been busy and let this slip away. I love the battlewhale! Awesome. I’d love just that frame on a t-shirt.

    You ‘da man Ramon!


  6. Jo says:

    Oh this is too awesome for words. Amazing art, talking Chameleons, french octopusses, talking skeletons….oh this just keeps getting better and better. And the stories fantasic, the mystery surrounding is perfect!

  7. Zatoichi says:

    What a treat! Thanks to GWS – this is an awesome comic.

    And the missing hat? My guess is in the hatbox the girl was carrying….

  8. ziggy says:

    you know, in one of the earlier comments, someone made a comparison to the maxx series.

    just noting, the maxx had giant floating sky whales also

  9. nashoba says:

    Hey wait Ramon, did you add a sentence to the second frame? I don’t remember the bubble about the Tillywump’s appetite the first few dozen times through this.

  10. Ramón says:

    i don’t know what you’re talking about…

    *averts eyes*

  11. Fiorentina says:

    Damn you Ramon!
    I’ve got work to do…

  12. Pettsson says:

    ohh, i want one of those flying-whale-carriers.
    i think we have the same kind of imagination, but i would never be able to visulize it like this, not even in my own head, keep up the good work.

  13. Pangolin says:

    Ok, Reggie is absolutely my favorite character so far…

  14. aeonsama says:

    This is just too cute!!

  15. revelarts says:

    Wonder-full n Awesome

  16. Bojan says:

    Never give up Ramon.

  17. Indigo says:

    Jet pack firefly. And battle ready whale. I am so glad someone pointed me here.

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