the turkey festivities made me sleepy…

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  1. ghettoManga says:

    this comic is ridiculous! i’m now an instant fan!

  2. Chris says:

    Third read through and just now noticed the passed out black bird. Cute!

  3. Ramón says:

    hey swamp.

    thanks for the correction, i will make the change asap. i’ve received lingual corrections here and there and am very happy to take them and learn. so feel free to make then again :)

    and glad to hear a butternut reader meandered over!

  4. Swamp says:

    Hey man, I love the strip, almost as much as BNS (but not quite yet), do keep it up.
    Just wanted to let you know tho’ “La brigade de chapeau” = not quite right. (If you want to have it in proper french that is, as it is perfectly your right to want it to remain as is, or it might even be on purpose). But for proper french grammar you’d have to go with either “La brigade du chapeau” for a single hat, or “La brigade des chapeaux” for multiple hats.
    But don’t mind the picky frenchman and keep entertaining us!

  5. Anton says:

    The art is amazing, I love the shadow on Rendo, from the hat, such a cool looking little guy. You always do such good work.

  6. Ramón says:

    dewi, hold of on that refresh button… it’s gonna be a few hours still :|

  7. Dewi Morgan says:

    Geek story: it’s not broken, he posts two at a time.

  8. Dewi Morgan says:

    It’s tuesday, it’s tuesday… any moment now I shall hit refresh and there will be a brand new influx of AWESOME!

    …Aaaaany moment now.

  9. A Geek Story says:

    Yo Ramon. killer colors. Love the strips. Waiting for more…

    btw: notice how you get lots of comments only on alternate posts? Thats because your RSS feed is broken somehow. It only updates alternate posts. Could you look into it please?

  10. M says:

    She had enough time to move… somewhere else, I guess.

    Fine page. Fine comic. Looking forward to reading this.

  11. schroedingrscat says:

    I also hate to point this out, but Rendo thanks Flo for his beverage, and then talks to her on an intercom as if she’s in another room. I’m not sure whether it’s simply delightful insanity, or a time-jump, but it’s there and I said it OH NOES

  12. tangerine says:

    you make my fantasies come true. Now if you could throw in a mystical calliope, I think my life would be complete.

  13. Ramón says:

    thanks ian, missed that!

  14. Ian says:

    I really like what you’ve been doing, and I hate to do this. But Rendo says “were is the girl…” shouldn’t it be “where is the girl”

    Sorry, it bothers me, but again, you’re doing a great job!

  15. CyCo says:

    You know, Rendo does look french…

    Brilliant work Mr. P!


  16. Ramón says:

    haha – neither was i kristina, neither was i… these fellows just write themselve sometimes :)

    thanks all!

  17. Kristina says:

    Yay. Rendo. I wondered when the purple guy with the pipe would come into play! Wasn’t expecting the accent on him, BUT, I love it! Keep up the good work man!

  18. Vlan2k says:

    The only true response I can offer is…. fan-FREAKIN’-tastic!!

    The artwork and imagination are top!

  19. Phil says:

    Ramon, you ought to publish this when it’s complete. If Geof Darrow can get Image to do Shaolin Cowboy, this is just as whacked out and well-drawn.

  20. Rico says:

    La Brigade de Chapeau???….LMAO.;.. that’s BRILLIANT!!
    I await arrival of the Dirty Sock Division! :-)

  21. Pulsemap says:

    Most awesome I must say, Mr Perez! Most awesome indeed! So far your comic has been pure joy for me and….anyone else who reads this. which I imagine must be quite a few folks! Also, congratulations on the whole Transmission X shindiggity-doo-dah-day! Its seems to be going quite well. I myself am reading quite a few comics one there and am glad to see that they’re all in one place! My thanks go to you and the rest of the Transmission X team for making possible what we have now. I assure you, we are all very grateful for what you folk have done! :D


  22. KidMinotaur says:

    Killer, as always. Awe-striking. Shouting your URL from the rooftops.

    Kudos, in other words. Nice job.

  23. Michaela says:

    I love every character so far. The skeleton last week was awesome, but even little Flo is so wonderful. Can’t wait to meet the hat brigade.

    When does the movie version of this come out?!? And the book??? This is really good stuff Ramon…it’s like getting a present every week! Thanks.

  24. Casey says:

    There’s a brigade of hats?

    Dude. This comic goes from awesome to crazy awesome on a weekly basis. Love the art, man.