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  1. Tom says:

    Ooo… who is him!? Great stuff, keep it up.

  2. Snowpea says:

    Ooooo… now I’m getting sceeeeyeard…

  3. Kristina says:

    That tongue on the manta ray thingy is awesomely creepy.

  4. Jillian says:

    Prrrrple giraffe! :D

    You did a sketch of a fuzzy monster for me today – thank you so much! It’s on my wall now. I really like your work – I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed so keep updating! :)

  5. Bnpixie1990 says:

    Manta rays! closely related to sting rays. AND WHAT KILLED THE CROCODILE HUNTER?! Exactly she should be scared.

  6. WristWatchMafia says:

    Him? The gothic metal band?

    My god….that means…..OH MAN! Fangirls at 5 o’clock low! Cheeze it, Space-Giraffe!

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