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  1. superman1930 says:

    You are truly a master artist and I’m honored to read and view your fantastic visually stunning comic art.

  2. Kmeeper says:

    the giraffe reminds me of the long legged elephants from Salvador Dali paintings

  3. Rebecca says:

    This is one of my favorite pages, I love the perspective of the giraffe.

  4. The Jester says:

    O-kay, somehow I thought the giraffe was a dragon at first.


  5. TypH says:

    thats one big giraffe, does it eat some of the ground? cause is that one there lil peices of land floating:P haha

  6. Jamiepuss says:

    You had me at purple giraffe

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  8. Andrius says:

    Oh my Buddha. AWESOME.

    I want a giant purple giraffe!

  9. Ramón says:

    thank you D and best of luck with your carer as an artist :)

  10. D. says:

    Man this is incredible! :D Even though it looks like you were totally tripping when you thought this up, it’s really great :D I love your art – I continually look at your stuff and think “Wow.” I’m an aspiring artist/illustrator myself and quite honestly find your work inspiring :)

  11. HappyG says:

    There are certainly a lot of playful perspectivesin this comic, though I must admit that the quality of the art simply is not high enough to make up for the slow movement of the plot. Although I am lucky being able to browse through after the story has many of its anchors in place, I can imagine that if this comic were to stretch on over a matter of months it would be rather frustrating and cause readers to drop off like flies.

    This seems to be a blatantly experimental piece, and though I have seen more expressive and detailed artwork, it is a pleasure to see your personal style express itself.

    I do hope you continue and enjoy your time expressing artistic imaginings.

    <3 HappyG

  12. Jace says:

    I love how the giraffe looks both 2D and 3D.

  13. Satyrane says:

    I just started reading this comic (was sent from GWS), and so far I’m really enjoying it. Up until this page anyway… the art so pretty, but why a giraffe? Do you not know that they are the instrument of the evil one? =:0

  14. Garrett says:

    I’d hate to be the one who feeds that giraffe daily!

  15. Lee says:

    this is pretty trippy…liking it!!

  16. ketsuo says:

    Oh my god this is so awesome!!!

  17. Tonye says:

    This has ‘Windsor McCay’ smeared all over it!

  18. aris says:

    great workof sequential art and design….wow keereeen.

  19. Kristina says:

    this is pantsing beautiful! you have such an amazing mind and talent! i love the comic-y surrealism-y stuff. SO COOL.

  20. Sammi says:

    OMIGAWDS. Purple giraffe!

  21. Ryuji says:

    Heavily impressed with the artwork, and honestly, I dig the way the tale is unfolding. Additional info in the form of words absent or no.
    It matters not, I am highly enjoying this ride. Many thanks Ramon.
    Good to see your work up and going along with Butter Nut Squash. ^_^

  22. Jo says:

    Wow, that’s just stunning. And your imagination! If everyone had that imagination….the world would be more interesting. I have to keep reading!

  23. Frogfaerie says:

    PRETTY!!!!! I love it! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  24. Kris says:

    Gak! Someone’s stolen my name! Terrible!

  25. kris says:

    very salvador dali. The colours work really well.

  26. Karthik says:

    Not noodles, ramon, Rayman the Computer Game!

    Check out the screen shots of the game at

    Most specifically this image

    Hey, don’t think I am picking loopholes in your art. It is fantastic and I think you know that too.

    But the floating rocks with ladder connecting them – I have seen that in computer games like Rayman. That is all. Keep up the good work.

    Cheers, friend. Looking forward to you art.

  27. Tiina says:

    Eh… I’ve heard of “Pink elephants with purple spots”, mainly from my brother, but never a gigantic lavender giraffe… (ok, so it is two shades of purple). But I must agree with Lindsay. Where, what and will it help my own dreams to be easier to be brought out to “life” in a comic or novel of sorts?

    My god, you are an excellent artist! I’m In awe!! Don’t know what else to say, but to keep up the brilliance!

  28. Ty says:

    the giraffe reminded me of the ones in the lion king, did you know they clean their ears with their tounge, just a side note

  29. mike says:


  30. Ramón says:

    it’s not rayman, it’s ramón, and it is me!

    i’m right here!

    actually i have no clue what you’re talkin’ about.


  31. Kristina says:

    I love this frame, so NOT what I was expecting, but that’s why I keep coming back. You never cease to amaze Ramon!

  32. Chris Kozak says:

    Wow. Like Dali. On acid. Chased with single malt. After being hit in the head by a gold brick wrapped in crushed velvet. Thrown by Rene Magritte. Ceci n’est pas un giraffe. C’est magnifique.

  33. Karthik says:

    Hi. Fantastic. It reminds me a bit of Rayman though.

  34. Geoff says:

    This is crazy cool!!

  35. Kat says:

    It’s gorgeous.
    Reminds me of a modern day Alice in Wonderland,
    just a little heavier on the hookah.
    I absolutely am in love with it.
    It makes me feel little again…

  36. Ramón says:

    greeting huck.

    you bring up some valid points. things i’ve thought of and taken into account when pacing out kukuburi. with the openning of the story i wanted to convey chaos and randomness, as if our protagonist was the ball in a pinball machine being jostled about.

    as to her name, it’s revalation is attached to the same reasoning. i want the reader to experience her confussion and feel a little lost.

    things will settle down in a short bit, where we’ll learn her name, her purpose and exactly where she is.

    kukuburi is an experiment for me. on many of the panels we’ve done at conventions this summer i’ve oft said that i’m treating kukuburi llike a silent film of musical beats. with the dialogue being secondary. if the experiment suceeds or fails, only time will tell.

    i hope you stick around for the ride as the story unfolds.

    thanks again for your input and criticisms, i’ve taken them to heart.

  37. Huck says:

    The visuals are top notch and your panel-to-panel storytelling are quite strong… my only problem with Kukuburi is that we’re 14 pages in (and almost a month since the comic started on the web) and there is absolutely no story to hold on to. The main character has no personality beyond the visuals of ‘cute punk delivery girl’ and there’s no rhyme or reason behind anything taking place. Randomness is not a story.

    The visual trick of her not clearly being in the frame until page 9+ would work okay in a published book but on the web it unbearably drags. Heck, I have to say “her” because I don’t know the main character’s name yet after 14 pages.

    Most compelling characters make decisions, even Alice had to follow the white rabbit into Wonderland. Here, our main character is a confused observer of far more interesting things than herself. As individual illustrations they’re fantastic, seriously. But as a story it’s very flat so far.

    Your readers will gawk at the quality of your art, but they’ll also have trouble coming back every week if there’s nothing worth checking out for long stretches. Almost all of the Transmission X titles suffer from this – each update a splash page or 2-3 panels with almost no dialogue: artists creating beautiful art but not compelling characters and events. Almost all of the creators assuming that pacing (let alone pacing for the web) doesn’t matter because it’s well drawn.

    I hope you take this comment seriously and don’t just chock it up to sour grapes. I’m not writing this to be a jerk. The professional quality of the artwork is very clear and the potential of the line-up is strong.

  38. Vishal says:

    Whoah! I want this on my wall!

    I love your work on Butternutsquash, Ramon, and I’m glad that Kukuburi is so different but still retains the wonderful sense of energy that you work into your panels.

    I’ve been subscribed to the RSS Feed since before it started, and have waited patiently for the pages to build up (I prefer reading in batches rather than a page at a time). Aaargh, it will be such torture to wait for more pages to come out… but such sweet reward. :-)

  39. Ramón says:

    heh, thanks all. i’m having a lot of fun here with kuku. so i’m happy to see people are enjoying it.

    as for a collected book? it is a hope of mine…

  40. Kris says:

    Jesus, Ramon… The hell does this come from?

  41. Fuel says:

    That’s amazing…really trippy stuff

  42. Stuart says:


    its like psychedelic vector Dali!

  43. Dewi Morgan says:

    The perspective makes my brain hurt in such a good way!

  44. Ben says:

    woaaaahh hoh hoh hoooo!! best page yet! seriously good stuff!

  45. CyCo says:



  46. stamp says:

    gosh you’re good.
    i like the puffinparrots.

  47. Jacob Walker says:

    Please tell me your going to publish this in book form at some point.

  48. Lindsay says:

    ok…dude….whatever you were on when you dreamt this up, I want some.