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  1. aja says:

    I am absolutely in love with where you’re going right now. I anxiously await the next installment!

  2. Corteks says:

    Bloody brilliant artistically and certainly is intriguing me right now, as with most I’ve been reading BNS for a while now (which is also great) and gotta say you got some great art and ideas eh.

    Love how you’ve done the swearing speech bubbles also ^_^

  3. evil scientist says:

    Wow… I mean… Wow… Amazing art! The colours are beautiful.

  4. EightTrack says:

    Reminds me of being back in the 80s…

  5. Wow, there’s kind of an illusion of motion in the first frame.

  6. Bobbus says:

    That is the happiest Whale I have ever seen.

    You, Sir, are a god of art.

  7. Bojan says:

    Just started re-reading from the beginning since it’s updated again.

    Forgot how wonderful this is!

    Ramone, don’t leave us hanging again! :)

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