^ 10 Comments of Confabulation...

  1. Roscoe says:

    Great Perspective work Man.

  2. Ramón says:


  3. Fuel says:

    I love the framing of the, uhm, frames…looks great!

    I’d also happily receive deliveries from such a delivery girl

  4. Luke Bunyip says:

    Hey, is that Pedro from GWS in the window?

  5. andinobita says:

    i love your comics ! .. and your drawing style .. may i know what software do you use ?

  6. Ramón says:

    @andinobita, first off thank you :)

    secondly all is done by hand except for the colouring for which i use photoshop.

  7. I just fell into the comic… (thank the chap over at NERF THIS) and I am totally LOVING Your linework, even more so as it’s hand work. *thumbs WAY up*

  8. Brittany says:

    I’m always excited to start reading a new web comic. Web comics are truly becoming an obsession for me. One of these days, when I have a job, I will buy things. Gotta show my support right? Big props, loads of internets and f*** loads of diamonds for you!

  9. Bavette says:

    3… 2… 1…

  10. rose ison says:

    was your work in flight at some point? this looks like something ive seen in flight.