^ 4 Comments of Confabulation...

  1. Haha, I just got it… “Bossman”, but with a mouth-full-lisp.

  2. Seafoodpunch says:

    This is amazing work. I read a lot of online comics and too many of them are all over the place with colors and lines…I hate to be cliche’ but yours definitely flows! I can only hope to figure out how to draw like this when I attampt to illustrate my articles. At this point, most people assume I’m either on crack, or have a stump for a hand. =(

    Anyway, thanks for the awesomeness…Great action, Great colors. I’m your new fan.

  3. Aron Bothman says:

    Bothman? That’s my name too!

  4. Roscoe says:

    Lovin’ the color styles.