Kukuburi by Kristofer Williamson


We step through the white picket gate
Picking up on the fantastic
Sculpting the diamond clouds
Against the platinum skies
Flying with hat riding high.
This laughing cadaver cavorting with my creations
As monsieur chapeau cries battle stations
Riding the cavalry
“Battle Whale? Awesome”
Circled by the manta
Rays of light cascading from a plummeting girl’s goggles
And her Quixotic press-on snail
“Oh, thank goodness,
L’Academie des Chapeux,
Rendo will know where to go”
Zomgz breaks out the Newton
Bringing chaotic calculations to fruition
Ensuring some demolition
As you watch me pull this bomb into my hat
Tricky like a fox
Fast thinking on his lack of feet,
He’s an octopus folks
Though his pipes don’t smoke
Besmirching the air with bubbles instead.
“No pink skies, but pretty spectacular
In its own weird way.”
Now Reggie enters the fray
Diminutive, distinguished
With goggles down, a mighty little ram
“Zub zub zubram zam!”
The fly buzz-bombs the Tillywhump
Till he’s dizzy in a tizzy and eating nothing but dust
As the whale breaches
Not beaches in this star dust sea
“Oh look, a lil’ you
Allow me.”
To follow the exploits and exercise my imagination
With her as my avatar.
“Burned in the Realtime.”
But aren’t we all
Since the dawn of time,
Since the fall of man
Two sides locked in struggling embrace
Fighting against the darkness,
Like white words printed on black screen
Like his polished rib used to beget her
That begat these nightmares
“They are agents of him”
Looking grim,
Boney and thin
And shiny, almost perfect
“Like a Miami Vice reject”
Like his smile, very skeletal
“Wow, what a cliché”
“Do you wish to play?”
“But I’m nothing if not persistent”
Though updates are slow, slowing, while traveling
I keep on through the maelstrom
And darkness rising
For the Technicolor dream wakes me from my sleepy slumber
Hypnotically entrancing me with a glorious display
“Like the child’s imagination that blossoms or withers away”
To break from the norm…
Allied with some chaps in chapeaus
I bravely open that white picket gate
And step with swagger into the world unknown.

[i was a little speechless when kristofer sent this along. still am – ramon.]

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